you & i

my name is sam mills, cousin of liam payne actually
the truth is liam payne is not my cousin, i'm adopted. but i considered liam is my cousin. when i met harry i think he is the one for me.... but what if liam fall inlove with me
who will i choose
liam or harry


1. school

Sam's POV

beep beep beep beep beep,"i wake up in that sound"..... and my phone is ringing...... i look to my phone and it's liam.  

  good morning liam,i said 

   liam yelled at me 

sam your gonna be late, its 12:30


i yelled and i hung up the phone and  i go to the bathroom as fast as i can, after it, i brush my teeth, and i go to my room and dried my hair with a blower, i go to my closet looking for some clothes that i ware........

i got a pink fited jeans and t-shirt. after it i look to my phone and i saw the time it's 1:00 

oh my gossssssshhhh! i'm late

i got my bag and my keys, i go to my car and i drove to the school.finally im here and i run to the room, with some swet face falling to the ground finally im here. with some swet face,after entering the room.

i wipe my face and enter the room..........i saw, with a shock face and saw me and she yelled at me


Ms. mills!! your late again!!!!!!!!!!!.....


i saw all my classmate and liam with some new people they are all so turning in to red. mrs. camp shouted to all her student and she said, "be quiet"!! said mrs. camp, and i look at her and she said "go to your chair sam." i walk to my chair, and, i look to liam and he is laughing and laughing.......liam saw my face and he stop laughing, because he saw me mad.


ring ring ring "the bell is ringing" i said to my mind 

ok class see u tomorrow,mrs. camp said,... it's breaktime i go outside and go to the canteen alone

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