Johnnys son stole my heart

Johnny tomlinson is my English teacher his son Louis moved to our schools hey begin to fall for each other.


3. a good morning

Hi guys I hope you like it so far I have a few ideas for this chapter I hope you all like it

Louis P.O.V

I slowly open my eyes emily was still In my arms asleep she looked so beautiful I kissed her lips gently she slowly woke up "morning sleepy head" I say smiling "morning baby" she says "what time is it" she asked I looked at my alarm it said 8:30am "it's 8:30 love" I tell her "let's get up" she said cheerfully motivating me I take her hand and we walk downstairs to have breakfast there was noting but cereal "let's go out for breakfast" I say we went to get ready after about half an hour we were ready and we left to go for breakfast

Sweetie where are you-mum

I'm out with my girlfriend-Louis

You never told me I'll have to meet her-mum

Well we only got together last night and you will I have to go bye- Louis


We got in my car and I drove to my favourite cafe we sat down and looked at the menus "hi what can I get you" a waitress said "can I get one of the scrambled eggs on toast and" "make that two" emily said "and two cappuccinos" and she walked away "my mum knows about us" I tell her "good, thanks for bringing me here" she says "it's the least I could do" I say

After breakfast

Emily's P.O.V

"That was amazing babe" I say "it's ok" he said " thank goodness this week is our last week of school forever" I say "I know I'm sick of school" he said we decided to have a walk along the beach it was nice and quiet Louis wrapped his arm around my waist I did the same after a while we sat down on the sand "the boys and I are thinking of auditioning for the X factor next year" Louis tells me "really that's great" I say " We have been talking about it for a while now" he said "can you sing for me" I ask him "ok what of you want me to sing 'borrow my heart' by Taylor Henderson" I say "I won't let you go when your worlds in the dark you can't keep borrowing my heart even your fears won't tear us apart you can't keep borrowing my heart take it or leave it it's yours to decide break it or keep it your safe and I won't let you go when your worlds in the dark you can't keep borrowing borrowing my heart" he sang it was so beautiful I was pretty much speechless "what did you think?" He asked "that was Amazing" I yelled "really thanks" he said I kissed his cheek but he wanted more so I sat on his knees and kissed his lips I ran my fingers through his hair his tongue entered my mouth I let go of the kiss "wow" he said I smiled "let's go he said we stood up and wrapped our arms around each other we got to the car and Louis wanted to take me to meet his family.

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