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  • Published: 5 Jan 2014
  • Updated: 29 Jun 2014
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What happens when Delilahs parents has to go bussines trip for 4moths?Delilah has to move to her mothers Friends house and her mothers friends son is Aidan Ryker the biggest asshole,player,popular,football captain and Delilah is bullied nerd with no friends.


7. Aidans feelings

two days later at school

"Jordan is totally checking you out all the time." Nicki whispered to me while we were walking towards at the table were Will,nick,Alex,Jordan,Ethan and of course Aidan. nicki sat next to Will and i sat next to Nicki. "whats up girls?" Alex asked. "cool." me and Nicki said at the same time."are you guys coming to Tyler's party?" Ethan asked. "yeah." everyone nodded. "i don't know..." i said to Nicki. "of course u are coming!" Will said. "i don't knoww..." i said. "U are coming u liked or not." Nicki said. "woah." i said. "u can come over and we can go together at the party." Nicki said. "okaayyyyy." i said. "wohoooo!" Will yelled. "and i thought you don't do parties." Nick smirked his famous smirk. "i do now, i guess." i said. "good girl go bad! i seee!" Nick laughed. hes such a jerk sometimes. "shut up dude." Will said. "thanks." i said to will. "what??" will smirked. "u are such a jerk sometimes." i said. "ouch!" Nick yelled dramaticly holding his hand over his chest. i just did the fake i'm sorry' face. "u guys are such a kids." Will laughed.  "says you!" Jordan brust  suddenly. "what i'm not childish i'm just funny,i know lady's like it." will said. Nicki raised her eye brown. "my lady like it." he said. "good boy." nicki said and kissed him. everyone just looked away awkwardly. well they make out much.Bell ringed. "we have P.E!" Nicki jumped. "oh god." i said. "what?" Nicki asked while we stood up and said bye to guys. "i forgot my sport clothes at home." i said. "no problem sis,i have extra ones!" Nicki said. "what would i do with out you." i said. we walked to changing rooms."there u go." she said and gave me pair of mini shorts and tight top. "Nickiiii..." i said looking the clothes. "what?" she said. "these are not my style." i said. "take it or leave it, and btw guys will love it." she winked. i hit her arm. and changed the shorts and top. well. that's not me. i said looking my self at the mirror. "who are you? u look hottt!" Nicki said. "naah..." i said. "i'm jealous. i didn't know u hide such a curves." she said. "shut uppppp!" i said putting my hand over her mouth,she just laughed. "okay lets go!" she said. i was bit unsure. we walked to outside. i walked bit unsure behind Nicki. we waited our coach. and saw boys running around the rink. i got many wolf whistles. while they ran past us. "looking Hot Delilah!" i heard Alex and Ethan yelling. and guess did i blush? i blushed like tomato. Nicki just smiled me and whispered. "what did i say?" and other girls were just raising theirs eye browns to me. "they are just jealous,babe,really who isn't." she said. "enough NICKI" i said. "okayy okayy, chilll!" she giggled.


---Aidan's pown----


"i would totally bang that!"    "how i haven't noticed how hot Delilah is?"   "is she coming to party?"   " oh god  she got nice ass and boobs."      "delicious. i would totally fuck her."      "hot." 

boys were talking like that since they saw Delilah in those mini shorts and top. i wanted to kick theirs asses for talking like that about Delilah,but would that be weird? they were all drooling over her. and we had to run this rink like tree times and every freaking time when we were near the girls they just stared Delilah like some hunger monkeys. when i saw her walking with Nicole. i noticed something getting hard on me down... u know. but still i was pissed of my friends and team mates talking like that. i cant wait to parties. i'm going to make sure no one  does anything to her. shes mine. only mine. and whatever she and Jordan has i have to make it stop. i cant just watch and do nothing when girl i lov- wait what? girl what  i like kisses someone else. it should be me. and i will do anything to make her mine. i would run trough the fire and water for her. i'm in love... as much as i wanted to denied that  i couldn't you cant lie to friends and family but to your self u cant. and i know now i love her. 


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