Johnnys son stole my heart

Johnny tomlinson is my English teacher his son Louis moved to our schools hey begin to fall for each other.


5. Louis and mum meet

Hi guys I just want to thank all of you for liking and favouriting it means a lot sorry I haven't been updating much I have been really busy.

Louis P.O.V

We walked into Emily's house "mum He's here" emily yelled she ran to the room "Louis is that you" her mum asked "yes how do you know my name" I ask "your mum is Johanna" she said "yes do you know her" I ask "yes we were best friends until you two were about 9 and we moved away we lost contact you two were best friends growing up" she told us we were both shocked "come have some coffee or something she says to me I follow her to the kitchen we sat down at the table "mum I need to tell you something" emily says "yes dear" she says "Louis and I are going somewhere to stay tonight"she says "great I can't say no because your both 18 do what you want" she laughed emily looked at me "mum I have to pack my stuff" she said "ok dear" she said we walked upstairs to her room "do you want some help babe" I ask "no thanks Lou" she calls I saw a picture frame it was a picture of emily and a boy they both looked about 7 then I realised it me

Emily's P.O.V

I was packing my stuff and heard Louis it sounded like he was looking through my stuff I walked to him looking at a picture it was me and my childhood best friend I haven't seen him since I was nine "babe this is us" he said "i looked at it closely at it, it was defiantly him "wow" I say we walked downstairs "bye mum" I gave her a hug "bye Julie" Louis said "make sure you use protection" she yelled "mum!" I yell we walk to Louis' car "sorry about her" I said "it's ok love" he said shutting the door he drove off.

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