Johnnys son stole my heart

Johnny tomlinson is my English teacher his son Louis moved to our schools hey begin to fall for each other.


4. meeting Louis' family

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Louis P.O.V

I parked the car in the driveway "Louis what if they don't like me" she said "babe they will love you I promise" I tell her "are you sure" she asked "I'm sure" I said I got out of the car and opened Emily's door I held her hand tight and we walked to the door "they will love you" I whisper into her ear. We walk in and Daisy and Pheobe were fighting like always "that's daisy and Pheobe" I tell her "they're cute" she says We walked to the kitchen Emily's hand gripped harder to mine "mum dad come meet my girlfriend" they walk to us"hello love I'm Johanna Louis' mum, your just beautiful" she tells emily "hello Johanna I'm emily nice to meet you" she says giving her a hug "is that you emily my straight A student" he says go her "yes sir that's me" she says he shook her hand "I want you to take good care of her Louis" my dad said "of course I will dad" I say I took Emily's hand again and went ti meet all my sisters "Charlotte, felicity, daisy and Pheobe come here" I yelled they all came to us "this is my girlfriend her name is emily" I tell them "wow what make up do you use?" Charlotte asked emily "I'm not wearing any right now but I use mac" she said "you have to be wearing make up" Charlotte "I'm not" Emily said "wow your beautiful" Charlotte said "thanks" she said emily Charlotte and felicity got into a deep conversation so I just let them be, I walk to the kitchen "Louis she looks so Familia I have seen her before her name I know her somehow" my mum says "I know she is a part time model" i say "well you did well look at how she gets along with Lottie and felicity" I turned to them and they were laughing I smiled

Emily's P.O.V

I hope Louis didn't feel like I ditched him I turned to him he was already looking at me smiling I smile back "so tell us about yourself" felicity said "well my parents got a divorce when I was 10 so I live with my mum and I'm a part time model" I tell them "wow" they both say "what about you guys" "well I do some acting and I am all about fashion and beauty" Charlotte tells me "and I also do acting and I love dancing" felicity says "wow that's cool" I say "when did you and Louis meet?" Charrlotte asks "yesterday" I say they looked shocked "did he ask you out" they ask me. "Well not exactly so I was here last night and I don't know if you know them Harry Niall Liam and Zayn were here to and Louis told them that he liked me so Niall told me and I stupidly told Niall I liked Louis to then he shouted out you have a crush on boo bear and it went along from there" I say "so you learnt never to tell Niall anything he can never keep a secret" they say I laugh because it was true my phone buzzed

Darling where are you-mum

I'm at my boyfriends house meeting his family they're all so lovely-emily

Ok bring him over so I can meet him-mum

Ok I will as soon as we are done here-emily

Alright see you later xx-mum

Louis walked over to me "miss her already" Charlotte teased "yep" he laughed "well I need to talk to you" he said I walked upstairs with him he shut the door of his bedroom and we sat on his bed "I have planned something for us today" he smiled "really what are we doing" I beg for the answer "I can't tell you, but bring things we are staying somewhere" he said "ok so we will go to your house I will meet your mother and you get your stuff and we'll be off my parents already know" he says "ok" I say Louis packed his stuff and we left.

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