The Blood on My Hands

Its November 1888, and things aren't looking good for Matilda Dawes. Her fathers' lost his job, her brothers' drinking problem is worsening and a murderous killer is on a rampage, attacking women in and around Whitechapel. When an act of self defence causes Mattie's world to turn upside down, she must live out another life whilst constantly being reminded of her ghoulish past.


4. I've Never Been a Fan of Happy Endings

After traipsing around the local market for several hours, trying desperately to stay out of sight of others (I would only get pitiful looks and sighs, for many of the locals knew who I used to be). When 7 o'clock struck on the town clock, I made my way to Mr Farthingwell's stables. I often worked there, and found myself having to   go there more and more in the recent months just to barley make ends meat. I did not mind, though, I enjoyed working with the horses, especially Magic, the large black farm horse in the 3rd stable to the left. He is so calm and gentle when I am around him, however can often cause chaos when I am not.

Once I had arrived at the stables, I had to walk past Mr Farthingwell's office on the way to Magic's stable. He looked up and saw me, then nodded as a greeting. We preferred to keep our distance.


Magic's stable had been abandoned, yet again. Often they cannot be bothered to clean out his stable, or even feed him. I stepped over the rusty old wheel barrow to Magic. He was skinnier.

As I began to clean his stable, my thoughts wandered back to Hank. He had probably fallen back to sleep after I ran; either that or stumbled to the tavern, ready to pick up the continuous cycle of failure that is his life. I felt sorry for him, only I could not help think it was only himself who could have stopped the madness and made it end well. But then again, I've never been a fan of happy endings.

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