Kiss me

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  • Published: 5 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 29 Jun 2014
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What happens when Delilahs parents has to go bussines trip for 4moths?Delilah has to move to her mothers Friends house and her mothers friends son is Aidan Ryker the biggest asshole,player,popular,football captain and Delilah is bullied nerd with no friends.


10. Morning sweet hearts

i woke up feeling Aidan's warm hands wrapped around me."morning princess." he said and kissed my lips."morning." i said rubbing my eyes. "i really need shower." i said getting up. he took me by my waist and kissed me again hungrily. "Aidan... i need to go shower." i moaned while he kissed my neck. "Aidan babe." i begged. he stopped and pouted but failed and smiled. i kissed top of his nose and walked to bathroom.i looked my self at the mirror. my hair was messy and i looked like crap. Naked Aidan walked to bathroom and hugged me behind."i love you." he whispered to my ear.oh god i could hear that all over again and never get tired. "i love you too." i smiled. "Aidan.." i moaned when he kissed again my neck. he knew my spot. "ugh." i said touching my hair. "what." he asked. "i look like cave human."i laughed. "oh no, no no no no no... don't say that. you look like princes." he said and turned me around and kissed my lips. "now let me take shower. i said. "i can join you,to save water you know." he said. "nice try.. but noo." i said knowing if i would shower with him it would end that we both would just make out and fuck... i pushed Aidan out of the bathroom and then i took warm shower.

i wraped towel around me and walked to my room to see the most sexiest thing ever Aidan only wearinf his boxers, 8 pack, messy sex hair.


----Aidans pown---

 i dont remember when i was this happy. i was the luckiest guy in planet.

finally she was mine,only mine. the sex was good,no it wasn't sex it was making love and that's may sound cheesy but it was so different. like every time when i kissed her i felt sparks and everything kissing her was heaven and making love to her was like thousand time better. and the best part was that it wasn't just sex to me. it was more. i didn't want to her leave. i wanted her to stay. stay with me.god i loved her so much. and i was just about dress up when i saw this angel in front of me. i just got lost and forgot everything what i was going to do. her hair was wet what made her look even prettier. she was only wearing towel what showed her breast line and her skin was still wet from shower. i felt my self getting hard again and there was no way to stop or hide it. she looked me smirking flirtiouslly what drove me crazier.then he looked my erection crowing in my boxers and bite her lip. i took steps towards her and she did the same. our noses were touching and we breathed hard. he smashed her lips hungrily on mine.she ran her fingers through my hair like she always does i wrapped my arms around her back pushing her more towards me. she moved slowly against my crotch i felt her smiling on the kiss. i moved to suck her neck. "what are you doing to me." i whispered to her ear. she just smirked and kept teasing. then i dropped her towel down the floor.i lied her on to bed and attaced her breasts sucking her hard nipples. i felt her hands taking my boxers of i kicked them to floor.suddenly she was on top.i played with her boobs kissing them she pushed me lie to my back. i watched her opening the packet and she rolled the condom over my dick. making me moan.then she settled my dick inside her slowly.she moaned. i was just getting hornier for looking her. she started ride me slowly keeping her hands on my shoulder. i grapped her hips making us both speed up and moan.i felt pleasure growing more and more in every trust i speeded up taking her left breast in my mouth sucking it. causing her moan and yell my name. i felt the final pleasure hitting me. and i cummed inside condom. we breathed hard and i kissed her lips. "oh god babe that was good." i whispered to her ear. i slowly rolled off her trowing the condom to trash. then we dressed up and walked to kitchen and made breakfast and when we were finished we walked to living room we watched movie i felt Delilah slowly falling in sleep in my arms i took blanked and covered us and continued watch the film feeling her softy sleeping. then i heard door open. my mum. there was no way that i'm going to move her away from my arms. i just kept watching movie. Emily ran to room and her eyes wined when she saw us and she smiled.she ran away and i hear her say. "Mommyy. Aiwdan and Lilawh hihihih." i heard her sweet giggle. my mum walked to room with big smile in her face. she saw sleeping Lilah in my arms. "awwwn you look so cute. just don't hurt her." she whispered. "i wont. i love her." i whispered. she smiled more and walked out. Matt walked in with Emily and sitted next to us.Emily watched Delilah. and giggled. "are you going to get marry?" Emily said. "not now,but someday we will." she said. "woah." Matt said. "i'm going to be uncle." he said. "calm down. i said someday." i said to him. "but you will get babies?" Emily asked. "well maybe but not so soon. in future." i said. "Emily Mat food is ready." mum yelled and they ran to kitchen. "were you serious." i heard Delilah say and turned facing me with little smile in her face. "of course i was." i said truth fully. she kissed my lips. "but to the babies-" Delilah started. "don't worry maybe when we are older and we had studied and stuff." i said. she kissed me again. and turned around and i wrapped her around me tighter. this was perfect. i want us last. and that's one thing i don't want to fail.

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