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  • Published: 5 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 29 Jun 2014
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What happens when Delilahs parents has to go bussines trip for 4moths?Delilah has to move to her mothers Friends house and her mothers friends son is Aidan Ryker the biggest asshole,player,popular,football captain and Delilah is bullied nerd with no friends.


5. date

---Delilahs pown---


wanna hang out today? Jordan.

-sure,how did you get my number?

-i have my ways ;) meet me at coffee shop at 14:00 pm?

-okayy :)

 i was exited i'm gonna hang with Jordan omg.  i must text nicki.

to:nickitheboss<3 (don't ask,she putted that name by herself)

guess with who i'm hanging today?



Jordaannn :DD



so you gave him my number? :3



nooooooo,pfff who im kidding ofcourse i gave it to him,but he asked it :3 he likesss youu gurlll! xx



okayy okaay calm down! :D



im going to will now,text me later babe i wanna know everything ;) love ya xoxo



okay honeyy :3

 I went to shower and did my hair and make up. i don't know why i was so happy.oh wait. maybe because this was the first time ever boy had texted me.i pulled my denim jeans and flower shirt and my jean jacked and my favorite necklace. i putted a bit lipstick and mascara. i took my purse and walked downstairs every one was home because today was sunday."hey sweetheart." Fiona said and kissed my cheek. "you look beautiful honey." she said. "i'm going out." i said. "oh so its boy.good luck honey." she said. "whats up.?" Aidan said looking me up and down. "going out." i said. walking past him. "why so happy?" he asked. "whats the guestions? mind your own business." i said. "whatever,lilahh." he said and walked away.


--Aidan's pown--

this was weird. not everyday you see Delilah dressed up like that and so smiley. and 'dressed up like that' i mean beautiful, i didn't even imagine that she can look prettier. somehow i was curious where she was going. maybe she went hanging with Nicki. no that don't make sense...Jordan. the way he looked Delilah in the school.


whats up bro? u know what Jordan is doing today?

from: Alex

he said something going out with some girl,i don't remember her name something starting with D? or something why?

Delilah. he was going out with Delilah. and why i was so interested about that.oh wait maybe because i liked her! oh god. i don't. oh i do. i didn't answer to Alex. i wanted so bad do something to ruin theirs 'date' but i knew i cant. actually Jordan is cool guy and better than me. he would fit better to Delilah than me. what am i saying. no one fit better to she than me. but there was nothing i could do so i just wanted to her to come back.


---Delilahs pown--

i opened cafe shops door and walked in i spotted brown hair and pair of green eyes. Jordan. he noticed me and smiled what showed his dimples,cute.we cute.

"hey." he said. "hi." i said shyly. we sat to some table. "u look beautiful." he said. "thanks." i blushed.oh god dam why do i have to blush. "hey may i help you?" waiter said and looked us. she was maybe bit older than me. she had blonde hair and MUCH make up.she was giving Jordan to flirtiously looks. "i'm going to take cafe." i said. she looked me bit rudely and wrote down. "and i'm going to take cafe too." Jordan said. "okay." she said with girly voice and walked away and shook her hips same time when she walked. i  was trying to keep straight face. and bit my lip trying to hold giggle it was so hilarious because she was flirting like crazy and Jordan had this "oh god go away." look in his face. "well that was interesting." i said. "it was disgusting." Jordan said and laughed showing his perfect teeth. "so Delilah hows living with Aidan?" Jordan asked. "uhh well,awkward you know." i said. "yep.hes such a girls men." he said. "but lets talk something else." he said. "sure."  i said. "here are your coffee." the  waiter came and gave me my cafe not even looking at me and gave Jordan his cafe almost pushing her boobs to his face. Jordan looked me with painfully look and mouthed. "help." i tried to hold my giggle but this  was so hilarious i let small giggle.she gave rude glare and walked away leaving bill to Jordan. "woah she gave her number." Jordan said showing me the bill there readed

 Call me xoxo

Brenda 05050505 

 "what kind of person flirts and gives her number to someone who is in date with someone?" Jordan said. oh we we at Date. cool. woah. take deep breath. "yep." i said. and took sip of my coffee. maybe i shouldn't take so big sip the cafe was god dam hot. "shit." i whispered when i burned my tongue.he just looked with adorable smile on his face. i looked him bit  embrassed he just  gave me warm smile. "so tell me something about your self." Jordan said. "well i'm 16 years old.only child.i used to go in dance classes. i love books." oh god that was so nerdy. he smiled. "how about you." i asked. "i'm seventeen, i have one little sister and older brother. i have dog named Dennis. i like watching  baseball whats kinda funny 'cause i'm horrible playing it i'm at schools football team." he said. "awwn." said. and turned bright red. "whats so awwnn." he teased. "nothing." i said. "okayyyy." he smiled. we drank our coffee. "do you have pen?" he said. i took pen of my purse. he took it and wrote something to that bill. and handed pen back to me. "i will pay." he say. "you don't have to." i said. "well i want to." he smirked. "okay." i smiled. he walked over that slutty waiter. first she looked happy when she saw Jordan Jordan gave her bill and money and walked away. she didn't look so happy anymore. we walked out of the coffee shop. "what did it said?" i asked. "i don't need your number,i'm at date with beautiful girl. what kind of guy u think i am? thanks,bye." he said. i blushed. "okayy,thanks." i said. "no problem." he smiled to me looking my eyes. i blushed and looked to my toes. "don't hide your blush,u are cute when u blush." he said. i looked to him. he smiled. his smile is so adorable. i'm going to die if keeps smiling like that. "like what." he asked."did i just?" i asked. "u did. but like what." he asked. we were walking same time. "i don't know...." i said.awkward. we sat to bench. "u are most prettier girl i have seen." he said. "stoooppppp." I said. "u are. "he said. "i'm the awkwardest person." i said. "but that's cute. he said. i looked to him not saying anything.we sat there like hour just talking and laughing. when we stopped laughing. he looked me. "what." i said. "can i kiss you." he whispered. "what are you waiting for." i said. and he smashed his lips on mine. the kiss was different than that what Aidan gave me. his lips were softer and the kiss was slow and gently.we both were kissing slowly his hands holding my was like both of us were saving it. i saw further figure standing. i looked clearlier. it was Aidan i was still kissing Jordan.there was no way i could got enough. i saw small tear running down Aidan's cheek. he looked me with burning eyes. then walked away. we pulled away.we just looked each others catching breath. not saying anything. i rested my hear on his shoulder. he was running his hand through my hair. "Delilah." he said. "yeah Jordan." i asked. and looked him. he kissed me again.i looked clock it was 15:30. "uh i think i should get going." i said. "i will walk you." he said. "okay." i smiled. he took my hand and we made to Fiona's house.we shared kiss and i said bye to Jordan and walked in. "how was your date?" Fiona asked. "great..." i breathed. "Will, is going to be heart broken when he heard this."Matt said dramaticly.will? my will? "my friend will that who tried to hit you when u first came here." Mat said. then i remembered Mat's friend who tried to hit me. i laughed and Mat laughed too. "i'm going to my room." i said. and walked upstairs. i changed my clothes to pink one piece. i have to call Nicki.

i took my phone and ringed to Nicki. "finally girlllll!" she yelled. "so how was your date?" she asked. 

"amazing." i breathed remembering how cute Jordan was. "can i come over?i'm bored?" she asked. "can i stay night?"Nicki asked. "wait i'm going to ask." i said. i ran to downstairs. i noticed Aidan walking in looking me weirdly i ignored him and walked to find Fiona in living room watching tv with kids. "Fiona?" i asked. "yeah sweetheart?" she asked and smiled to me. "can my friend Nicki come over?" i asked. "sur- she was cut by Aidan's voice. "nooooo! shes crazy girl! dont agree with her. shes madddd!" Aidan yelled. i raised my eye brown to him. "she can come,sweety. u don't have to ask me.and Aidan shut up,u are acting like little baby." Fiona said.   Mat and Emily giggled. "thanks!fiona you are the best!" i said and kissed her cheek and showed my tongue to Aidan and runned upstairs and called to Nicki. "you may come babeee!" i yelled. "yayyyyyy!i will be there soon!" she yelled and hug up. i saw Aidan leaning against door frame."so how was your date?" Aidan asked like he didn't see that kiss."it was nice." i said. "so hes your boyfriend now?huh?" he asked. "no." i said. "it didn't look like it." he said. "what?" i asked. "that kiss."he said.he was really starting to piss me off. "we kissed too. and that was mistake. but i feel like me and Jordan actually have something so piss off!" i said and walked past him. he looked hurt. and just stormed to his room. the door bell sang. "it must be Nicki." i said. and ran downstairs. i opened the door and nicki jumped and almost tackled me on the floor."hey" she said. "hey" i smiled. "hey." nicki waved to Fiona and to the kids. "hey, nice to meet you." she said. "you too. i'm nicki." she said to Fiona. "i'm Fiona." she smiled. "i'm Emily!" Emily yelled. "hey, beautiful." nicki smiled. "she called me beautiful." Emily giggled. "well that's because you are." i said and tickled her little stomach. "we are going to my room." i said. "Emily is such a cutie." Nicki said. "Nicki." Aidan said. "Aidan." Nicki fake smiled and we walked to my room. "whats up to him." she said. "i tell later. " i said. "nice room btw." she said. "thanks." i said. she dropped her bag to floor and we sat to my bed. i told her everything about that date and that i saw Aidan and tear escaped from his eyes. "woah." she said. "why in the earth would he be like that." nicki said. i  told her rest of the story when me and Aidan kissed. "oh god." sh said. "i know." i said. "and the worst part is  that i actually believed his act and actually felt something when we kissed,but he cant know that." i said. "i see, if i were u i would do that too." she said. we talked more she told me how she met will and other girly stuff what girls talk with each others. it was official she was my best friend. Nicki was awesome. 



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