you & i

my name is sam mills, cousin of liam payne actually
the truth is liam payne is not my cousin, i'm adopted. but i considered liam is my cousin. when i met harry i think he is the one for me.... but what if liam fall inlove with me
who will i choose
liam or harry


5. restaurant

Liam's POV 

louis stop the car and it's niall's turn but before we continue the ride we dicided to get outside and stretch our body..after it i heard my stomach growling and they heard it.they laugh...sam interrupts the laughing of the boys and she said " since liam is hungry and i'm hungry too we have to go eat somewhere" liam came over to me again and said" sam no! your not going to your restaurant" i whisper to sam... just relax, it's okay.. sam replied to me...c'mon guys let's go eat... uhmm niall you know the "cloudy meat restaurant" sam said to niall... yeah i know that restaurant, ilove the food in there..great sam said

Sam's POV

***after 20 minutes***

i heard niall's voice "hey sleppy heads wake up" we are here now in the famous "cloudy meat restaurant" i woke up same as the boys do, i go to liam and talk to her........ hey liam stay in here just distract them, i will go inside and talk to ella okay.. ella is the second manager since my dad and mom are not here...okay liam replied...i saw liam yelling at the boys to have a group meeting or whatever...i start to run inside and go to the room of ella..when i finally came in, the guard greet me....."hi mam sam" i look to her and say "hi" too.. i quickly go to ella's room.. i saw her doing in her laptop and she saw me too...i gave her a big smile and she said "what are you doing in here sam?" uhhmm....i'm going to the Portreath Beach because the principal told us that we are not going to school, a week so i decided to go on a trip... ella i want you to tell all the workers to pretend that they don't no about me understood ella....but sam why.... just do it ella... and plsss. don't tell dad that i came over here ok.....ella nodded, wait sam who are you with,... with my friends and liam.. i'll go ahead.. tell to them alright...

i came out to the restaurant and straight to the boys...liam came over to me and sam do you talk to ella, liam asked with worried face... yeah i talk to her... to tell  all the workers in there to pretend that they don't know liam what did you tell to the boys...i told what hotel are we going to stay... no!we are not going to the hotel i replied to liam."why?" liam said with a shock face..liam, remember dad said that he buy a house in here.. to not get far away if dad wants to stay in here to take care the restaurant, remember..... yeah i remember that liam said...

c'mon guys lets go inside... we went inside and seat and there's a girl saying"hi my name is kelly i'm your waiter for today" i gave her a smile and she gave us a menu... after 1 minute we gave all our ordered.....

***after 20 minutes***

the girl gave us the food and we started to dig in.... after we eat the food, i called the girl and i ordered a desert for all of us..."can you give me a banana split 6 order" thankyou i said to the girl and she smiled at me....after we eat the banana split..... hey guys you can go now i will pay for our food just wait outside ok... liam take the boys outside i will just pay....liam nodded i go to the counter and I felt someone  hold my hand, i look to the face and it's harry.....hey! what are you doing harry? i asked her....sam you don't have to pay all of our food i can share my money to you...."harry no need" replied to her.... why because this is your restaurant..... there's a paused and i replied to her... how did you know that this is our restaurant?..... i search you in a google you are famed, and i saw all of your dad's business. and i saw this restaurant..... sam... harry, i will not take your money.besides this is my restaurant, and i will treat all of my friend...i'ts that clear harry.."yeah" harry nodded.... ok since your here.. wait for me i will just talk to my friend...hey ella i have to go..i'ts my treat.. ella about what i say to you lately..plssss don't tell dad.. i begged you ella...there's a small pause and i heard ella "okay sam i won't tell your dad" but if  there's something happen to you.... i will call your dad okay sam..i nodded and i came out to the room and i saw harry sitting in the side of the cashier, hey curly hair i shout at her,  he saw me.and he stood up, c'mon let's get out of here...we go out of the restaurant and i saw the other boy sitting in the side of the van.. i quickly came over to liam and i took her hand and we move little far so the boys don't heard what i'm going to say to.. liam we are not staying at my dad's house i remember that my nani is there and if i know she will tell dad that i'm here, she is so loyal to dad, i don't know why.. we have to stay at the hotel.. for one week..liam nodded and we came over to the boys.... hey guys where are the nearby hotel..we have to get some rest, so that we have energy for tomorrow... i think there's some hotel in here, it's near in this restaurant. zayn said.. well we have to go now. we get inside of the car and harry volunteer to be in the driver's seat and i sat in the passenger seat all of them are sleeping, except me and harry, I suddenly became impatient, and i want to sleep but I could not. i don;t know why... maybe i will just talk to harry since you know what my parent's do, and our business. you should tell me about your family.. i asked her with a small smile on my face..

ohh... my mom and my dad divorced when i was seven years old, i have a sister her name is gemma and my mom's name is anne. and my stepfather is full name is "harry edward style" my birthday is febuary 1, 1994..that's it.. ohh i'm so sorry about your mom and your dad..hey harry one more question, "did you miss your real father" there's a long paused... oh sorry if asked you that..i will not force you if you don't want to answer my question.. harry didn't talk since i said to her if he miss her father, hey harry sorry for what i said to you lately... i turn around as my face is in the window and i fell asleep.. 

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