you & i

my name is sam mills, cousin of liam payne actually
the truth is liam payne is not my cousin, i'm adopted. but i considered liam is my cousin. when i met harry i think he is the one for me.... but what if liam fall inlove with me
who will i choose
liam or harry


15. will u be my girlfriend??

Sam's POV

i wake up and i felt that there's some arm around my stomach,i look and it's mind flashback of what happen yesterday.....i'm drunk and i start dancing with harry and we kissed and we..omg!! we have sex..i remember that harry love me and i say i loved her too, well thats true i loved her.. i look at her again he is so peaceful...

i heard a knock on the door.....

knock knock knock...

yeah! i shouted

"sam me and the boys are going out to buy a food" niall said ( i know it's niall because of her thick accent)

okay i replied

i think i need to have a shower, i can't stood up because harry's arm is in my stomach, "i better to wake him up" i mumble... "harry wake up" i said he just groaned " harry c'mon wake up i need to go to the bathroom" i said "stay here for a while" he replied..."no" i said "c'mon sam only 40 minutes and i will let you go" he said "no" i said "please" he begged "fine i give up but only 30 minutes 40 minutes is so long" i said, he nodded.....

harry move closer to hug me head rested on her chest.....


Harry's POV

i can't help it, i want sam to be mine now "i know it's really early but i think i know her for ages" i really love her, maybe i should asked her to be my girlfriend

 "yeah i will asked her " i mumble

asked what? sam said

i think she heard.....uhmm..uhmm.."what?" she asked me again, i let go my arms and sat up, and sam do the same, 

"sam i know it's to early but i think i know you for ages and i really really like you" i said a little to nervous.... "i like you too harry" sam said....

      "sam will you be my girlfriend?" i asked her a little nervous, "i know this is not romantic but i really really lik- she cut me and she came closer to me and peck me in the lips......

   "so it's that a yes" i asked her again, she nodded, "really" i asked her again

"YES" harry i will she said, i hug her really tight and we break huging and i peck her lips, and now we are kissing i lick her bottom lip for the entrance and she did, we are kissing about 2 mins and we broke....


Sam's POV 

i'm really happy that harry is now my new boyfriend,after we stop kissing i heard my phone beep, i took it in my table beside the bed, new message from liam...

 from liam:

 hey sam the boys and i are going a little late because zayn is gonna buy a new mirror and harry and louis are gonna buy a clothes too... be late sorry...i will bring a food if you want too?

to liam:

it's okay liam harry and i are going out to buy food now.

from liam:

okay sam,one more thing "did you have fun yesterday?"

did he know about yesterday? i asked myself, "btw harry is now in the bathroom taking shower"

to liam:

yeah i really have fun in the club

from liam:

sam you know what i did you have fun 

ohh shit  he know,i mumble

to liam:

fuck you, how did you know?

from liam:

we saw you dancing with harry and grinding, we stared at you and harry most of the time, and we saw that you and harry are kissing and both of you leave....and we followed, harry and you are walking towards our room, i was going to know but the boys stop me so i  stay in harry's room.....

to liam:

fuck you, but yes i have fun 

from liam: i know you have fun.... okay see u later sam bye :)

to liam: bye :)

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