you & i

my name is sam mills, cousin of liam payne actually
the truth is liam payne is not my cousin, i'm adopted. but i considered liam is my cousin. when i met harry i think he is the one for me.... but what if liam fall inlove with me
who will i choose
liam or harry


9. the beach

Sam's POV

i woke up by knocking on my door.....i stand up,stretching my body and went to my door. i saw liam dress up... 

what is it liam, rubbing my eyes and yawn... c'mon we are going to the beach liam said, big smiled on her face, what is the time now i said.. he took his phone in her pocket and say it's 10:35 am..

ohh...well,if you excuse me i need to go packed my bikini and i need to take a shower.. he nodded and leave, after i close the door i heard a beep in my phone i went to my bed and took it.. i saw a new message from my ex-boyfriend drew

from: drew

hey sam how are you, i hope you forgive me, what i did to you

i'm really sorry and i always still love you...

drew xxx

i don't really expecting that drew text me.. well.. actually i all ready forgive him, but a little sad because i remember our great memories  again, well i really love him alot, so whats be the problem if i text her

to: drew 

hey.. i'm okay drew, well i forgot all the past between us, i forgive you 

sam xxx

i went to the bathroom take a shower, after it i go to my closet looking for some clothes that i will wear... i got blue tight jeans and red v neck shirt...i brush my hair and i let my hair in a messy bun... i grab my bag and i took my black bikini,sun block  my laptop ...and my book in case that i will get bored

Liam's POV 

i feel so sad about, what harry said to sam that "she likes her" and i heard that sam "likes her too"

i'm jealous about what sam said.... after i know that sam is adopted i said to myself that she is the one for me and.. i remember what sam's dad said.. 'that i will not be fall inlove with sam" but i can't help myself to fall inlove with sam, she is beautiful,funny,smart,and a good person..

Niall's POV

i got out from the shower, i packed all my needs, my swim trunks, laptop in case i get bored.. i walked to zayn's bed he is still sleeping......

hey! wake up! i shouted in her ears...we need to go, he groaned and back to sleep again.. zayn! wake up i started to jump in his bed...c'mon men i need to sleep more zayn said. zayn you need to wake up..why? he said.... don't you remember we are going to the beach today, we have four days only before we go to school again...he stood up and stretch her body and go to the bathroom

Zayn's POV

hey! wake up! i know that, that is niall shouted at me because we shared a room, i groan and back to sleep again..but niall do worst he jump to my bed while shouting at me "zayn you need to wake up" he said why? i said to him.... because we are going to the beach today remember, we have only four days  before we get back to the school... i stood up and stretch my body and went to the bathroom... after it i grabbed my bag i took my swim trunks and my laptop..after it i sat to my bed, took my phone log in my twitter and i tweet "going to the beach with the lads and sam"

Harry's POV

we went all to the van and i decided to drive,(after 30 minuets)... i look at them playing cards,i think they didn't realize that were here and they all focusing in the game....hey! guy! where here!! i shouted.....geez harry u don't need to shout we know that were here louis said.. sorry i didn't know i said with a smile...I WIN ALL OF YOU LOST!! sam shouted laughing at them....ohh did i shouted too much sam said we all nodded and laugh

Sam's POV

I WIN ALL OF YOU LOST!! i shouted at them and laughing... i look at them covering their ears... ohh did i shouted too much i asked them.. they all nodded. a little pause 

okay guys it's getting me annoying, c'mon..they all nodded. i open the door, go to the back of the car get all our things. i quickly run to the sand i laid my towel , laid in there and i took my phone and i take a photo....after 10 minuets of taking a pictures with the boys.. i stood up, went to the water i touched it with my feet i'ts cold.. i turned back but then the boys carry me and throw me to the water it's cold...i looked at them and they all laughing....i stood up but.... something happen....ahhhhh!!! they stop laughing...liam came over me "sam are you okay"? he asked me....... liam i can't stand...i think my leg cramp i can't stand liam help me!!! i shouted ouch!!! liam carry me... slowly liam...ouchh! me and the boys went to the car since the car is near in the beach....liam sat me in the car.

maybe we should go to the hotel,louis said.. i'll drive zayn said

liam took my leg slowly..uhmm liam what are you doing? i asked him... i will massage your leg he replied.. i nodded...i'm not gonna lie but liam is a good massage..feel better? he asked... yeah thankyou liam...i hug her 

uhmmm guys maybe we should eat too because i'm really hungry niall said... we all agreed


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