you & i

my name is sam mills, cousin of liam payne actually
the truth is liam payne is not my cousin, i'm adopted. but i considered liam is my cousin. when i met harry i think he is the one for me.... but what if liam fall inlove with me
who will i choose
liam or harry


22. i'm sorry

harry's pov

shit! what did i do now?, i hate when me and katy fight it's like world war 3, the last time we fight when i get mad at her because she is dancing with some drunk guy in the club, katy knew that i'm in there with her, but she didn't mind, i just don't like about katy is that she never apologies for what she did, i'am the one who apologies even if i'm in the right side, and now, i don't now what i will do, she drove away and i didn't know where she is... 

i feel the side of the couch deep and i know who she is "what happen harry?" lisa said, i look at her with a sad face, "she found out that i will get another tattoo, but we told each other, that we never get another tattoo" i said to her, "harry no matter what happen to both of you, katy will always love you, she told me once that, she saw her future with you and have a beautiful kids" lisa said, i look at her confuse,

"what are you talking lisa" i said in low voice, "harry, katy is really in love with you, that she didn't know what she will do if you leave her, she never feel the love in her parents before, her parents just being busy with some business and they didn't have a bonding time with their daughter" lisa said, katy is inlove with me, i don't know what to say, and she never feel the love in her parents, what kind of parents they are...

"harry" lisa look at me with a sad face, "yes?" i ask, 

"did katy told you about her past?" lisa said, "no, what about her past?" i ask, 

"when katy is 7 years old, she have a twin sister her name is maddy, they always play and bond with each other, their parents have a time with them just to bond, and when they all vacation in new york, katy, her mom and maddy went to a mall, but when her mom told them stay in the food court because their mom have to be in the bathroom for a second, i know it's a fucking thing to tell to their children to stay in the food court and leave them just to pee in the bathroom but it happens, when her mom is in the bathroom, well lets just say that maddy is a girl who is really quickly boring girl, so she decided to run all over the food court, well as of katy

she run and run but when katy can't find her anymore, she keep talking to the people if they saw her sister, and right after their mom found katy crying and ask where is her sister, so katy told what happen and they called their dad to find maddy they called the cops to help them find maddy but then after 3 years finding maddy they give up, their parents give up but katy didn't, every birthday of katy she always wish for maddy to show up, when katy turn 16 she travel from england to new york, hawaii,LA, just to find her sister, she travel because the cops told them that theirs a chance that maddy is kidnapped so she did travel but when she turn 20 she give up, and their parents blame katy for what happen to maddy so.... yeah she feel guilty and she is talking to herself that it's her fault why maddy is gone, but when you show up, she is carefree and she is just back to normal" lisa said with a teary eye,

i can't help but feel sorry to katy, she is really sad about what happen to her twin sister..katy have a rough past and she didn't tell me, but it's okay if i were her i will not tell either.. i can't help right now i'm crying.. i need to talk to her like right now, "thankyou for telling me lisa" i said and hug her, "okay harry, hope you find her, well i know where she is, she is in the park" lisa said and wink at me, "okay thankyou again" i said

i grab my car keys and drive to the park, i start looking at her and i found my beautiful girl she is sitting in the swing looking at the children playing, but i caught her hand with a paper on it, i walk towards her and sit beside the her on the swing, "babe" i said in low tone, when i stared at her firmly, she cried her eyes is red, "harry i'm so sorry for what i did to you earlier forgive me" katy said crying, "it's okay babe, i'm sorry too that i didn't told you that i will get a tattoo"i said and hug her, "i'm sorry that i overreacted" my girl hug me tightly but i can breath, i look at her in the eyes and said, "i love you katy" i said " i love you harry" she said to me, i smile and kiss her now were making out but for 3 minutes only...


i hug her again and kiss her temple, "lets go babe" i said, she nodded..


sam's pov

"babe wake up" my boyfriend told me, we are now in new york because i have a concert, since when i broke up with harry my career is really big, and more famous, well my boyfriend is a singer too, and his name is liam payne, don't freak out!, well liam told my dad that he wants to be a singer too, and he approve of it, we bond each other and when liam publish his first album, he is my opening act in my concert in the canada, well lets just say that i grew a feelings to liam because he is their with me if i need someone to talk and he is just so caring, my dad first didn't approve of me and liam being in a relationship but i talk to dad that i like liam a lot, and when liam talk to dad he approve but dad threaten liam if he hurt me, dad will kill him.. haha,... 

i look at my boyfriend and he is staring at me and smiling,"what?" i smile at him, "nothing it's just that i'm really happy because i get a most beautiful girl in the world" liam said and peck my lips, i blushed and hug him,

"i'm happy too that i get the most ugliest boyfriend ever" i said laughing, liam pouted and fake crying, "aw my baby is crying, i will repeat it, i'm happy because i get the most handsome boyfriend in the world" i said and kiss him, but our kiss turn into a make out, for about 4 minutes, we stop bacause we heard the pilot talk, that we should put our seat belt on..


we landed and we are in the airport, fans are screaming, liam and i are holding hands, well the fans know that we are official because we dated for 5 months now.. i took a photo with the fans and sign of the album,."babe lets go" liam said i wave to the fans and get inside the van.. "so many fans" i said while taking my shades, "yeah, i know" mark said  our manager

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