The Fault || 5SOS & 1D

"Say something! please" I pleaded with tears streaming down my face. "Why?" he spat. "Because I'm giving up on you, I'm giving up on us so please say something!" i cried. He shook his head and left me.

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2. Chapter Two - Maybe

Alaska's P.O.V.


I arrived at home and walked into the lounge room where my father, Clara, two  of his colleagues, Phil and Lauren - or as I call them minion 1 and minion 2 - and five boys who I had no idea who they were or where they came from. They were all sitting down drinking tea. I put down my backpack and entered the room "Dad what's going on?" I asked as everyone stood up. "Ah finally you're home, come sit down" he said. I gave him a 'who are you and what have your done with my father' look before proceeding "I'd prefer to stand, what is it you wanted to tell me?" I asked and rose one of my eyebrows.


He looked at the minions and then at the five boys "You see Alaska, I have to go away for a while-" I cut him off "how long is a while?" he gave me his famous 'don’t cut me off' look but returned with a smirk. "6 months-" once again I cut him off " WHAT! YOU CANT LEAVE ME FOR SIX MONTHS!" I yelled. He looked shocked at my sudden outburst. "You will be staying with these five boys for the next six months while they're on tour but unfortunately only five to a tour bus so you will be staying with there openers" I started to speak but he cut me off tis time "no buts Alaska and do not pull the face because it wont work it may have worked with your mother but not with me!" I raised his voice which he never did nor did he bring up my mother.


"If mum was still here she would never let you do this" I said quietly before walking away to my room. "I'm sorry Alaska but I have no choice is she was here you wouldn’t have to do this" he said. I stopped and turned around "Why can't I stay with Julissa?" I asked him I had a few tears rolling down my face but I was strong. "Because I said you are going with the boys" - "so you would rather me be with what 9 guys? Than be with my bestfriend who is like a daughter to you and a sister to me" - "I would prefer you go with the boys because they have body guards and I can come check up on you if you're here with Julissa who's going to protect you?"


I was taken aback from this question I walked back into the lounge room "why would I need protecting? And I would protect myself, Julissa would protect me, Michael would protect me! I did karate and tae kwon doe for 12 years dad I can take care of myself!" I yelled. There was silence a strong silence. "You're going with the boys and that’s final, your stuff is already packed you leave for the tour in 10minutes" he said. I knew I had lost so there was nothing else I could say. I ran into my room and grabbed the house phone and called Julissa.


She picked up but continued yelling at Michael about something. "Hey potato, what's up?" she sniffled. "Whoa why are you crying?" I then sniffled. "Why are you crying" - "I asked First" I heard her sigh "I have to go stay with my Aunty and her five kids for six months because Michael is going away, your turn" - "I have to go on tour with 9 guys I have know idea who they are because my idiotic father is going away for 6 months" - "great no contact for six months" - "we will have contact just no pranks together or seeing each other" I was interrupted by my father.


"I gotta go tomato, ill call you again soon, ill miss you love you BYE" - "BYE MY POTATO MISS YOU TOO LURV YOU" I laughed before hanging up. I walked outside to see two massive black tour buses. "Bye sweet heart be safe and please be nice no pranks" My father said before giving me a hug "I cant promise you there wont be pranks" he chuckled "just like your mother, goodbye I love you" I sighed "I love you too dad" I gave him a big squeeze before letting go and heading into the first black one where the five boys where waving m over to.


I walked up the stairs and closed the door. A curly brown hair boy waved for me to come over and sit with them in the mini lounge room. I sat down as far away as I could from them. For all I know they could be psychopaths. But darling your father would never let you be with people he doesn’t trust and there it was my mothers voice which I had longed to hear today. "Hi I'm Louis" One of the boys said. I looked up from fiddling with my fingers to see all five boys staring intensely at me. "I'm Niall" a blonde one said and passed me a ps3 controller. I gave him a weird look "play fifa with us please" I kept quiet and shook my head "don’t know how to play" I said softly "its okay well teach you, oh by the way im harry" the curly haired one said.


 I nodded and niall showed me what buttons I had to press and how to run and stuff. I ended up learning that Liam was daddy direction and Zayn was a bad boy or some shiz like that. I kicked niall's but five times. "beginners luck" niall scoffed. The rest of the boys laughed "Niall just admit a girl beat you" Louis said. He looked at louis with a dead serious face "potatoes" I pissed myself laughing more than the others did. "I don’t get it" Harry said oblivious to what had happened. "we should play 21/21" Liam suggested "what's 21/21?" I asked "its 21 questions basically" I 'ohhed' before nodding. "Yeah sure".


1: Full name? Alaska Jay Cowell

2: Age: 17

3: Fav food: potatoes

4: Favourite season? Of what?


"Uh you cant ask the questions" Louis said and folded his arms "than be more specific" - "as in winter, summer, spring, autumn" - "oh weather season I thought you meant TV show… definitely summer"


5: Favourite TV show? Supernatural, Buffy the Vampire Slayer, pretty little liars, the vampire diaries, the carrie diaries, once upon a time, and last but certainly not least doctor who


The game went pretty quick we only had 2 questions left before we came to a stop. "what's going on drew?" Harry asked the driver. "the bus is almost out of petrol, its probably an hour till we get to the stadium so rest up boys, you have a big night ahead of you" - "Where is the first concert at anyway?" liam asked. "Allphones arena, Sydney four shows then some place in Queensland three shows, Perth, 5 shows then the UK leg starts" He explained. "well im off for a kip" Harry said and stood up stretching. "uh what's a kip?" I asked. "a nap" I ohhed once again. The other boys agreed and headed towards there bunks.


I switched the TV onto foxtel - who knows how they have it but they do - and supernatural was on. I smiled and laid down. Before I knew it I was in a deep sleep.



****about two hours later***



I heard the boys mumbling some weird shit and I instantly opened my eyes. They were standing a metre away talking motivational shit. I realised I was no longer in the bus but in a room under the stadium. "Hey you're awake" Harry said and kneeled next to me. I yawned and sat up "yeah you're motivational speech woke up the devil" I said he smiled and got off the ground then helped me up. "well were about to go on stage, our openers are going to stay with you please be nice" Niall said I looked up at him "Maybe leprechaun" I smirked "Wait does that mean I get to continue sleeping?" I said excitedly. "First you can meet them" Harry said.


Four sweaty boys rushed into the room as he said that. Four familiar sweaty boys. "Oh shit" Michael said. Luke started screaming and hid behind Zayn. "PLEASE DEVIL PRINCESS DO NOT HURT ME I'M SORRY FOR THROWING CHEESE CAKE THAT YOU HAD MADE IN YOUR FACE JUST DON’T HURT ME" he squealed. I laughed and the boys gave me weird looks as Michael came to hug me. "You know them?" Harry ask confused. "Yeah my bestfriend Julissa is Michaels sister we've known each other since I was two when they moved next door and I met the other three queersketeers today" "HEY" Ashton, Calum, and Luke yelled.


We were interrupted by the boys stylist Lou and her cute daughter Lux who ran directly two Harry and hugged his leg. "Guys you're on in five minutes now get your fat a- butts to the stage NOW!" she said. They all said bye before leaving me with the boys. "I never knew you guys where in a band, let alone a band travelling with a famous boy band which I had only found out recently" I said all in one breath. The boys laughed and sat down on the couch next to me. Mikey, Ash, me, Luke than Cal. "Well since only three of us met you today how about a game o-" say it Luke and I will bitch slap you so hard, I already played it no more" I said. And the boys laughed bar Luke.


"I told you she was mean guys" Michael said. "I'm not mean I just dislike people who ruin food. Especially food I made" I glared at Luke who tried to hide behind Calum but didn’t work. "Now can I please sleep?" I asked. The boys nodded but didn’t move instead they turned on the TV and PS3 and played Call of duty: Black Ops. I sighed giving up, I was to tired to boss them off my lounge. I cuddled into Ashton's shoulder and my eyes slowly drifted shut.


I woke up who knows when but in a bed I was not familiar with and little light shining in. I opened the curtain and realised I was in the tour bus with the 5SOS boys. I climbed out of the bunk and walked down the short hallway. I heard two boys talking quietly. "So if you like her and Luke likes her…" the voice trailed off. I opened the door and walked into the lounge room. It was Calum and Ashton talking. "Morning sunshine" Ashton said and reached out for a hug. I sat inbetween the boys and cuddled into Ashton. "Morning" I yawned "What's the time?" I asked. "uh 5:34am" Calum said "why you up so early?" I asked. "Couldn’t sleep" they both replied. I nodded "me too".


They were watching honey boo boo. The funniest show ever. The boys and I giggled along to the show until the other two woke up. "morning" Luke said then tensed up when he saw me cuddling Ash. I stood and hugged Michael before hugging Luke. I then sat back down and continued cuddling Ash. "Can I go back to sleep?" I asked. The boys nodded. "sure sweetie" Ashton said. I gave im a glare and he chuckled. My eyes drifted close as I went back to sleep.




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