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  • Published: 5 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 29 Jun 2014
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What happens when Delilahs parents has to go bussines trip for 4moths?Delilah has to move to her mothers Friends house and her mothers friends son is Aidan Ryker the biggest asshole,player,popular,football captain and Delilah is bullied nerd with no friends.


17. Back at home

--Delilahs pown---

two week passed faster than we even we had to go back to home. or parents said that there was another surprise for us. i was exited what it was. but really i didnt need all the surprises i had Aidan. you can only imagine what we had been doing. we had been making sex like wild animals twise at one day. that may sound crazy that we are addicted of it. we are addicted to each other. we have been sailing and riding bikes around village. and having fun. but i havent felt so good. i feel like food doesn't stay in my stomach so well. i have been trowing up lot. 

"how are you feeling." Aidan said as we sat in private plane heading to back home.

"my stomach feels funny." i said rubbing it. i was lying on Aidan's chest sitting on his lap. my stomach twisted funnylly. "ugh." i said. "babe are you alright." Aidan said worried. "i'm am, i had just ate something wrong." i said. "Babe you have had this like week.... maybe you are..." Aidan said looking to my eyes. pregnant. i would be.. we had sex a lot and sometimes with out condom. "what are we doing if im pregnant." i said worried looking to Aidan. "Babe. if you are pregnant. that's fine, actually that's great. i would love the idea that i would be dad.i would love to have mini Delilah and i." Aidan said looking deep in my eyes lovingly. i kissed him. he kissed me softly and gently. "i love you." i said when we pulled away. "i love you too" he said.


---when the plane had just landed--

i took my bag and stepped out the plane Aidan right behind me. we walked inside the airport. "Sweet hearts." Fiona yelled. and ran to hug us. there were mum and dad and Aidan's parents and Aidan's cute little sister and Matt. "how was your honeymoon?" mum asked smiling to me. "it was the best." i said and Aidan wrapped his arms around me. we walked to limo. yeah we have rich family.  mum whispered something to driver. "where are we going?" i asked. "surprise." Fiona said. half hour later car stopped. we stepped out we were few streets away from mine and Aidan's apartment. "follow us." Fiona said. there were cute little houses with little back yard,i knew this was one of the towns greatest,beautifullest and expensive  row house area.i and Aidan followed our parents to some house."this is for you." Fiona said and gave key to me and aidan. "what? really." i said smile on my face.Aidan opened door. the house was beautiful our stuff was already there and some new stuff too. the kitchen was cute and bigger than our old one. we had dinner table with four chairs and beautiful living room,bathroom,bedroom with walk in closet and some extra room. "thanks so much." me and Aidan said. "we will leave you love birds now,see later." our parents said. "this is amazing." i said. "yeah, imagine we will raise our little one in here." Aidan said pulling me to hug. "Aidan we aren't sure yet." i said. "i know i just have a feeling." he said kissing my cheek. we walked around house admiring it. it only had one layer but it was cute. we even had own garden.i sat to sofa and wrapped blanket around me. "babe.. i will go and buy you a pregnansy test i will be right back." Aidan said. "okay honey." i said kissing him. 

--twenty minutes later---

"here we go." Aidan said giving me the test. "i will be right back." i said taking the box and walking to toilet. i peed at the stick. "babe?" Aidan yelled. i walked out the toilet. "we can look after five minutes." i said holding the tick not showing the answer. i was exited. "five minutes up." Aidan said jumping like little kid.i showed the stick to Aidan not looking it. Aidan's face grew on big smile and little tear escaped in his eyes. it was positive. "i'm going to be daddy." Aidan yelled happily. i had never seen Aidan so happy like he was now. he kissed my stomach and talked to it.i laughed to his sillynes we spend the last evening cuddling on the sofa kissing and watching movie. i was happy. and exited to be mom.


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