you & i

my name is sam mills, cousin of liam payne actually
the truth is liam payne is not my cousin, i'm adopted. but i considered liam is my cousin. when i met harry i think he is the one for me.... but what if liam fall inlove with me
who will i choose
liam or harry


3. apartment

Sam's POV

as i got to my apartment, i'm so tired...... i go to my bed and lay in there, and thinking about liam..i fell so bad about i said to liam before..i took my phone in my bag, and call liam 

ring ring ring ring ring ring.......why is liam not answering my call....

i called her again 

ring ring ring ring ring..........liam answer it

"what"liam said 

"liam, im so sorry about what i did to you earlier im really sorry"..i said

"forget it, i'm sorry to what i did earlier too" liam said 

"ok, where are you?, you should be here right now"...... i said 

"i'm in here in boys apartment" liam replied

"can i come?" i asked him

he replied "sure" i text to you the adress 

"ok bye".....

 i get my key's and drove to the apartment of the boys


Liam's POV

i'm super happy,i talk to sam again........"hey dude you look so happy", niall said..."yeah i'm happy because me and sam are friends again,she apologise to"...... "i'm so happy that both of you are friends again...... "harry said

"yeah i'm super happy" i said

"hey guys,  is it ok, if sam is going in here,she is bored in our apartment.." i said

"she is welcome in our apartment".....harry and niall said in the same time

"ok thankyou guys"... i said to them 


Harry's POV

omg sam is coming in here, i said to myself.... im so glad that liam and sam are now ok...."hey guys, what do you want to eat, i will cook some food",... i said,...."we like bacon and eggs" niall said..., i saw liam texting maybe he will text sam what is the adress in here, im super excited to see sam 

after 30 minutes

i heard a knock maybe it's sam, , i run to the door and open it........and there she is, "hey there!! come in, take a seat" i said with a smile.. "umhh. harry right" sam asked...."yes! why?" i said to him with a smile. "where is liam?" sam said... "he is in the kitchen,do you want me to call her" i replied,..... "yes plsss.!!!" she said

"thankyou harry", she gave me a big smile, and i gave her smiled back,...i went to the kitchen and the boys are laughing.....

"liam, sam is there in the living room, she want's to see you"..i said. "ok harry thankyou for telling me"..liam said.


Liam's POV

as i go to the living room i saw sam,

hey sam!! i gave her a big smile and a big hug 

hey liam!! i said to her and i gave her a big hug back and a smile 

glad you came in here i replied, 

i have to go in here because i'm super bored in the apartment

hahahahaha ok let's go to the kitchen the guys are there..

cool ok lets go sam replied

me and sam went to the kitchen, 

hey sam, harry said and the other boys said hi too,

hey guys sam said to the boys,........... im sorry about what happen lately,

it's ok never mind that sweety, louis said with a big smile

hey sam do you want to eat harry said,

sure thankyou, sam said to harry 

we are eating and talking,............ after we eat and talking, i go to sam and talk to her..... hey sam it's 7:30 we should have to go, we are going to school tomorrow..

yeah we should have to go sam replied 


hey guys sorry for interupt , sam and i need to go to our apartment, it's 7:30.... and we should get some sleep.. sorry guys....sam said 

its ok to us niall said and the boys approve of that,......... besides we are seeing each other tomorrow..... right?

yeah.....we have to go guys.... thankyou for the food liam said

bye guys sam said 

see u tomorrow harry said  




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