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  • Published: 5 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 29 Jun 2014
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What happens when Delilahs parents has to go bussines trip for 4moths?Delilah has to move to her mothers Friends house and her mothers friends son is Aidan Ryker the biggest asshole,player,popular,football captain and Delilah is bullied nerd with no friends.


3. Stupid mistakes

____Delilah's pown___

i stil didnt trust 100% to it posible that he would change so fast? maybe this was just a game for i cant let my feelings to take power.wait?what? feelings ? ohgod no! but really can u say 'no' to some so  handsome guy like Aidan? if u can.. u are fucking Supernatural whatever witch because he is disgusting,player and heartbreaker but cmoon just looking him make your legs turning to jelly i just act to be disgusted of him and make him to think that im not interested and im HARD to work with i dont want to be easy,like others. i want him to work hard to get me like him. but thats the thing he dont work hard,who would?its just me. there are sooo many girls who are better than me.

but what he did with his friends today was guite impressing. u dont see that everyday i tought that, day wouldnt never come when Aidan Ryker,Cole Edwars,William Levis and Jake West were actually saying 'no' to Amber. im confused. *knock knoc* "come in." i said. Well well. AIDAN. "are you allrigt."he asked with caring voice. im not sure if he really cares or just 'fakes' it. "yeah." i said. "im sorry,about Amber. i feel bad that i didnt stop that earlier, im sorry that u had to go trought all that shit." he said. "its very thankfull that someone realised to stop that. i just... i cant stop it by myself." i said. "why?" he asked and sitted next to me on to bed. "what can i do when im lying on floor and everywere hurts and she insults me and there are her friends laughting at me, i just want them to go away. im affraid to say something back,cuz that makes her even madder." i said. Aidan was first person who i really had told this. i kinda felt that it was easy to talk to him. "oh god.i never believed that to Amber. im so mad to her.but u know guys dont hit girls even if i wanted to kick the crap out of her." he said. "why do you care? what happened to you?why u are now talking so nicely to me and yester day you were acting like some dickhead. really what the hell?" i asked. he stared me. "the weirdest part of this is that  i dont know. i dont know. why do i care?" he said. i didnt say anything,"You are different. u dont trow your self at every guy and are all slutty. u respect your self. and i respect that." he said. "thanks.. i tought?" i said. "what happened to "player"?" i teased. "this morning when i went to school and Amber drowed her self to me. it didnt give me the same effect like it normaly does. i felt weird. i felt VERY disgusted and tought 'poor amber' i guess i want to take break of 'player' me and maybe not never again be that." he said. "okay." i said. we sitted there awhile it was bit awkward. but i noticed that he had changed. or hes just trying to get in my pants."i feel like u are something special." he said. and blushed. okay this is weird day.he was blushing? Aidan Ryker dont BLUSH. "thanks." i said and  blushed too. "i just.. i dont get why amber yelled that you are ugly." he said.i didnt say anything. "u are Beautiful." he said. "uh...thanks." i said. "oh.... did-i? say that aloud?" he asked bit embrassed. "yep." i said. "oh." he said and blushed more. u cant act your blush.maybe he wasent phone buzzed. i took it from my pocket. is everything okay?see you after 4month. kisses -mum 

i didnt feel like answering i was guite mad for her. "What. oh god. Delilah." i heard Aidans worried voice. "your wrist...." he said. my sleeve was pulled up at the same time when i took my phone from my pocket. "why." he said and took my wirst. "umm. Amber...i just feel sometime that i cant... that something is wrong in me.. and im ugly.." i said. i felt tear rolling down my cheek. "oh god. no! you are not uglly.dont believe her bullshit. you are beautiful inside out. u are beautifull.dont cut anymore. please." he said. and started kissing my everysingle cut. okay.what. here was i sitting on my bed and Aidan Ryker kissing my everysingle cut. "u are beautiful remember." he said. and looked in my eyes. hes blue eyes werent so cold anymore there were full of worry.i smiled little. "u are beautiful.remember." he said. i blushed and looked to my toes. "dont hide it it make u look even cuter." he said. i looked to him. our faces were close. he licked his lips and looked mine. he leaned closer our lips almost touched. i looked his eyes and he looked in mine. our lips were now almost touching. "ugh kiss me!" i wispered and then i felt his soft lips on mine.Butterflies,fireworks my stomack was going crazy. the kiss was gently and slow. it lasted few minutes and then we pulled away to take breath. "woah." we both breathed. then we looked each others again and kissed again more hungrily.five minutes later. "u are good kisser." Aidan said. "am i?" i asked." many boys have u kissed?" he asked. "uhmmm.." i said. "dont be ashamed." he said. "actually only one." i said. "u." i said. "wait what?" he said looking suprised. "i was your first kiss." he smirked. "umm yeah." i said and blushed."im glad that it was me." he said."mee too." i said. but i wasent sure if i meant it.i was in deep mess right now. this wasent going a going to get hurt. "what time is it?" he asked suddenly. "uum 10." i said. "oh shit. i have to go to Jake's." he said. "okay." i said. "bye beautiful."he said and pecked my lips.he walked out. i sat there.what the hell just happened. this day has been CRAZY. i pulled blanket over me and stared the ceiling and fell asleep.


____Aidas pown_________

my whole body was on fire.i just kissed her.i had never felt like wasent nasty make up. just slowly and gently kiss. i  walked out of the car. i was missing her soft lips on mine. it was suprise that i was her first kiss. she was so i was first? i walked to jakes house there was drunken teenager all over the house.smell of beer. music was loud and people were dancing and making up."hey bro!" Jake yelled. and gave me bro hug. "lets get wasted!" Will Yelled. "i dont know." i said. "what!oh no no! we are getting drunk man!" Will said. we walked to kitchen. i guess few beer dont harm anyone.


i was dancing with some random hot chick. i had took maybe too many beers but i was having fun.

i turned her around and started making out with her. "oh someones horny." she gigled. "lets go to my place." i said. "okayy." she gigled. i drived home. i wasent so drunk that i couldnt drive.i walked stairs up. and walked her to my room. we took your clothers off and u know the rest.

"uh u were good." Amalia?Amanda? giggled. "see ya." she said and started to dress up.

"bye Aidan." she said and closed the door.then it hitted me.Delilah.holy shit what had i done? why i had to do this again? no! and shes right next room. smart! i pulled sweat pants on and opened my door. and there i sawn her.seeing her face.hurted. i felt like killing stupid was i? tears were falling down her cheeks.she looked hurted.of course she was hurted. i hurted her. "Delilah-" i said. "Fucking save it! u are actor.i was stupid even believing u that u had changed! i hate u!" she yelled and slammed the door shut.her voice was running down my head. i didnt act. i really meant every word what i said to her and still do. i was drunk.but im sobber now. im never going to drink again.we werent together. but i was her first kiss. that ment something. i kissed her. and loved it. i didnt feel anything when i was with that amalia?amanda? whatever was her name.she was nothing to me. i cant ever remember her never going to do that mistake any more. im fucking stupid.

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