Johnnys son stole my heart

Johnny tomlinson is my English teacher his son Louis moved to our schools hey begin to fall for each other.


2. A night with Louis

H guys I hope you liked the first chapter. Thanks for reading xx

Louis P.O.V

I open the door to my house I walk straight up to my room and text emily

Hey beautiful come over my parents and sisters won't be home till 11- Louis

Ok, I'm not beautiful- emily

Don't say that you are I will pick you up I'm 30 mins bye love-Louis

Ok thanks bye-

I ran to my wardrobe to get changed I fixed my hair and walked down stairs and watched some tv

Emily's P.O.V

I got changed and fixed my hair and make up I checked the time he'd be here any minute I ran downstairs and scrolled through Instagram

Knock knock

I ran to the door "hello love" he said and hugged me "hi Louis" I said we walked to his car and drove off my favourite song 'move' by little mix came on every Time I listen To it I sing even though Louis was with me I couldn't stop myself "hey baby tell me your name, I've got a fever for ya I just can't explain, but there's just one problem I'm a bit old school but when it comes to lovin I ain't chasing you keep waiting I'm on a roll you've got to let yourself go oh you know that I've been waiting for you don't leave me standing all by myself cause I ain't looking at no one else" I sang I felt embarrassed at Louis blushing "that was great" he said "thanks not really" I say we get to his house it was a cute house I liked it Louis opened the door for me I followed him inside

Louis P.O.V

We walked into my house I got a text from my best friend Harry

Can we come over we're bored :)-Harry

Yes ok I have a girl over I met her today and I like her don't ruin this-Louis

Ooh is she hot, I'm jk-Harry

She's a model, come now-Louis

Fuck well done be there in 10-Harry

"Em my friends are coming over I hope you don't mind" I say "of course I don't mind"she said laughing "Harry is a bit of a flirt, Niall is like an innocent teddy bear, Liam is mature and zayn is quiet and you can tell him anything" I say "they sound like a nice bunch of lads" I say yeah and we all love to sing" he said "yay me to" she said

Knock knock

They are here I walked to the door "hello potatoes" Niall yells they all walk in "hi" emily says shyly "hi babe I'm Harry" he said walking over to her and kissing her hand I rolled my eyes, Harry walked over to me "she is hot can I keep her" he whispered "haha no she will be mine" I say she was talking to Niall.

Emily's P.O.V

Louis was right Niall is as innocent as a teddy bear he's adorable "Louis likes you" he told me in a thick Irish accent "no he doesn't" I laugh "he does Harry has proof" he said "what with " I ask "a little text" he said "I want to see that" I said "do you like him" he asked "yes I do" I say "oooohhhh you got a crush on boo bear" he yelled everyone looked at me "Niall why did you say that" I whisper to him "you love him he loves you" he said innocently I had to forgive him "fine fine" I say I look at Louis who was now standing there blushing and it was the cutest thing I had ever seen "is it true" he asks "well yes is" I say his eyes lit up with excitement "come here boo bear" I say he literally ran to me "yes beautiful" he says "I love you" I said blushing he pressed his lips against mine we ended it "ewwww" Niall yelled "shut up Niall" Harry yelled "love you to" he said hugging me "I'm ordering pizza" yelled Niall we all sat down on the couch to watch grease I sat next to Louis as the movie started.

Louis P.O.V

She was mine i know I have only known her for a day but I fell in love with her the second I saw her, "I love this movie" she said "me to but not as much as I love you" I say to her she smiled Harry was looking at her I Just ignored it emily put her head on my shoulder I smile at her

Knock knock

"PIZZAS HERE!!!" Niall yells and runs to the door that boy loves food so much it's a problem he walked back in with the pizza we all got a piece and continued to watch the movie. After the movie the boys decided to leave it was around 10pm "emily you can stay over the night if you want tomorrow's Saturday maybe we can go out" I say "ok thanks babe" she said. "Let's go Get your stuff" I say we got back in to the car and drove to her house I came in with her because her mum wasn't home we walked to her room I sat on her bed while she got everything after about 5 minutes we were ready to go. When we got home I took Emily's stuff upstairs and we watched 'titanic

Emily's P.O.V

We sat on the couch curled up to each other "you don't know how much I love you" he told me I kissed his cheek Louis was asleep so I decided to do the same


I felt someone picking me up it was Louis "sorry babe I have to take you upstairs I don't want to leave you on the couch" he says he softly puts me onto his bed "my parents are going to be home in the morning now they decided they would stay at my grandparents house" he tells me "ok can I get dressed" I say "sure just use my bathroom" he said i walked to the bathroom I tied my hair into a bun and brushed my teeth I put my pyjamas on and walked back onto Louis room he was laying in bed I lay down next to him he kissed my lips he pulled me closer to him "I love you" I say "I love you more" he told me and I fell asleep in his arms


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