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  • Published: 5 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 29 Jun 2014
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What happens when Delilahs parents has to go bussines trip for 4moths?Delilah has to move to her mothers Friends house and her mothers friends son is Aidan Ryker the biggest asshole,player,popular,football captain and Delilah is bullied nerd with no friends.


4. Jordan the cutie

___Delilahs pown__

I woke up.not feeling so happy. I remembered last just proved me that he wont change.its not that we were together but it wasn't so nice to steal my first kiss and act like he really cared.i walked downstairs Fiona made breakfast she was lovely woman i was kinda sad that my own mum wasn't like her,she treated me like i was her daughter.and fist time i get to feel what mothers love feels like. "Im going now." I said."Lilah Why don't u go with Aidan." She said."uh i can take bus." I protested."dont be silly,U will go with Aidan." She said."okay." I said."have a good day sweetheart!" She smiled and kissed my cheek. Aidan and i walked to car not saying anything to each others.he started the car and looked me."im very sorry,Lilah.i'm jerk.i'm sorry i hurt u." He said.oh yeah u are jerk. "Never mind Aidan.that kiss didn't even mean nothing it was mistake.and we aren't even dating so u don't have to say u are sorry." I said coldly.ofcourse the kiss meant everything but i dont want to him to know that."uh.okay."he said bit sadly. I stepped outside.everyone was staring me.oh god.why didnt i take a bus? He walked right behind me. "Aye man!" Jake yelled and gave bro hug to Aidan. "Hi Delilah." Cole,wiliam and Jake smiled. "Hey." I said awkwardly.i noticed Aidan giving confused looks to his friends."um i have to go." I said. I really didnt,but standing here was just too awkward. "Oh cmoon Lilah i know u dont have to." Cole said. "Yeah hang with us." Jake smiled. "Okay..." I said."yes!" Cole said.okay what was up with him with all happy smiley thing? What was up for them all they were so nice to me. "Lets get u meet the other friends!" Will yelled.he was tottaly the sassy on in this group.he was allways happy and he always yelled. "Umm i dont know." I said. "Cmoon lilaah!" He said. "Kayyy." I said lazily. "Wohoo."he yelled.he putted his left hand around my shoulder and walked me to some other popular group. Everyone was looking me. I didn't like the attenion.i liked to be invisible.i got many death glares from girls. Well that wasn't surprise William the gorgelous and funny popular guy just was hanging his arm around my shoulder. "Heyy man." Some other guys said when they sawn william and i walking towards them. They were also other popular good looking boys. "Whos this pretty woman?" Someone said. "Daniel,u know i have a girl friend." Will said. Oh he had a girl friend.oh god i hope his girlfriend isn't some jealous brat who thinks that i'm going to take him form her."so everybody this is Delilah." Will said. "Hey." They waved and smiled. There were no girls just four boys. "This is Alex."will said pointing a boy with blond hair and grey-blue eyes with cute dimples he was totally gorgelous. "Ethan." He said pointing that one who asked who i was. He had brown hair and brown eyes and of course he was gorgelous too. "Jordan." He said pointing guy with Brown hair and green eyes.he was totally the hottie. "And Nick." He said pointing the last one who was gorgelous too with black hair and brown eyes.gladly will took his hand away from my shoulder. I sawn Aidan talking with Nick and Ethan. "Willy bear!" I hear girly voice calling i saw pretty girl with blonde hair and blue eyes she looked like model she was VERY beautiful."Nicki!" Wiliam yelled happily and that girl nicki jumped and hugged will. "This is my beautiful girlfriend Nicole." Wiliam said and turned to me. I kinda wated fake smile and rude comment from her.cause she looked like those of girls who were very beautiful but bratty.she wasent dressed up like slut. "Hey nice to meet u!" She smiled to me.wait what? I was socked.she was friendly.not giving any rude stares."i'm Delilah call me Lilah." I said. "Okay Lilah. U really didn't deserve that what that Ambrat did to you i heard about it from will i'm going to break her fake nose if she even looks at u rudely again." She said. I laughed for the nickname what she gave her. "Thanks. Ambrat.thats so true." I said."high five sista!"she said and gave me high five.she wasn't like barbie at all she looked perfect and she was noisy girl who made clear that no one bulls her or her friends. "Im going to show u to my friends,i think u need girlfriend u know boys are sometimes pigs." She said.i gave her smile."Hey i heard that!"will yelled. "I know. But u are mine Piggy willy!"she giggled and kissed him. Awkward they were kissing i looked other direction not wanting to stare."hi." Said guy with brown hair i think he was Jordan."hey." I said.i wasn't used to cute guys like him to talk with me."so how come i haven't seen beautiful girl like u before?" He flirted/asked."i don't know i like to keep low profile." I said. "Do we have same classes?"he asked."yeah almost every." I said. "Oh god i must be blind.this is so embrasing that i only noticed u now.sorry i feel like jerk." He said."hah no prob."i said. He smiled.he was cute and seemed nice.i saw him looking to some were and he looked bit surpriselly and gave poker face."so..."he smiled and looked to me.i turned to see who he was looking for. I saw Aidan giving death glares to Jordan."uh whats up with him." I asked. "I dont know. We are friends,tought." He said."oh..." I said."maybe hes jeaulous." He smirked."huh?" I asked bit confused. "This is first time when he had looked me like that." He said. "Oh okay." I said. "Can i steal her away now." Nicki cut in."okay.see u later Lilah."he said and smiled with that breath taking smile. "Hes totally into you!" She wispered and same time draggin me by the hand to somewere."i only met him." I said." Yeah so. U saw that look in his face.he was smiling all the time when he was talking to you." She said."what ever Nicki." I said."whats up u and the player?" She asked."Aidan? Ugh i live in same house with him..hes mother is friend of mine mother and my parents are in business trip so have to stay with them." I said. "Oh god.poor u.just dont get hurt." She said. "I wont." I lied. I already did."oh u already did." She said."wait!what? I didnt say that." I said. "No u didn't,but u lied u have something going on with him." She said.was he mind reader."u cant lie to me.i'm good to seeing when people are lying." She said reading my mind again."vampire." I said. "Oh,you know my darkest secret!"she joked.she was really fun to hung with. "What did u did with him?" She asked. "I ummm.kissed him." I said. "Only kissing?" She asked sockef."yeah." I said."with tongues?" She asked."ewwwn no!" I said. "Well that weird!"she said socked."what?" I asked."he never just kiss girls,he kisses and u know the rest." She said."i'm not pretty and i totally aren't that kind of girl with someone wants to do that." I said."bullshit!"she yelled."u are beautiful!oh god your skin your hair everything u are perfect and u don't even need make up!that's the reason why ambrat hates you!so many girl in this school are jealous of your look that's why they don't talk to you."she said."yeah really!" She said honestly."okay." I said."but back to Aidan did u saw Aidan's face when flirted with Jordan?"she said."yep." I said."he was totally pissed and jeaolous." She said."whatever." I said. We walked to the class and we became really good friends even we had just met this morning.

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