you & i

my name is sam mills, cousin of liam payne actually
the truth is liam payne is not my cousin, i'm adopted. but i considered liam is my cousin. when i met harry i think he is the one for me.... but what if liam fall inlove with me
who will i choose
liam or harry


18. busy

Sam's POV

today is monday and here i am in the principal's office with my dad, my mom is really busy because she have client and they are in the court right now, the principal came with a smile on her face.

"hi! mr. mills nice to see you again" the principal said "you too max, you know the reason why i came here right?" my dad said, the principal nodded "yeah i know, well sam congrats to your career and good luck hope that you can visit in here" max said, i nodded with a smile on my face, my dad and i went out to the principal's office and went towards to the front door, i decided not to visit harry in her class because i don't want to disturb her..

**whole day**

Harry's POV

not a single text from sam, and i'm getting worried about her, what if she is tired and that simon guy didn't let her get rest..i have enough thoughts so i decided to to call her, i took my phone in my pocket and dial her number, after 3 rings she answer it, "harry?" she asked "yeah it's me sam, you didn't text me so i decided to call you" i said in low tone,..

"shit harry! i'm so sorry, i know i promise to text you but i'm really busy about signing contract and busy about my new song, i'm so so sorry baby" she said going to cry..i knew it that she is going to be a really busy woman and i don't know how many times i need to understand her.."it's okay sam, just promise me don't do it again, okay?" i said, "okay baby i'm really sorry" she said.. "okay" i said..

we talk an hour, about her work and she also met her band mate and a stylist, i kinda don't like sam's drummer because her drummer is a guy and she said that the guy's named 

is tyler ball, i didn't know if the ball is consider to be a last name, but i shrug it off

she always talk about that tyler guy, she said he is good in the drum, he is a funny guy and gabby even said to me that they go to the coffee shop together, 

i kinda feel jealous about it, because i'm the boyfriend and that should be me going to the coffee shop with her.."harry are you still there?" gabby said breaking the image of tyler guy and my girlfriend going to the coffee shop.. "yeah" i said in low tone, 

"are you okay?, you kinda like distracted or something" gab said, "yeah, i was thinking about tyler" i said... "what about him?" she ask.. " i was thinking that, i wish i was there to make funny joke and we will having a coffee together not that tyler guy"

i said in annoy tone, she let out a sigh and talk "harry you are my boyfriend and it's my fault because i invite him to go to the coffee shop with me it's no big deal" gab said, it's getting me really annoyed about this, it's no big deal? 

what the fuck, it's big deal to me because what if that tyler guy is a bad person or some guy who is in the gang and kidnapped her... "it's big deal to me gabby, because we both didn't know who is that guy" i said in angry tone.. "why are you angry?, i'm okay and i'm safe" gabby said and now we are in a angry mood..

"i'm angry because, i was just making sure that, that guy is not touching my girlfriend and the other is i don't know what i will do if that guy do something to you, what if he is in the gang and kidnapped you" 

i said quiet raising my voice... " harry what are you thinking, tyler is a nice guy, and he is not in the gang or something, nothing will happen to me, so just breathe keep calm and just relax okay?" gabby said i nodded even if she didn't see me "okay, just please gabby be careful okay, text me if you need me" i said a bit calm.. "okay harry" gab said... 

"i love you baby" i said with a small smile on my face "i love you too harry" gabby said...and we said our goodbyes and end the call..

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