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  • Published: 5 Jan 2014
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What happens when Delilahs parents has to go bussines trip for 4moths?Delilah has to move to her mothers Friends house and her mothers friends son is Aidan Ryker the biggest asshole,player,popular,football captain and Delilah is bullied nerd with no friends.


8. Party

--- Delilah---

"you look hot and sexy come on nowww!" nicki yelled and grapped my hand.we were going to party and Will was picking us up. i was wearing dark blue dress what showed my curves pretty well it was short but not so slutty short.Nicki had made my hair and make up. i looked so diferent i didnt even notice my self when i looked myself from mirrow. "my two fav girlsss." Will yelled and hugged Nicki tight. they were so cute together. and Will was nice guy almost like my other best friend. "u look nice Delilah. now come on girls." Will said and smiled to me warmly. Will wasent that kind of guy who would call some girl hot infront of his girlfriend or not even hers back. i liked that about him. i sitted to front seat. i was bit nervous about the party. i dont do partys." and we are here!" Will said and stopped car. i stood out the car and sawn drunken teens and music was loud. we walked inside. there was more drunken teens dancing and making out. it was like everyone woke up from theirs little bubbles when we walked in. now i was nervous at shit. i wasent used this kind of attenion. everyone was looking us, well me. wasent i welcome for this party? or what? girls were looking me trying to figure out who i was some one of them gave me death glares and looked me like i was so trash. and guys. well, guys were like drooling. and looking me like i was some peace of meat.well this is awkward i thought. Nicki noticed and said. "what? never seen girl before?" and everthing went back to normal. Nicki and  i walked to kitchen Nicki handed me a cup and when she looked away i drowed the beer away and pretend to be drinking i really wasent getting drunk.Nicki was dancing with Will and i stood there agaist wall looking them. "woah, you look hot Lilah." Nick said he stood next to me. "woah,hey nick." i said. looking to him. i have to admint that Nick was hot. i liked about his smile the most. i walked to kitchen to drink some water. i sawn Jordan huggin some blonde girl. i took water and turned around and sawn them kissing. well thats cool. to be honest it didnt hurt, weird. i felt like it hurt but in deep i didnt feel it at all. he pulled away and sawn me. "oh. sorry." he said. "can we talk." he said. i nodded. i wasent angry. i didnt even know why. "Kristina is my ex... and i tought i was over her,but i gues i wasent, sorry Lilah i dont want to hurt you." he said he looked guilty. "Jordan im not mad. its okay." i said calmly giving him understanding smile. "friends?" he smiled. "ofcourse!" i said and hugged him. then i walked back to Nick. "sup?" he said. "nothingg." i said. "sawn Jordy?" he asked. "how do you know?" i asked. well you went to kitchen and Jordan was there with his ex." he said. "yep sawn him." i said. "arent you mad?" he asked. "no." i said. "i tought you guys had something." he asked. "we had but we are just was awkward." i said. "well good." he said. i raised my eye brown to him. "sorry it didnt meant to come out loud." he said. looking awkwardly to his shoes. "lets go dancing." i said trying to get the awkwardness away. "yes pleaseee." he said. it was fun to dance with him. it was clear that we didnt like to each others like that. Nick made funny faces and danced so weirdly.i was giggling.


----Aidans pown----

i was searcing Delilah but havent find her. i sawn nicki and other guys but didnt find her. where was she.then i sawn her. i gasped and looked again to make sure  i sawn right. i felt like i could just pass out. she was so gorgelous so beautiful she was giggling with nick. ohgod her really dying out here. i couldnt take my eyes away from her. "Do something, Girl whos special like her will have all guys all over her,do something before someone else takes her from you."Alex said next to me. "what." i said waking up from my daydream and looking confused to Alex. "i know you like her. i sawn how you loooked her when amber pulled the shit over her,go!" he said. Alex was right. i stood up and made my way over her.she turned around and our eyes met. her smile grew. oh god how i wanted to kiss her right now. but it would be too soon. Nick walked to alex giving me wink. "you look beautiful." i breathed to her. she blushed. and looked her toes. "dont hide it." i said. "now im blushing more." she giggled oh god i loved her giggle. i loved her and everything about her. i never sawn this day comming wanting some girl so bad like  i wanted her. and now i didnt mean sexually. i wanted her only her. i wanted her to be mine i needed her. i love her. the song changed to slow. great. i gently wrapped my hand around her tiny wais and she rested her hands around my neck making our faces moving closer to each others. i loved those eyes. i loved that face. i loved that girl. "what." she asked softly noticing my staring. "im just amazed you are so beautiful." i said. oh god i sound like pussy. but what ever. "thanks, you are cute too." she smiled. i felt blush greeping on my cheeks i have been told that i was cute but it never effected to me like it effected to me when Lilah said it. "awwn you are blushing." she teased. her voice was music to my ears. "only for you babe." i said. oops.i called her babe. well who cares. i want her to  be mine babe. she blushed to the last part. "yeah  right." she said. and looked away. when she turned back to facing me i tighted me arms aroung her. it was like the second when she looked away i allready missed her face. weirdd. "i want so badly to kiss you." i breathed. "so what is keeping you?" she asked. that was when i crashed my lips to her. softly and gently. savouring the feeling of her lips on mine. i bringed my other hand to her cheek rubbing it softly. she was running her finger trought my hair what  drived me even crasier. i smiled agaist the kiss and she did it too. it was like the it was just like we were the only ones in the world. all that mattered was she. she in my arms. she was all i could wish for. she was the one. sparks went trought my body butterflys were going crazy in my stomack i felt something what i had ever felt before. i didnt feel the need to bang her and leave her. i felt need to kiss her hold her hand keeping her safe in my arms. waking up everyday and see her precious face next to me. when we pulled apart to take breath we just looked each others breathing hard. "Aidan." she said. "yeah." i asked. "please promise me something." she said. "dont break my heart." she said looking worried in my eyes. how could she think that i would do that. "i dont, i wont, it would be the last thing i would never do to you to hurt you, i care for you so much." i said wrapping my arms around her and looking her in to her eyes. she kissed softly and pulled apart. "then i will be yours if you let me." she wispered. "i would love to." i said kissing her again passionality on the lips. "lets go home." she said. "okay babe." he said. i took her hand and walked towards my smirking and smiling friends. "awwwwwnnn." nicki said. "we are heading home." i said to them. "take a care." they said. "use protection!"Nicki yelled. "oh god nicki shut up." Lilah said and blushed. we walked to my car. "to  what nicki said, im not pressuring you to anything." i kissed her cheek. she smiled. and i started car soon we were at home. "we went to Aunt maria we will be back to morrow." read note in the kitchen table. "well, the house will be ours." she giggled. and winked to me. we walked to up stairs. "what sould we do?" i asked. she smirked to me and and jumped on to me  i felled on the bed. "never tought you would be so eager." i joked. "umm im full of suprises." she said and i kissed her hungrily. soon we were in big make out session.




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