you & i

my name is sam mills, cousin of liam payne actually
the truth is liam payne is not my cousin, i'm adopted. but i considered liam is my cousin. when i met harry i think he is the one for me.... but what if liam fall inlove with me
who will i choose
liam or harry


4. one week vacation

Sam's POV

i woke up by the buzz of my phone i took it and there's a message, i look it in my inbox and i saw the name of our principal i opened it and i see 

dear all students 

you don't have classes for a week because there's some rebuild in the school

                                                                         sincerly you'r principal

ohmygosh! liam wake up, wake up...... why? sam liam said, rubbing his eyes and yawning...liam look at you'r phone, there's a text coming from our principal.. liam took his phone and saw the message of our principal,

is this true sam, liam said with a big smile 

yeah that is true,i said with a big smile on my face 

liam, text the boys

why? liam said 

because liam,the principal didn't know there number and they are new 

okay said liam 

Liam's POV

i too my phone and text louis,

hey louis, i said

hey dude, what's up

are you going to the school today? i asked her 

yeah, why? 

don't go! i said 


because the principal text us, that there's some rebuild on the school and we have a one week vacation

are you serious dude louis said 

yes dude i'm serious 

ok thankyou for telling, ohmygosh i'm so happy right now. liam, talk to you later i have to tell to the boys

ok dude, you'r welcome

Sam's POV

after talking liam about what are we gonna do in our one week vacation, i heard a knock in the door,after i opened it. i saw the 4 handsome boys with my shock face...

hey! i said with some shock face 

hey sam! niall said and the boys said it to

what brings all of you here in our apartment i replied 

after liam text us about the principal said we decided to come over here and invite you guys niall said

invite? where? i said 

after niall answer your question can we come inside? louis said with a smile on her face

oh! sure, i forgot to say that i replied 

we seat in the couch and after that, liam came over to us and hug each them and say "hi" liam told that what are they doing here 

yeah! back to the question i said with a big smile on my face..

since we have a one week vacation the boys and i decided to invite you guys, going to a Portreath Beach in a Porthtowan, Cornwall...niall replied

i think it's cool!! i said with a big smile.............. yeah it is really cool,when do we leave. liam said

we think that we can leave now,so we cannot waste a one day. if it is alright with a both of you?

it's ok with me i said, liam are you agree that we can leave today?

yeah it's ok with me liam said and a smile on her face

great! i'll start packing, wait, why you still here, you should packed your things too i said to the  boys 

ooh...before we came over here we started to packed our things because we know that you will be agree with us to leave today harry said with a little laugh 

okay, just wait in here, you can go to the kitchen if you want to eat 

they nodded......

i came over my room and start packing my things, my bikini,clothes,laptop,phone and course i need my lotion to make sure that my skin not burn

*** after 30 minutes***

i came out to my room and go ahead to the living room and see the boys watching a t.v with a chips in there hands " hey guys i'm ready" i said to them and go to the couch and  waiting liam to come out of her room......

uhmm.. sam can i asked you a question? zayn asked

yeah sure! what is it zayn

why is your flat is so big? 

ohh our flat....... my parents are both lawyer my mom and my dad decided to go to the america to do sice that i'm alone in our house i decide that i get a flat






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