you & i

my name is sam mills, cousin of liam payne actually
the truth is liam payne is not my cousin, i'm adopted. but i considered liam is my cousin. when i met harry i think he is the one for me.... but what if liam fall inlove with me
who will i choose
liam or harry


13. leaving the school

Sam's POV

mommy! mommy! i heard a baby voice shouting, i open my eyes and see a girl yelling at me and jumping in the bed... mommy? who are you talking to,i'm not your mommy i said a little confuse.

mom it's me cami your daughter she said.. now i'm really confuse.

now i'm starring at her face, she is a curly hair, green eyes and have a dimple...i think there's a hand holding my hands, and he is boy, i think this is my husband, i can't see her face, he is covered with her curly hair..

i moved her body to face me, i'm really shocked about what i see "harry styles is my husband" omg.."good morning" he said and peck me in the lips after it..... it black out

sam wake up, sam wake up,sam... i heard it all over again. i quickly open my eyes and i saw niall,zayn,liam,louis and harry surrounding in my bed standing... 

are you ok sam? liam said

yeah i'm okay i have a strange dream i say

what did you see niall asked

well....uhmm, you really can't believe what is my dream, me and harry are married and we have a baby girl her name is cami i laugh

they all laughing to except harry he is just sad, i don't know why he is sad, "hey harry are you okay" i asked look confuse.

yeah i'm okay, i'm just thinking something, and what are you thinking louis said smiling at harry.. "it's not your business okay" harry said

okay stop guys...i laugh

i heard a ring from my phone i took it and saw the name it's simon, guys stay here i'll be back in a sec.

*sam-s simon-simon

s-hey whats up

simon-sam sorry to say this but you will be home schooling

s-what? are you kidding me?!! i shouted  

simon-sam i know it's hard that you will leave the school and i know you hate to be home schooling but the principal say that the school will be disturbed, because your fans and some paparazzi are there and you will not focused on the lesson because some of your fans are getting pictures and autographs.

s-no! i will not leaving the school i yelled..tears start to fall on my face  

simon-sam you have to, you chose to be a famous singer, your lucky that you will have a home schooling because some of the singers are never home schooling.

s-i talk to you soon bye


i don't want to leave the school what if liam didn't understand the lessons of math (i love math btw) and i'm not there in her side he will have a failed grade, i don't what liam have a failed grade, and what if harry found a new girl, i love harry but i'am not ready yet.

Liam's POV

the boys and i are planning to go to the club, but when we heard sam yelling, we came out of her room and we saw her sitting in the couch talking to simon and crying in the same time. 

"no! i will not leaving the school" she yelled and she said her goodbye to simon, i walked to her and sit in the side of the couch..

sam i will not asked you "if you are alright" because i know that you are not okay.. what happen what did simon said to you...

s..s..simon said that i will be h..h..home i don't want to leave the school what if you didn't understand the lessons of math...

sam i will be okay i will try to understand the lessons of math okay..she stop crying because the boys and i are planning to go to the club tonight, do you want to go if you dont wan..-- sam cut me "i will go" are you sure i asked her "yeah i'm sure"


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