you & i

my name is sam mills, cousin of liam payne actually
the truth is liam payne is not my cousin, i'm adopted. but i considered liam is my cousin. when i met harry i think he is the one for me.... but what if liam fall inlove with me
who will i choose
liam or harry


7. surprise

Sam's POV

i woke up and i realized that i'm in the hotel, i'm not gonna lied but, i'm not to comfortable in this bed... i miss my own water bed....

i got up and go straight to liam's bed.... "hey liam" wake up....i started jumping in her bed, and i hear him moan, hmm... sam stop jumping, i want to sleep just give me a 5 hours sleep... i will not give you 5 hours sleep. liam you need to get up.. we have something to do.. "i didn't stop jumping" ok..ok  i'm up"liam said.. great!..

hey sam what are the planned for today? liam asked...maybe we should go eat first.. i replied to her..ok i'll just take a shower.... i nodded and i heard a knock on the door.. as i opened the door, i  Suddenly  surprised when I saw my parents.... mom? dad?.. i quickly gave them a big hug... i'm still shocked right now... 


come in mom, dad... well let's go to the living room, we sat in the couch and..i quickly asked them "what are you doing in here"? well after i told everything to your mom what you have done, she is so worried about said and she want's to see you

i quickly hug mom,....

mom you don't need to be here to see me if i'm okay, you just call me in the phone.... i'm disturbing you guys to your work.. i'am really sorry mom,dad...tears start to fall to my face 

sam your not disturbing us,your my she wipes my tears in my face

we love you honey dad said 

i love you too mom,dad... i said with a small smile 

i heard liam's voice "sam! do you have a shampoo because my shampoo is gon........" i saw liam shocked when he saw mom and dad... he is just with a towel wrapped in her waist 

Liam's POV

after i came out to the bathroom to get some shampoo to sam... i'm really shocked that i saw sam's parents.... uncle tom, and untie nicole......i just realized that i'm not wearing any t-shirt and short..... i'm just wearing towel wrapped in my waist..... it's so embarrassing

i after they saw me, i quickly go inside the bathroom again.... i decided to shower with no shampoo, just soap..... after shower... i put my clothes on and go to the living room

hey uncle tom, untie nicole......i hug them and with a smile on my face...."what are you doing here?" i asked them 

well, we want you guys to make sure that the both of you are ok.... so we decided to go in here untie nicole said

ohh.. well we are okay.... you can't trust me to take care of sam... i laugh 

okay thankyou for that liam...we trust you..well we have to go, we have to checked ella if the restaurant is still okay....

Sam's POV

when i heard my parents, going to the restaurant... 

mom, dad!!! wait! i yelled to them in the door.... why sweety.. mom can we go to the restaurant with my friends.... yeah sure where are they.. mom said there rooms...

okay w'll just wait mom said sat again to the couch 

i came over to liam and talk "liam go get the boys i'll just going to the bathroom to get showered" liam nodded and get out to the room to go to the boys... 

after i got showered i took my pink jeans, long sleeves shirt with big heart on it and black converse.. i'm ready i said to my parents.they look at me and said "is that my daughter she is so beautiful" dad said 

dad this is me sam, your daughter i laugh 

i heard a knock on the door "coming" i yelled.. i opened the door and the boys are their and liam.. just wait in there i said to the boys....

mom, dad c'mon lets go... we came out to the room, and i saw mom is shocked because she didn't know that my frieds are all boys... i saw mom opening her mouth so i interrupt ..... mom dad this is my friend.. harry, niall, louis and zayn...guys this is my parents tom and nicole...

nice to meet you... harry said shaking my parents hand 

you too guys... dad said 

so shall we go now.. i said 

they all nodded..

Harry's POV 

i can't believe i saw sam's parents it seemed that they are good person.... we are going again to their restaurant.. 

i decided to volunteer to be in the drivers seat.... 

**after 30 minutes***

where here in the restaurant... we go inside and i saw sam's parent talking to the... i think that is the second manager in here ... we went to our table and we didn't ordered just some waiter came to us and bring the food.. i saw it's so many food and desert... we start eating and talking and many laugh..

after we eat our food... sam's parents decided to say goodbye to work again... we say our goodbyes to

sam gave them a big tighter hug and a kiss on a cheek...."iloveyou mom, dad" with a sad face  

sam's  parents go outside of the restaurant and go to their car and drove


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