you & i

my name is sam mills, cousin of liam payne actually
the truth is liam payne is not my cousin, i'm adopted. but i considered liam is my cousin. when i met harry i think he is the one for me.... but what if liam fall inlove with me
who will i choose
liam or harry


20. quick talk

hey thankyou for all the readers and i hope you like the story 

well here is the deal if i have a 1-2 thousand readers i will make a sequel, yes! i'm excited for the sequel and i have that in my mind :)

don't be angry if sam and harry broke up really really early but, i promise you that you will not be angry with me in the next next next pages of the story.. 

love you all the millers out their hahaha 

i just got it in my mind.. well it's cool and i love it <3 

talk to all of you soon


love ya all

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