Kiss me

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  • Published: 5 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 29 Jun 2014
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What happens when Delilahs parents has to go bussines trip for 4moths?Delilah has to move to her mothers Friends house and her mothers friends son is Aidan Ryker the biggest asshole,player,popular,football captain and Delilah is bullied nerd with no friends.


9. Make love to me

--Aidans pown--

things got heated soon. Delilah sitted on my lap kissing me softly.this was heaven.she kissed me more making our tongues dance. i moved my mouth to her neck kissing and sucking it slowly making her moan quietly. hearing her moans made me want her more. i wanted to make her moan more when she was under me... i kissed her colarbones and she was running her hands through my hair knowing that it made me even crazier. "u are making me crazy." i moaned and continued kissing her. my hands rested on her waist. i looked her. she looked me back and nodded. did that mean that i could go all the way with her?i felt her hands under my shirt she was running her tiny finger around my abs.i was hard. she noticed it and made sircles with her lips.i took my shirt of and flipped us around that she was lying under me.she kissed me hungrily."are you sure?" i asked. "yeah." she whispered to my ear bitin it teasilly. i undressed her slowly enjoyning the every second. this was new to me. it was like mine first time. i was nervous.for the first day of my life i felt nervous with girl. i took her bra of and she lied there looking so perfect she was so beautiful every part of her was perfect.she bring her hands shyly covering her chest. "u are beautiful." i said and gently moved her hands away and kissed her and went to kiss her neck and her breasts.


---Delilah's pown--

here i was. he kissed my boobs gently sucking my nipples. i let loud moan making him sucking more. i ran my hands around her back. he moved  to my stomach kissing every part of my skin. his hand found my pants he took them of and looked me knowing if i was okay with it. i smiled. i was nervous.  for gods sake i was Virgin. then he did something i didn't except. i felt his mouth kissing my... hes fingers made little sircles and he took her tongue and licked me. i closed my eyes and trowed my head back he stuck his tongue deeper causing me moan louder i felt like i was about come. "come i wanna taste you." he whispered. he liked me faster what caused me moan and soon i felt warm juice coming. he licked every drop. and licked his lips. "you taste better than i thought." he said.i took his head and kissed him hungrily. "wait sec." he said. and stood of and ran out the room and came back with little pack. he came onto me again and opened the packet with his teeth and took his boxers of. i was bit socked. he was so big. he rolled the condom on her dick. and lied down with me and whispered  "don't worry i will go slow."he kissed me slowly and i felt him entering me slowly pain went through my body. then he moved slowly and the pain was gone. "waster." i said. and he went faster. "Aidan...." i moaned. "oh god Lilah you are so tight." he moaned. "fasterrr." i almost screamed. he speed up.our hips were moving in sync. then we came.we breathed hard looking each others.then he slipped slowly out off me he drew the condom away and lied next to me bring the covers over us. i was in his arms we were looking each others. he kissed me. "you were my first." i said kissing him. "you too, i mean. this was the first time i made love. first time when it meant something more than just sex." he said honestly and looked me to my eyes. i was speechless. and bit surprised. i kissed him he pulled away but our nose was still touching. "i  think i love you." he whispered looking deep in my eyes and actually meaning it. i kissed him and said. "i think i love you too." smile grew on his lips. he kissed me again. and wrapped arms tighter around. "lets sleep my love." he said. i was against his hard chest. he kissed my hair and said. "I love you,so much."  i smiled "i love you too Aidan." and then we fell on hard sleep

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