Kiss me

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  • Published: 5 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 29 Jun 2014
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What happens when Delilahs parents has to go bussines trip for 4moths?Delilah has to move to her mothers Friends house and her mothers friends son is Aidan Ryker the biggest asshole,player,popular,football captain and Delilah is bullied nerd with no friends.


11. forever

-- three years later--


---Delilahs pown---

i looked my sleeping gorgelous boyfriend Aidan, yes we were still together. these past three years has been best. of course we had our problems and fights but we loved each others so much that love always won. Aidan is everything to me. i remember when i had to go home after 4 months. it was weird. because the hole 4 months i slept in Aidan's arms.he used to come at my house and sleep with me because he missed the feeling of me sleeping in his arms.Aidan had grown he looked even better and gorgelous if that was even posibble.Nicki was still my best friend nothing had changed with our friends. yesterday we moved in our flat. our parents bought us own flat. our tiny apartment was cute. and the best part was that we lived together. "what are you thinking." Aidan's sexy morning voice woke me up from my thoughts. "us." i said smiling to Aidan touching his hair. "how the first day when i found out that we have to live in same house, i was choked, and all your jerk things you did to tease me. but then i realized that you were my jerk and i was the happiest nerd in the world." i said. "silly." he said and kissed my nose. he looked the ceiling with smile. "whatt." i asked softy still touching his hair. "you stood in the kitchen with black leggings and over sized pull over looking so beautiful and i acted like jerk and you totally blew me of and i stood there speechless and since then i realized how much i love you. or when i went to toilet and you were brushing your teeth and i again forgot everything i was going to do i just stared you. and how jealous i got when i saw you smile to someone. how lost and spaced out when i saw you. and the first time when i kissed you..." he said. and turned to look me and kissed me again. fuck the morning breath i love him. he ran his fingers throught my cheek looking deep in my eyes. "I Love you so so so much." he said. " i love you too." i smiled. 

----Later at the day---

I just got home from job. i opened door and walked to living room and saw the most cutest thing ever Aidan sleeping. how attractive. he sat at the sofa mouth open snoring. and empty tea cup in his right hand and  the tv remote in left hand. i took picture of him giggling quietly. i took the empty cup and remote of his hand and sat gently to her lap. and ran my hands through his soft hair. i loved that hair i always had to touch it. i gave small kisses all over his face. whispering. "wake uppp." and kissing softly his lips not moving them just kept my lips on his and licked gently his lower lip suddenly i felt his hands wrapping around my back and his lips starting kissing my lips. he was wake. i loved to wake him up like this. "heyy sleepyhead." i said when i pulled away. "hey beautiful." he said kissing my neck. "how was work?" he asked and same time sucked my neck slowly resting my back to sofa he on top of me. "you know making coffee cleaning tables etc." i said. i worked in cafe place while i was studying. Aidan had free day from his job he was working with his dad. "i missed you." he whispered and kissed me on my lips. my hand found his shirts buttons.i started kissing him hungrily trying to open his shirt. "ouuuuuuu someones eagerrr." he said and his big warm hands stopped my fingers. "Aidaan." i said. and fake pouted. " i know you want part of this, but we are going out." he said. pointing his self. "arggggg. Aidaannn." i moaned. "now lets go." he said and hopped of me. "later babe." he said and slapped my but. "i'm going to change." i said.i walked to our room and took my black dress what Aidan loved and my coat and black high heels and put some make up and opened my hair. and took my purse and walked back to Aidan who stood there ready. his mouth fell when he saw me. i smirked. "oh babyyy." he said and wrapped arms around me. "later,now we are going out remember." i said. "tease." he said and took my hand we walked over his car. "were are we going?" i asked. "its surprise." he said. "i hate surprises." i said. "but this one you will love." he said.  he stopped car and ran to my side and opened my door. "thanks sir." i said. "welcome madame." he said. and we both laughed. he took my hand and we walked to waterfront. "close your eyes."he said. i closed my eyes and he walked me some were. "now you can open." he said. i opened my eyes and saw table and two seats with most romantic candles and flowers. "awwwwnnn. you did this?" i asked. he nodded. we sat to table and some water came and gave us plate of most delicious meat and salad with vine. when we ate Aidan stood up."come." he said. i took his hand and we walked down to the river. it was dark only street lamp light and beautiful city lights. we stopped to look the sea. "you are the most important to me, i cant imagine my life without you." he said and looked me with serious face and smiling warmly to me. i smiled back to him with awe. "the day when you finally were mine. i was happy. and since then i have been make me happy. i love you so much." he said. i felt happy tear rolling down my cheek. "don't cry." he said softly. "this is happy tear, i love you so much." i said. then he kneeled down and took something from his pocket. tears were now running down my cheeks. he opened box. there was the most beautiful ring i had ever seen it was simple but very elegant with diamond on it. " Delilah Fay Maison will you mary me?" he said. "yes! i Aidan i will marry you." i said happily. he putted the ring to my finger and stood up and spun  me around  smiling i smashed my lips on his. we were kissing god now how long. when we pulled apart. i smiled so widely. and saw tear in Aidan's eye i kissed him one more time. we watched together the city lights. then i felt cold wind. "lets go home." Aidan said. we walked hand in hand to car.

Aidan pulled covers over our naked body's and i fell a sleep in his warm chest behind my back.

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