you & i

my name is sam mills, cousin of liam payne actually
the truth is liam payne is not my cousin, i'm adopted. but i considered liam is my cousin. when i met harry i think he is the one for me.... but what if liam fall inlove with me
who will i choose
liam or harry


19. we need to break up

harry's pov
today is friday and now me and the boys are now in the line of the cafeteria, by the time it's my turn, louis talk me, "harry are you going to see sam this weekend" louis said, while i grab the ham sandwich, apple and sprite. "yeah, after this class i'm going straight to her house because she told me i can stay in two days in there" i said smiling like an idiot, me and the boys talk about what will we do about the prom, 
it's on october 25 and it's only october 4 so i only have 3 weeks to prepare what i will wear, "so harry are you going to ask sam to the prom?" niall ask, i nodded "yeah of course, she is the only one that i will ask on the prom night, she is my girlfriend duh" i said the boys nodded except for liam he is deep in thought, 
"liam" i snapped at him "uhh, yeah?" liam said, "you okay mate?" zayn ask, "yeah, i'm okay," liam said
i'am now in the parking lot, but someone caught my eye, its my beautiful and sweet girlfriend. i stare at her while she walks towards me, she is stunning right now, she is wearing a black jeans, white button up shirt, black heels and her ray band shades, "hey babe, i miss you" i said and hug her "miss you too" sam said "i miss you more" i said break the hug and kiss her lips 

"what are you doing here, i thought i will go to your house" i said while we get inside my car, "yeah, but i miss you, and besides simon dismissed me early, because finally i'am done with my new song" sam said smiling at me "i kiss her forehead and smile at her "that's great" i said "it means we have a lot if time to each other" i said but she is not looking at me, she is looking at the window and i know their's a problem..

"you alright babe" i said and place my hand in her lap and touch her hand, "yeah i'm alright" sam said and weakly smiled at me, "are you sure?" i ask "yeah i'm sure" sam said and touch my hand to inform me that she is okay, i just nodded and start the car.

we're here sitting in the starbucks, i know their's a problem, i want to talk to her but, i'm afraid of what will happen, i don't want a second fight with her... 

"what do you want?" i ask her "uhm, i want  caramel frappuccino" sam said, " we want two caramel frappuccino" i said to the cashier girl, she just nodded and walk towards our sit, "harry i have to talk to you" sam said looking at me sad, what did she wants to talk to me, "what is it?" i ask, here we go,..

but we got cut when our order is being set in front of us, we got sip a little bit and we continue "harry, we need to break up" sam said looking down, "what?" i said in question tone, "you heard me, harry i love you very much, but this is not working" sam said looking at me "i love you too sam, but why?, it is working, we see each other every weekend, we call and text each other everyday, so what's the problem" i said getting angry,

"i can't explain, harry" sam said getting irritated "why can't you?" i ask, she keep quiet, and their's a clue why she want's to break up with me, and that is the management, "Is it related to the management?" i ask and her eyes get bigger,

"i knew it" i said "harry this is not my decision, it's the management" sam said and touch my hand but i removed my hand and place it in my lap, "why?" i ask, looking at her and ready to the word i don't want to hear, "because they thought that you're not good enough to the media, and.. and you will just ruin my name" sam said crying.., "that's it?, you didn't fight for our love," i said, 

"i told them that i love you, and i don't want to break up with you, but they didn't listened to me" sam said "well, if that's what they want, then goodbye" i said and stood up, "i love you" sam whisper, but i didn't replied i just walk towards the front door and went to the parking lot and drove to the nearest club to take all my anger out and forget about everything happen today and forget sam mills.....

sam's pov 

this isn't right, i just broke up to harry, my harry, my boyfriend. because of the stupid management, i stood up went to the bathroom and looked at my face, my makeup is ruin because of the crying scene...

management want us to break up because of harry's status, they said that harry is poor, no money, not rich, so what! they can't do that to any other people. i fix my hair my make up and went outside the bathroom and walk towards the front door, and thank god, no paparazzi, i took my phone to my pocket and call my driver.. "miss sam, what can i do for you" bob my driver "hey bob i need you right now, i'm in here in the starbucks near in mall" i said, "okay miss sam, be their in 10" bob said "okay" i said to him.. 

"i need to talk to dad" i whisper to myself 

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