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"Say something! please" I pleaded with tears streaming down my face. "Why?" he spat. "Because I'm giving up on you, I'm giving up on us so please say something!" i cried. He shook his head and left me.

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3. Chapter Three - Gonna Get It

It's been a week since the tour started. We're at some stadium in Brisbane, I was backstage waiting for the boys to come back. it was 11:30 for some reason the show was taking longer than usual. My phone beeped signalling a text. I grabbed out my phone and opened it.


Potato: hey, how have you been?

Me: good I guess, I have to put up with your brother and the rest of the boys…

Potato: any of them fallen for you? Like Luke?

Me: what are you talking about?

Potato: you know the beautiful blonde hair blue eyed sex god

Me: oh my god you heard that! I thought I said it in my head… but I have my eye on two

Potato: oooh Luke and?

Me: possibly maybe Ashton…

Potato: OH MY GOD, TOMATO THAT'S SO CUTE! Gotta go, see you later love ya


I put my phone back in my pocket and sighed. "Hey, Alaska could you do me a favour?" Paul asked as he walked towards me. I stood up off the lounge I was sitting on and nodded "it depends" I said and raised an eyebrow. He chuckled "well I heard you're a little prankster" he handed me a video camera before continuing "Now I hid cameras all around the hallways outside of the boys dressing rooms and inside of them-" I did my famous cut off "Paul that’s creepy" he gave me a glare and I shut up "anyway, I want you to hide there clothes around the stadium only give there undies" I gave him a weird look "why?" I asked.


He returned an evil look "I'm sick of them having there prank weeks cause they normally pull them on me-" I cut him off as usual "wait prank week!" he gave me a stern look and I shut up. He was the only person I actually respected about that… although he's scary. "anyway I want to start off prank week with this" he smiled proudly. "sure thing boss" I saluted before walking into the boys bathroom. I waited till the boys actually got into the showers before I took any of there clothes which was all they had on them including the ones in the wardrobes bar the dresses and feather boas.


I hid all of Harrys, Nialls, and Liams clothes in the nose bleed section of the arena - in other words the highest section in the whole stadium - I hid Ashtons, Calums, and Zayns under the stage behind a fog light and last but not least Lukes, Michaels and Louis in the confetti machine. I went and sat up on the second stage right in the middle and waited. I heard screaming and I knew that was my cue. "ALASKA!" all the boys scream simultaneously.


They ran out onto the stage either wearing a towel or covered up with pillows. And than there's Harry special little hair who is wearing a dress and a feather boa. They all pointed at me "ALASKA JAY COWELL WHERE ARE OUT CLOTHES" Louis yelled. I shrugged and pushed a button that set off a confetti machine where Michaels clothes had been. They scattered everywhere and Michael ran down jumping over chairs to them. "WHAT ABOUT OURS?" Harry and Liam yelled. I shrugged "GO FIND THEM, BUT BEFORE YOU DO… WELCOME TO PRANK WEEK" I yelled back to them.


They looked at each other before running and jumping over chairs and barriers. I screamed and that’s when the floor beneath me moved and I slowly went down the trap door in the stage. I ran as fast as I could to Paul who had been pissing himself laughing "You should have seen there faces!" he and Lou explained. I laughed before hiding in the dressing room. About three hours later - which was 2 in the morning - I heard the door open. I froze in my spot which happened to be the wardrobe. "Thank god we don’t have anymore shows for a week, little missy is gonna get it" I heard an Irish voice belonging to non-other than Niall speak. "I have the best idea to get there tour bus though" I heard Louis exclaim Evilly. I gulped quietly.


I heard there voices become fainter than a door shut. I got out of the cupboard and booked it as fast as I could back to the tour bus. I slammed the door open than slammed it shut. I turned and saw four very unhappy boys. "No time to be pissed at me, the no D boys are going to prank all of as" I exclaimed. The boys faces changed and than laughed "dude you should see what we did to there tour bus" Cal explained. I shook my head "I don’t wanna know, I'm going to go have a shower than sleep, we leave in the morning" I say. Ashton smiled "Alaska, it already is morning" He chuckled. I shot him a glare "shut it dimwit" I said before going and having my nice warm shower and going to sleep.




I woke up the next morning to four boys squealing their heads off. I jumped out of my bunk and walked out to the lounge room. I rubbed my eyes and let them adjust before realising what had happened. Lukes hair was Blue, Michaels pink, Calums red and Ashtons green. I pissed myself laughed "Well good morning rainbow" I laughed the boys smirked "at least you are apart of it too" Luke said and gave me a hug. I gave him a confusing look about what he said. He pulled a part of my hair infront of my eyes. I screamed "MY HAIR IS FUCKING PURPLE! THOSE BOYS ARE GONNA GET IT!". The boys laughed while Luke continued to hug me. I like his hugs, I actually like them a lot.


I sat down on the lounge and sighed "wait, are we moving?" I asked. The boys nodded "Yeah, also Michael has something to tell everyone" Michael said speaking in third person. I gave him a go on look and I'm guessing so did the others since he did. "Well I sortametthisgirlandshesabsolutelygorgeousandcrazybasicallyjustlikemeandiknowionlymetherthreedaysagobutireallyreallylikeher" He said all in one breath. "well does this child have a name" Luke asked suspiciously. Michael rolled his eyes "Of course she does It's Katelin or Kat for short" He said proudly.


"Well DETAILS" I yelled with Ashton. "Brown Hair, Gorgeous Green Eyes, Glasses, short and beautiful" He exclaimed all googly eyed. "Aww, will we get to meet her?" Cal asked. Michael shrugged "maybe" He said. I swear a light bulb flashed above Ashtons head when his face lit up "Maybe she could join us on the tour, I mean it would be good to have a girl around for Alaska so she doesn’t get tired of us" He said. Michael shrugged again "I don’t know… I could ask Paul or Simon" I nodded "Yes I need a friend even though I have you girls, you get soo annoying" I giggled. They glared me and I laughed even harder.


"So breakie, what is it?" I asked. Luke smiled "Maccas cause swag" I rolled my eyes "did you seriously take that from me" he chuckled "perhaps" I shook my head "unbelievable" I laughed.




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