Ranting. Because the world needs more

Ranting. Because the world needs more

So i have lots of stuff to rant about! And if you want me to add something just adda comment! Dont forget to like and fave too!


3. Twitter its just so dumb

Ok so first of all- celeberatis- whats the point of having twitter, IF YOUR NEVER GUNNA USE IT! Like come on! Maybe you could tweet your fans a little more? Please?


second of all-fans- ok so fans are always commenting like 'OMG SO ANS SO IF YOU DONT FOLLOW ME IM GUNNA CUT! Or 'OMG SO AND SO DOESNT LOVE ME BECAUSE THEY DONT ANDWER ME ON TWITTER!' Its stupid! Maybe they dont answer because they have millions of people tweeting them! You ever think of that? And why the hell would you cut yourself because they dont answer! Even if you say tthat there not gunna answer! So shut your damn mouth and get over it!


and last-random followers- ok random people always follow random people saying in there bio 'follow back and you can see some dirty pictures of me' like really! What the hell is wrong with people! Now i have had some random followers but there was this one that was a singer and I checked out his voice and he was great! So unless you wanna be a singer one day and you meed people to know who you are, DONT DO RANDOM FOLLOWS!


thats all for now thank ya fans!

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