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  • Published: 5 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 29 Jun 2014
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What happens when Delilahs parents has to go bussines trip for 4moths?Delilah has to move to her mothers Friends house and her mothers friends son is Aidan Ryker the biggest asshole,player,popular,football captain and Delilah is bullied nerd with no friends.


2. Tomatosoup looks good on you

___still in aidans pown___

i parked my car to schools parking lot. i walked out the car and walked over my friends Jake,William and Cole "wassup bro?" Jake asked. "i'm fine." i said. we walked slowly to first class they talked about something but i really didn't listen my mind were some were else,i was thinking still about her. "is everything okay? u seem bit out." Will said. "i'm just tired." i said. it was true i was tired,i didn't sleep at all last night. "hey babe." Amber said and walked over to me. "hey." i said in bored tone. "is everything alright?" she asked. "why everyone is asking that." i snapped to her.she seemed bit hurt but i couldn't care less. she is that kind of girl who wears slutty clothes and drowns her self over to me every time i used to like it but now i  felt disgusted. i felt disgusted of Amber? the as known 'schools hottie' okay something is wrong in me. she sat next to me. and to be honest i didn't like it at all. she gave me those 'sexy' looks. ewwwn, i felt her hand going to my pants. woahh. i slapped her hand away. she looked me socked. "whats wrong babe don't u want me?" she whispered. "not now." i said. not never again."keep your slutty hands to your self." i snapped when i felt her hand in wrong place again. "is there something u want to share with the hole class? Aidan?"our history teacher asked and the hole class turned to stare me. "uh no." i said. and the class continued and now Amber  was giving me Dirty was actually guite funny.


___in lunc break___


"Aidan!what the hell was that!" Amber almost yelled when we got out the class."u disgust me." i said. "what!" she yelled. "what ever we had is over,don't EVER touch me like that what u did in the class, really is disgusting." i said back. people around us were staring. "u will reget that u let me go,aidan!someday u will beg me to take u back,but i wont take u!" she yelled dramaticly. this was funny. "Oooohh. woah.i swear if the world is ending i don't want your slutty ass back,c'moon woke up for reality! u are nothing but the ass and boobs! like really, what kind of girl dress like whore for school. Maybe guys will be interested of u because u look like that!and to be honest i was too! oh god i feel like im going to puke! u don't have self respect at all. but that's not my problem, be whore or slut whatever u are,but please KEEP YOUR HANDS away from me.Amen." i yelled to her.some people clapped and other just stared like 'the hell' she was speechless. "truth hurt,right." i said and walked away. and my friend followed me. "Okay.what the hell was that?" Jake laugh."u were right,amber may be hot but really we just want to bag her nothing more." Will said. "and i tought that u are man whore." Cole said. "Dude you arent any better." i said. "but really what was that?" William asked. "i guess,i just got enough,u know i like girls, a lot. but i don't think if i want to just bang and leave. i think i'm going to take break for 'player'reputation." i said.


___Delilah's pown___

shit just got real. Aidan just made Amber the slutty whore speacless. u don't see that everyday.

but that doesn't mean i don't think that Aidan is Jerk.he proved that hes not that man whore without brains,but still. hes Aidan. i opened my locker and left my books there and walked to canteen to take some lunch.just when i was carrying my soup and milk class. i saw that too familiar evil face and  my food salver was pushed hard on to my shirt and i felled down.i was covered of Tomato soup. i heard the hole canteen to laugh at me.i bite my teeth for the anger and took deep breath. "whoopsie." Amber said. "Sorry,not sorry." she laughed. "Tomato soup looks good on you." she laughed. "Slut." i said. "Virgin." she said. "rather virgin than whore,which boys doesn't respect." i snapped back. "Listen ugly. no one cares what u do or say. u are loser. don't u dare to speak to me go and kill your self no one cares!" she yelled and again i heard the hole cafetaria laughting. "is this really funny? i don't find anything funny in this?" i heard voice yelling.  canteen went silent. "Amber u are bitch." i heard other voice. "She isnt even ugly?what the hell is your problem?" i heard that voice again. "what she had even do to you?" other voice asked. amber stood there quietly again. "this is bullshit,u guys are sick how can u just sit there and laugh your ass of when this poor girl gets atackted by crazy cow for no reason." the voice said again. i heard footsteps. someone held hand over me. Aidan?okay,what the fuck? "if anyone here needs to kill her self it is you. you are psycho bitch." i heard someone saying. Cole? okay. this is fucking weird why in the earth Aidan and hir 'popular' friends are standing up for me? "yeah just stand there with tha fucking amazed look in your face. u dont have anything to say?huh? fuck off." Will said. "Fuck off, fucking is the only thing u can do!" Jake said. that was actually funny. "good shot man"will laughed and gave high five to Cole. "now if u didn't get the hint... this is the fucking LAST time when u humiliate someone like this that?bitch?"Aidan yelled to Amber's face. she nodded bit scared.u should have seen in Amber's face. it was priceless.i dare she just peed in her self. haha. i wasn't feeling so bad anymore even i was covered in this god damn tomato soup. "Show over,idiots." Cole yelled. and i noticed everyone staring mouth open. we walked out of the canteen. "this is nasty." Cole said taking tomato soup to his finger. "dont we all love her." Will said sarcastiy. "thanks." i said. "no problem. its weird that no one really didn't do anything." Aidan said. "yep that was too much." Cole said. "that wasent even the first time."i mumled."what?she had done that before.?" Will almost yelled. "two years now." i said."why haven't i noticed?"Cole and Aidan asked at the same time. "she usually does that when there's not so many around." i said. "what does she exactly do?" will asked. "drows my stuff to floor then kicks me to the stomac,push me on the floor and push me down when i walk on the stairs." i said. "woah that bitch is really crazy." Cole said. "does it hurt?"Will asked. "ofcourse dumb ass!" Aidan said. i lifted my sleeve and showed my hands there were covered in bruises. "holy crap!" they said at the same time. i have them over my legs and stomack too." i mumled. "im sorry." aidan said."its not your fault." i said. "kind of it is,we didnt noticed it earlier."cole said. "its not yours fault that shes out of her mind." i said. they nodded. "so...i think u want clean clothes?" Aidan said. "i dont have any.." i said. "well i have extra t-shirt in my locker.." Aidan said. "and i have sweatpants in my backpack."Cole said. Aidan ran to his locker and came back with t-shirt.and gave it to me and Cole gave me his sweatpants of her backpack. "thanks guys,u really saved me." i said. "no problem. "i'm going to change..."  i said awkwardly and walked to girls toilet. i took my dirty shirt off and my jeans what was too covered in soup. i washed my hair with water and tied it to bum and washed my face. when i was tomato soupless i pulled Aidan's shirt and Cole's pants on. i looked hot (notice sarcasm) my hair was wet and  Aidan shirt was big. and coles pants were too. i looked like some tom boy.haha. not so girly. but these were clean.i putted my dirty Clothers to some blastik back and walked out. "u look great!" Will smirked. "i agree." i smiled back. we walked to next class. they wanted me to shit next to them. well i don't have friends,so why not trying to have some? i'm going to take my words back Aidan wasn't so bad that i thought he was.he was just acting like jerk but inside he was actually funny and normal guy with heart and feelings.

- you are welcome! rufflepuffle ;) :D <3

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