Kiss me

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  • Published: 5 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 29 Jun 2014
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What happens when Delilahs parents has to go bussines trip for 4moths?Delilah has to move to her mothers Friends house and her mothers friends son is Aidan Ryker the biggest asshole,player,popular,football captain and Delilah is bullied nerd with no friends.


13. Dress day

---Delilahs pown---

"holy shiett." i said and covered my mouth and i heard Nicki laught like crazy.

"thats horrible." Nicki laughed and hold her stomach. we were at wedding dress shopping. because if you didn't remember i'm getting MARRIED!!! i was trying different dresses and now i was wearing horrible dress. it was actually funny. you know when you see something so ugly and horrible that its almost nice because its so horrible well this dress was like it. it was PINK yep. i'm not going to bought this! i can imagine that when i would walk to the altar and when everyone would see me they would brust outh laught.Nicki helped me take this horrible cake dress away.we searched dresses. i'm going to wear white. how many dresses is in this shop. i'm so tired and soon i think i will walk with baggy pants on the altar if we don't find dress asap! "OHMY GOD! THIS!" Nicki yelled. "cover your eyes." she said. i  did as  she told. Nicki helped the dress on me and walked me to the mirrors. "open." she said. i opened my eyes and gasped. this was it. i felt tear roll down my cheek. i looked so... i don't know what to say. i looked like real bride. i think this was the moment when it hit me i'm going to get married. with the one i love. "awwn don't cry you know when you cry i cry too." Nicki said and whipped her tear away. i took the dress of and bought it. it was two weeks to the wedding. and i was nervous as shit. Luckily i had Nicki with me. after the hard day i was finally at home. i opened door. "i'm home." i yelled. Aidas gorgelous head poped soon to my wiew."cupcake!" he yelled and ran to me and gave me big warm hug. he smelled so good. "how was your day." he asked. "hard, i thought i wont find dress at all. my legs are killing me." i said. "oh babe." he said and kissed my head i felt him lifting me up. he carried me to bathroom. "what are you doing." i asked. "me and you are getting in jacuzzi." he said simply. he took his clothes of and i took mine. i ate his body with my eyes. he was so fit. and gorgelous. "stop eye raping me babe." he joked. "you are so sexy." i groaned and touched his abs. "Lilah you allways make me horny,stop it. soon you will get it." he winked. "dirty." i said. we got into warm water.i sat next to him. "turn your back to me." he said. i turned my back to him and felt his strong arms massage my shoulders. Aidan so knew what i wanted. after the massage i turned around and smashed my lips on his. he lifted me up so i was sitting on his lap. i felt his member crowing hard against me. it made me wet.only two of us in jacuzzi naked. i moved my hips slowly. he moaned. "you drive me crazy." he said and kissed me hungrily lifting me up and walked out the jacuzzi trowing me to bed he took condom and hard slammed in me. i let loud moan. he trusted hard in me hitting my g-point. "fasterrr" i moaned and he speed up slamming harder against me. then we let loud moan and i cummed around his cock and i felt his twist inside the condom. then he pulled out of me and took condom of and pulled covers over us. "sleep well beautiful." he said and kissed me and again i found my self in his warm arms and i loved it and i wont never got tired of him. he was mine and will always be.



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