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  • Published: 5 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 29 Jun 2014
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What happens when Delilahs parents has to go bussines trip for 4moths?Delilah has to move to her mothers Friends house and her mothers friends son is Aidan Ryker the biggest asshole,player,popular,football captain and Delilah is bullied nerd with no friends.


1. Jerk named Aidan

i walked down to school halls. I was carrying my books, i held them tight not wanting anyone to push them down again.School wasn't my favorite place, i love studying but not the people here. i don't have any friends... i used to have but they just said i was too 'nerd and loser' so they didn't want to hang with me anymore.

"Slut!" i heard behind me and then i felt someone pushing me hard and i fell to floor,it hurt like hell. but i didn't cry. i had cried too much. i couldn't cry if  i wanted to. no tears came i was dry as desert. people were cruel to me,but i didn't tell anyone,my parents didn't know about what happened to me everyday in school. i always lied to them. i was good liar."ugly! do us a favor and go and kill one wouldn't notice if u die no one wouldn't care or miss your stupid ugly face!"Amber yelled and others laughed. She kicked me and they walked away leaving me there. i stood up picked my stuff and walked to day went slowly Amber attacted me again in lunch break and finally school was over.

"Lilah darling." my mum said. "yeah mum?" i asked. "thing is this.... me and dad have to go business trip tomorrow." she said. "WHATTT??? why didn't u tell me earlier?" i asked. "sorry honey. but u have to go packing u are going to stay 4 months with my best friend Fiona." mum said. "what?why? i can take care of my self!i'm 16!" i said. "no, u are going there! now go pack! we are leaving soon!" she said. just great. my parents were like that. they were never home. they just worked. sometimes i thought that work was more important than me. i was only child. so i was always alone. mostly studying there wasn't others things i could do 'cause i didn't even had friends. my life was boring and depressing, maybe Amber was right maybe if i would be dead no one would even care. i stormed to my room and took 3 huge suitcases and packed my all clothes and other stuff. then i carried them to downstairs. "Honey lets go." mum said. "what? now?" i asked i thought that we were leaving tomorrow. like what kind of mother just tells her daughter when she comes from school "oh u are moving to random peoples house.pack your stuff." my mum can be psycho sometimes. i walked to my mums car. i didn't even see my dad he was still working and i will see him after 4 months. just great. car stopped. okay who was Fiona? somekind of millionaire? the house was huge. my mum and i carried my stuff to inside the huge house. "Georgia! darling!"  woman yelled and hugged my mum. they looked same age. "oh is this Delilah? what a beautifull young woman!" she said and turned to me and hugged me too. "welcome here sweet heart. make yourself at home!" she smiled. she seemed nice. "i will go now." mum said. "bye mum." i said. "bye honey!" mum said and kissed my head. "mummy who is she?" asked cute little girl behind Fiona. "she is Delilah she will live with us a while." Fiona smiled to little girl. "this is Emily." she said to me. "hey." i smiled to cute little girl. "whey." she said shyly. "i will show u your room." Fiona said. i followed her to upstairs."here." she said. woah just woah. this room was much bigger than mine. it was girly and nice. "do you like it?" she asked. "i love it.thanks that i can stay here." i said smiling to Fiona. "no problem sweetheart we are happy to take u." she said and hugged me."so i had to go i will be back in few hours. don't be afraid if u see thirteen years old boy,hes Mathew he can be irritating but hes such a sweet heart. and Aidan will come home soon.bye Lilah." she said and kissed my cheek. okay. well. i unpacked my stuff and changed my black soft leggings and my favorite big comfy pullover.i took my mac book air and sat to bed and started to write my private blog.i heard some voices downstairs. maybe the boys. i walked downstairs and saw tree boys playing playstation on living room. "u must be Lilah." said boy with black hair and blue eyes. "i'm Matt." he said. "heyy hottie." said one of his friends. i brusth of a laugh. "what?" he asked. "really Will shes like 3 years older than u!" Matt said. "well i like older woman." he said. "hehe, sorry, but u are too young." i laughed. "age are just a number." he said. "hahaha whatever." i laughed and walked to kitchen. there was note on table. "Delilah. if u are hungry or thirsty just eat what ever u want this is your house too so u can eat and drink.its okay-Fiona." i took class and took apple juice.


"Well,Well look who we have here." i heard voice behind me.i turned around and almost dropped my class. Aidan Ryker the big player,asshole,popular and so full of him self. i had seen him in school and all his little games for my luck he didn't ever notice me even we had almost all same classes. but now. Was he Fiona's son? i don't get it Fiona is nice and Aidan is an ass. " so you are the girl who will live with us for 4 months?" he asked taking step closer looking me up and down and licking his lips. Omg? was he werewolf? he looked me like i was some meal. i took steps back when he took them closer to me. "i- i..." i said. i was socked what he wanted. "we will have fun." he said looking me in eyes. oh lord. those blue eyes. they were so beautiful but cold i felt cold shiver running down my body. he was the most charming and good looking man who i had never seen but he was asshole. he had black hair. he was perfect. but not inside. he looked like model and every girl was totally in love with him in our school except me. something about him gave me cold shivers. he meant danger for your feelings. and i totally don't want to end up crying over him like those others girls who's heart he has broke. "what are u thinking,princess." he asked now he was so close to me i felt my back hitting on wall. "what are u doing." i said. "i asked first." he smirked. "i'm thinking what the hell are u doing." i said. "feisty,i like it." he said. "i cant breath can u move." i said. "i know u like being close to me." he said. "really! stop u are disgusting,i'm not that kind of girl what u think i am! i'm not blind for u like others. don't u see! i'm not interested for players like u." i said. "how u know i'm player?" he asked smirking. "well i have seen your games in school." i said. "oh really." he said. "i doubt u even know that we are in same school." i said. "umm. are we?" he asked joking. "i have seen u,we have almost all same classes." he said. "oh hows that i haven't noticed." i lied. off course i had noticed. "u are so innocent." he said and gently run his finger down my cheek. "Okay thats it! keep your dirty finger far away from me, don't u have some other girl to play with?" i asked and pushed him further and walked away. he just stood there confused and socked i think i'm first who haven't fall to his little games. 


____Aidan's pown___

she stormed of with angry and pissed look in hers face.i was amazed. she wasn't so easy. i really wanted to feel her small body against me.  u cant blame me i'm guy. but she just reject me. she was different. there i stood in my kitchen wonder her. she had light brown hair what felled over her shoulders and  brown beautiful eyes. perfect make up less skin. and pink lips what called me to kiss them. what was happening to me. i had seen her in my classes but  i had always felt that shes something different. but i had never really paid attention to her. every time she just disappear when classes are over.but now she lives in same house with me. she was wearing black leggings and big pullover what covered her body. other girls just wear slutty clothes to show everything but she just did the opposite.interesting.and i let me add. shes beautiful. I'm  surprised i haven't noticed before.i feel  first time that i'm dick. i just thought that she was like other girls i acted like stupid horny teenager.i wanted to tell her that i was sorry and i really didn't meant to attack her like that.but i cant even move. Delilah Maison what the hell are you doing to me?

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