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  • Published: 5 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 29 Jun 2014
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What happens when Delilahs parents has to go bussines trip for 4moths?Delilah has to move to her mothers Friends house and her mothers friends son is Aidan Ryker the biggest asshole,player,popular,football captain and Delilah is bullied nerd with no friends.


14. here comes the Brideeee

Nicki helped the dress on me my mum did my hair and Aidan's mum helped me with make up. Mum already had tears in her eyes and Aidan's mum was smiling like there was no tomorrow. Nicki had tears too. i didn't cry. but hell i was nervous. i do want to marry him. im not going to run. its not that. its just that i'm going to marry love of my life. i was young just turned 20 but still i had knew Aidan like 4 years and he really tried hard to make me happy and he didn't faill. to be honest i was scared first when we walked in school hand in hand. there was drama. but that only made us stronger and more sure that we loved each others more than everything. "darling its the time." mum said whipping her tears. "you are so pretty." Fiona Aidan's mum smiled and tear escaped in her eyes. "please if you keep crying i'm soon crying too." i said. "its all happy tears honey." Nicki said. "now get your ass there." Nicki smiled. my father came and i took his hand. there Aidan was standing hotter than ever. in black suit. he looked so  damn hot and sexy. he turned around and looked me with shy smile on his face i saw tear escape in his cheek. he whipped it quickly away. "you look beautiful." he smiled.

"u are not so bad yourself." i said.

---Aidans pown----

when i saw my lovely soon going to be wife walking towards me with beautiful white dress she looked so beautiful. she is always beautiful. but back to the point. memories rushed through me she covered in tomato soup. all those little beautiful memories what we shared together and i was happy that that's not going to end it had just started. i was so amazed. and i thanked the god that i met boys my best mans William,Alex,Jordan,Nick and Ethan were standing there. Smiling to me and Delilah. Emily was wearing cute light pink dress and carried flowers and Matt was walking with her carrying other flower basket. my cute little Emily wasn't 3 years old anymore,she was 7 years old cute little sister. My little bro Matt wasent 13 he was 17! can you believe it he wasn't little boy anymore, hell! he was man with low voice and running hormones. time had just went so wast.

priest talked and talked. then was my turn "Delilah when i first met you. something about you made my heart to beat faster and something was telling me that you were something special. you are special. i know i was acting like jerk when i saw you in my kitchen. but then later i realized that i'm not going to act like jerk to you. i will take care of you i will be there when its hard i will cry and laugh with you till i die. i love you." i said looking deep in her beautiful eyes. tear escaped in her eye. i whipped the tear away.  "Aidan, yeah you were then acting like jerk, but i realized soon that you were mine make me are everything to me.the way you took care of me when i was sad you stopped the bulls at school back in high school. you showed that you care about me. i love you too and always will till the last day." Delilah said."Aidan flynn Ryker will you take Delilah to yours wife, and treat her with respect and love and help her till the end." priest asked. "I do." i said. "Delilah Fay Maison will you take Aidan to your husband and treat him with respect and love and help him till the end."Priest said to Delilah. i knew she loved me. but still i was nervous. i had dream that she ran away. "I do." Delilah smiled to me. then Matt bringed the rings i slipped the ring in her tiny finger and she did same to me."I now pronounce you husband and wife" priest said. "you may kiss the bride." he said. i gently wrapped my arm around her tiny waist and kissed her lips. everyone cheered to us. everyone trowed flowers to floor and we walked to car to arrive to party place. i sat next to Delilah. "how feels to be Delilah fay Ryker?" i asked smiling. "wonderful." she smiled and wrapped her hands around me and we kissed the hole drive. when we arrived to party place. it was beautiful it was out side and it was decorated romanticly. we amazed the place and guests came. our mums,dads and Emma and Matt ran to us. to tell theirs congratulations. Matt stood there with his friends and walked to us. "congrats big bro." he said and hugged me. "congrats Lilah." he smiled warmly and gave her quick hug. "thanks." we said. "will remember what you said to Lilah when you met her first time?" Matt asked for his friend. "no?" he said looking weirdly to him. matt laughted and Delilah let little giggle. "what?" i asked softly smiling. "Will. he." Matt laughed. "he tried to hit Lilah,he said 'hey hottie' and then i said "will shes like 3 years older' and he just said' well i like older woman and 'age its just number' " matt laughed. "Matttt. that was 3 years ago and you have to say it when she just got married now i'm soon getting hit by her husband about what i said when i was kid." Will said embrassed. "im not kicking your ass. Lilah is beautiful its not miracle that  you tried to hit her. but now she my lovely wife." i said calming Will. and pulled Delilah to my arms and she smiled and pecked my lips. we cut the cake and danced. it was really taking power out of me. but i was the luckiest guy in the planet. "now your surprise." Nicki said looking to our mums. "yeah." lilas mum said. "your wedding trip. we payed your wedding trip. its surprise. the limo will pic you soon and then you will get straight to private plane." mum said. we hugged her. "thanks mom." i said and kissed her cheek. "thanks." my beautiful smiled. 


i sat to plane seat next to Delilah. "i need to get out this dress." she said. and i think you will now the rest. ;)

here were we going to your wedding trip. and again i was the luckiest guy in earth. 

                                                              picture of   wedding party

                                                          picture of   Delilahs wedding ring


                                                               picture of  wedding cake

                                                    picture of Delilahs hair


next part coming soon <3

i love you :3

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