you & i

my name is sam mills, cousin of liam payne actually
the truth is liam payne is not my cousin, i'm adopted. but i considered liam is my cousin. when i met harry i think he is the one for me.... but what if liam fall inlove with me
who will i choose
liam or harry


21. short fight


after 5 months

harry's pov

"harry babe, you need to get up, we have a flight to catch" i heard my girlfriend, i just groan and sleep again, but i can't because, now my girlfriend is jumping in the bed, "katy, stop let me get a 5 minute sleep" i said to her, "babe, we can't our flight is 10 am and the time is 8 you need to get ready" katy said,

i open my eyes and i see my beautiful girlfriend looking at me, she walk towards me and kiss me in the lips, "good morning babe" i said smiling, "morning too, now go take a shower, you need to be ready" katy said in a serious tone, "okay, okay" i said well me and katy met in the club when i leave sam in the starbucks "when she broke up with me" we are in the same school,

it's break from school, and we have a whole 1 month. i love her so much because she means a lot to me, ever since she knows about my break up with sam, she is always their for me, she makes me special, and she makes me laugh. katy is very rich, she is the only child, her parents is in other country for some business thing. and now i'm in here in katy's house, i sleep in here because katy is alone

she only have a maid and a driver.. we are going to new york because i will meet katy's parents in there, well i'm really nervous right now, what if they don't like me or what if they don't like me because i'm not rich like them. what if the-" "babe my parent's like you, don't start the what if game" katy cut me, "how do you know" i shout, because i'm still here in the bathroom haha lol "because i know" katy shout,

"i love you babe" i shout, smiling like an idiot, "love you too harry, and babe your phone is ringing right now, do you want me to answer it or not." katy said "who is calling" i shouted, "it's zayn" katy said, well she met all the boys, "you can answer it" i said,

katy's pov 

"love you too harry, and babe your phone is ringing right now, do you want me to answer it or not" i ask, "who is calling" harry said. "it's zayn" i shouted, well he is in the bathroom, "you can answer it" shouted harry, i picked up harry's phone in the side table of our bed and answer the phone, "hello" i said, "who is this" zay said, "oh, zayn this is katy,harry is in the bathroom right now, do you need anything,?" i ask zayn, "oh no, i don't need anything , but i just wanted you to give the message, tell harry that i need to know what is the design of her tattoo so i can draw it" zayn said, "okay, bye" i said, what is about the tattoo, harry knew that i don't like her with many tattoos, it's to much, he already have a tattoo and he want another one.

"babe what zayn said" harry said, walk towards the closet to get her clothes, i just walk out of the room and went to the kitchen, yeah i know it's rude, but we talk about the tattoo 1 month ago, we both agree not to get another tattoo, yes! i have a few tattoos but i stop it because, my parents said it's too many. "you okay dear" lisa said my maid, i just nodded, minutes later after talking to my maid about my parents not going home again,

harry walk in the kitchen, staring at me, "what?" i ask, "can i talk to you" harry said, "go on" i said i know he wants to talk privately and we both know that we have a flight to catch but i don't care if we can't make it in the airport, "i want to talk to you privately" harry said, i walk past her and sit in the L shape couch, harry sit in my side, but he didn't talk, so maybe he want me to talk first, "what do you want to talk" i said not looking at her and move a little away from her, "i'm sorry" harry said, putting her hand in my lap, i push her hand,

"sorry for what?, it's not my business if you want to have another tattoo, go on, i'm not going to stop you and if that's what you want, then go, call zayn" i said and stood up, but he catch my wrist, "i'm sorry okay, i know we both agree not to have another tattoo, please just listen to me, i will cancel the tattoo, just please forgive me" harry said looking at me, what cancel, cancel her meeting to get a tattoo, fuck if i didn't talk to zayn he will continue to get another tattoo, and not telling me about this, 

"you have a schedule?" i ask, looking at her, i walk away before he talk, i don't want her explanation. i just grab my car key in the kitchen hang in the wall and walk towards the front door and unlock my car and drove away. 

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