you & i

my name is sam mills, cousin of liam payne actually
the truth is liam payne is not my cousin, i'm adopted. but i considered liam is my cousin. when i met harry i think he is the one for me.... but what if liam fall inlove with me
who will i choose
liam or harry


6. the hotel

Harry's POV

finally we are here in the hotel i parked the car, stop the engine and open the door.. as i opened the door i yelled at them "hey sleppy heads were here" they all woke up and stretch their bodies, liam go to the back of the car and get our luggage..i saw liam carrying sam's luggage... i feel so jealous..

why i'm jealous liam and sam are cousin, i'm so stupid... i said to my self 

hey guys let's go inside... zayn said

Sam's POV 

hey guys! you can go inside i just talk to my friend 

they all nodded 

liam and the boys are inside, i took my phone to my pocket and, i dialled my dad's number 

after 3 ring, i heard dad answer the phone

dad: "hey sam"

sam: "hi dad.. we need to talk,"

dad: "what is it sam"

sam: "you promise me that you don't get mad at me"

dad: "what happen sam said it! you scaring me"

sam: "just promise you won't mad at me"

dad: "uhmm.. ok i promise" 

sam:"dad i don't want to lied to you but i'm here in Porthtowan, Cornwall, the principal told us that we don't need to go to the school for one week because there's some rebuild in there,dad " i'm really sorry" i just want to have some fu....."

dad: "sam, it's okay, ...  if you just told me earlier that your going on a trip, i will approve of it. 

sam: "really dad, i thought your going to be mad at me for lying."

dad: "sam, your my daughter.... and i love you, bytheway where are, and who are you with"

sam: "i'm here in the hotel near in the restaurant......liam is here and some of my friends"

dad: "sam told to the receptionist that i will pay for everything, and told them to call me... okay"

sam: "really dad! i shout... yes.... omg dad thankyou..."

dad: "anything for my baby....i love you sam"

sam: "i love you to dad, and say to mom that i love her too"

dad: "okay..."

i walk inside to the hotel and i saw the boys... waiting

"hey guys come on let's get our rooms" i said,me and the boys walk to the reception desk.."hi welcome ms.mills how may i help you" marie said....marie we need some room , what is the available..i said

"our available is two bedrooms only" the receptionist replied,...

we need three rooms please..i said,..."how many days you will stay here ms. mills" marie said, "one week only"... i said

"okay these is you key card, your number is 64,65,66 it will be $6,000"...

do you know who is my dad right... she nodded.,i talk to my dad and he said that he will pay for everything and one more thing.... dad said call her right now....

okay marie replied...

liam came over to me and talk "did you call your dad" yes i called her, i don't want to lie to her.. and besides he is not mad at me, he said that if i told her earlier he will be approve of it...and one more thing he said that he wouldn't allow me to go on a trip if you are not going too....

really, your dad is have a trust on me.. liam said 

yeah right... c'mon we need to get rest.

Harry's POV

i cannot believe that sam's father is paying $6,000 dollars....and  the receptionist know her family....she is so famous...

hey guys..this is your key card, i'm sharing my room to liam,..sam said

i will share my room to louis... i said 

i will share my room to zayn niall said 

okay guys see u tomorrow goodnight.                                                                                                                           

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