Johnnys son stole my heart

Johnny tomlinson is my English teacher his son Louis moved to our schools hey begin to fall for each other.


7. a night with the boys

Hi guys sorry the 6th chapter took a while. Thanks for reading and favouriting. xx

Louis P.O.V

"Let's go put our stuff in our room" I say to emily she follows me I put her suitcase on the floor and walked to the window she was gawking out of "the view is beautiful don't you think" she says to me "it is babe just like you" I tell her. She hugs me "you make me feel so special" she whispered into my ear " it's because you are" I say and kiss her cheek, she blushed a little "ROOM SERVICE IS HERE!!!!!" Niall yells bursting in the room "why so excited" emily laughed "it's food duh" Niall says "his love for food is strong" I say "well obviously are you coming or what" Niall demands "yes we're coming" we say following him, we got to the kitchen and saw a huge table if food "dude this is gonna cost heaps" I say "so your telling me it's not free" Niall says "of course it's not free you idiot" Liam says "oh well let's eat I'm starving" Niall says " well guess who's paying for it then" I say "not me" Niall says " you are Niall wether you like it or not your paying for it" zayn says " fine fine, Harry can you give me a loan" Niall begged "no way man pay it yourself" Harry yells "ok" he said taking a bite into his pizza "FUCK!"Niall yells "what" Liam asked "this is the best pizza" he groaned we all took a piece "wow it is good" Harry says "told you" Niall says we continue to eat "I'm so full" Emily moaned "me to babe" I say "let's watch a movie" Liam says "ok" we all agree and walk to the couch "finding nemo?" Liam asks " yeah ok" Niall says.

Emily's P.O.V

I love this movie but I cry everytime I sat curled to Louis he was so warm the movie started and everyone was quiet until Niall let something go "gee man what the fuck did you do that for" Louis says holding his nose "you gotta go when you gotta go" Niall says "that's bad" I say " c'mon you should be proud of somtin like that" he says "if that's the case I'm outta here" zayn says and walked to his room after a while everyone got over it and continued the movie I was getting really tired and before I knew it I was asleep. I woke up someone was holding me it wasn't Louis I sit up "hello baby" Harry says smiling "hi where is Louis and everyone else" I ask "Louis is taking a shower and everyone else is asleep" he tells me "ok" I say "Louis is lucky to have you" he tells me "thanks" I say "you should be mine" he said "I'm sorry Harry but..." He kissed me his lips were on mine I couldn't stop him, Louis walked in Harry let go "w-what have you done" he says with tears streaming down his face "Louis it's not what it looks like" I say he ran out of the room and I fell to the ground in tears

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