Johnnys son stole my heart

Johnny tomlinson is my English teacher his son Louis moved to our schools hey begin to fall for each other.


6. a surprise

Hi guys sorry I haven't updated in a while I had to house sit my uncles house and he has no wifi I will update as much as I can

Louis' P.O.V

We were driving along the highway "are you hungry?" I ask "yeah a Little" she said I took the exit to a small country town "do you like Italian food?" I ask her "I love it" she says "ok, I'll take you to my favourite restaurant" I say we pulled into the car park and we walked in "table for 2 please" I say and the waitress leads us to a table we sat down "babe it's beautiful here" she says "I know I love it" I say "have you tried spaghetti carbonara" I ask "yes it's amazing" I say "I might get that and a lemonade" she said "ok me to" I say a waitress comes over to us"hi can I get two spaghetti carbonara's with two lemonades" I say "yep is that all" he said "yes thanks" I say "ok it won't be long" the waitress said and walked away "so where are we going" emily asked " I can't tell you babe" I say "why not" she asks "I want it to be a surprise" I say "ok" she smiles "here are your drinks" the waitress says "thanks" I say as he walked off I took a sip it tasted amazing before we knew it our food was here we ate quickly and left

Emily's P.O.V

We sat in the car "thanks babe that was amazing"I say "no problem beautiful now we are heading to the better part"he said "My friends are going to be with us but in a different room" he said "yay I really like them" I say "really that's good I see slot if them so you will to" he said and I smiled "Your family is lovely" I say "thanks my mother loves you I can't wait till my parents meet your mum again" Louis says "yeah me either" i say I start to see London in the distance I smiled because it's my favourite place in England and I don't go there much "I'll give you a clue because I can't stand you not knowing" he said "we are staying in London" he said "i want to kiss you right now" I yell "your gonna have to wait till we get there baby" he says teasingly I frown "ok" I said, Louis parked his car out the front of a Hotel and he got out and opened my door "this is where we are staying" he said I kiss his lips as I throw my arms around him "look who's getting some action" I heard a Familiar voice I turn around to see Harry "hey babe" he said "hi Harry" I said giving him a hug "where are the others?" Louis asks "up in our hotel room lets go" Harry said Louis and I got our bags and went up with Harry when we walked into the Hotel room I heard Niall "....and don't forget the mustard" he said "oh look who's back" Niall says standing up and hugging me "so babe what do you think" Louis asked "it's massive I love it" I say "I'm glad baby" he says "how did you ever afford a pent house" I say "the boys and I have been paying this off for a while and I thought you could come with us" I say "thanks so much, here's £100 I can't just come and not pay" I say handing the money to Harry "no you keep it babe" Harry said "I can't have it take it" I say "fine fine but I'm getting you something with the money" Louis says I handed it to him. This was one of the best things that has happened to me I can't believe Im in London this was a great surprise I love him

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