you & i

my name is sam mills, cousin of liam payne actually
the truth is liam payne is not my cousin, i'm adopted. but i considered liam is my cousin. when i met harry i think he is the one for me.... but what if liam fall inlove with me
who will i choose
liam or harry


17. end of the vacation

Sam's POV

Today is the day that me and the boys are going home,me and harry are doing great, my relationship to the boys are great too, zayn is a muslim and he have a girlfriend perrie,louis have a girlfriend name elanor,..i met elanor and perrie in the skype one time, and well we exchange numbers, but i'm really close to perrie because she likes music like me, compose a song like me too and we have a many common, unlike elanor, she always talk about how her hair look, her clothes look and many more that i don't like, but i love her too...

(knock knock) 

i heard a knock and all my thought break, i stood up went to the door, i open it and i saw my handsome boyfriend harry.."hey babe you ready?" he asked,"well me i'm ready i'm all pack but liam is not, he is in the bathroom for 30 minutes" i said.. "oh" was all he said.."do you want to come in?" i asked, he nodded...

we sat in the couch i open the tv and sat beside him, i rested my head on her chest her arm are wrap around my waist, the silent broke when harry asked me "sam what are gonna happen to us?" he asked, i'm shocked about what he said,"what? i don't understand you", "sam what happen to our relationship if we go back home, i mean you're going to be busy, because your a singer now, we don't have a time to our relationship" he said, i agree with that but, it's not only work i'm really focused on because harry is there my boyfriend, i really need to make our relationship stronger,.. "well babe, i think we don't need to problem  that right now, yeah i'm gonna be busy because i'm a singer now but, it doesn't mean that i will have no time for you for us," i said with a smile, he just nodded........


Liam's POV

when after sam told me that, her and harry are dating my heart broke,i really love sam but her parents told me not too, but i can't help my feelings towards sam...

we are now in sam's mansion..sam talk to her parents if the boys could stay here.her parents agree and now we are in the living room, watching spongebob haha..

Niall's POV

omg sam's house is so big, you can call it a mansion, we are sitting in the Pavoncello Rotunda,Round Sectional, it's really big and my tummy is now need a food, i turn to sam she is right next to me, i see her cuddling with harry, i tap sam's shoulder and asked her, "sam where is your kitchen, i'm hungry she chuckle "you don't need to go to the kitchen just call our maid" she said and turn back to harry..

how can i asked the maid it's really awkward, maybe i should asked liam, he know how to act to the maids because the maid knows him, i turn to my left side and stare at liam, he notice and said "what?", "well liam i'm hungry i asked sam where are the kitchen,but she said i will asked the maid to get the food i want, well it's to awkward to asked the maid in here" he chuckle "it's okay niall i will asked the maid, what to do want" he said "i like chicken sandwich a coke and a chips, that's all" i said, "you're really hungry" liam laugh..

"ms.briffen" liam said, the girl came she look like mid 40 and wear a maid dress, "yes sir" ms briffen said... "i want you to make my friend a sandwich and bring a coke and a chips too" liam said, "okay sir" she said, "thankyou" liam said to ms briffen, 

after we watch and eat, we decided to go straight to our separates room, my room is middle my right is louis and my left is zayn..and across is liam and harry... sam's room is little far from us because we are taking guess rooms and the family room is in the other hallway...

we say our goodbyes and went to a deep sleep.. 

AN.hope you like it, i know i'm not updating sorry for that :) so here

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