The Fault || 5SOS & 1D

"Say something! please" I pleaded with tears streaming down my face. "Why?" he spat. "Because I'm giving up on you, I'm giving up on us so please say something!" i cried. He shook his head and left me.

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6. Chapter Six - Nialler Smiler

Alaska's P.O.V.



'When it gets loud I turn it up, Oh shake it like a bad girl up in Harlem' I heard my phone ring and I instantly picked it up hoping it was Julissa. "Hello?" I asked quietly and I stood up from my laying position on my bed at a hotel I was at with the boys. I ended up learning every ones names pretty quickly and I got along with Niall the easiest. "Hey tomato, Harry and I are at the shops you need anything?" she asked smoothly might I add. I shrugged even though she couldn’t see me. So I've been back from the hospital since my incident for two weeks now and lets just say a lot has happened.


Harry is basically fighting for Julissa's love, Michael has a girlfriend called Katelin (I still havent met her), Louis and Eleanor had a fight and broke up, One of the boys who I still can't remember his name has been pretty upset so basically whenever he sees me he gets teary and walks off. So yeah that’s basically all that’s happened. "Uh, yeah can you please get me some orange juice and I think that’s it" I answered quietly. Its like I saw her nod. "Ok well we will get that and ill be home soon so we can have a game of monopoly together" she said. I could see her smile through the phone.


Julissa had always been the overly happy type. I said goodbye and walked to my suitcase as Niall and Liam walked in. I smiled at them and Niall walked over to me. "Hey, Hey, Hey beautiful" He said as he wrapped his arms around my waist so my back was against his chest. "Well hello handsome, what are you up to?" I asked as I opened my suitcase. He shrugged and let go walking over to Liam "well we thought we'd go to the local park and play a game of football… as in soccer" he giggled. I shook my head "Even though I live in Australia I actually call it football" I laughed. "Well we are going to gather up the rest of the boys and go down, are you going to lock yourself in here or are you going to have some fun?" Liam chuckled.


I rolled my eyes. He had a point since I had been back from the hospital I stayed couped up in either my bunk in the tour bus or in a hotel. "Yeah sure why not, I think its time I did go have some fun, le'me get dressed" I said as I grabbed out black ripped jeans, my burgundy beanie and a white SWS t-shirt that said 'It's time we finally open up our eyes' in red writing. I walked to the bathroom and had a quick shower since I hadn't had one since I had been home from the hospital. I let the water run down my shoulders and over my stitches that would be coming out soon.


I turned off the shower and stepped out. I dried myself off and wrapped my hair in a towel that had happened to be Nialls. Im sure he wont mind… much I thought to myself. I put on a little bit of makeup before putting on my clothes and my original black converse that my mum owned since she was a kid. Since my mother and I have always been short and little weight wise but had curves but they were toned we had always fit in the same clothes. I walked of the bathroom and all of the boys bar Michael, Harry and Julissa, were sitting there talking. I walked over and threw my pajamas into my suitcase before sitting next to Niall. I took the towel off my head and unwrapped it. I shook my head letting my hair flail every where and wet every one who was sitting near me.


Niall gave me a look and I giggled. "Shall we go?" Liam asked. Every one nodded and stood up. We walked out of the room and to the elevator. Somehow we cramped eight people into an elevator. Niall wrapped his arm around my waist and rested his head on mine. "So gorgeous are you going to be on my team? Cause im incredibly awesome at it" he chuckled. I shook me head and laughed "Hah! Im better" I smirked. The elevator doors opened at the lobby and everyone walked out. Liam bit his lip along with Lou as they watched Niall and I bicker about who was better. "It's settled than" Liam said as we walked into the park. "Niall and Alaska you're team captains" Louis said.


I smirked "girls first" Louis said and winked. My smirk widen and I instantly chose Louis. I knew he was really good from what Liam and Niall had told me. Niall than chose Liam. By the end I had; Louis, Ashton and Calum, and Niall had; Zayn, Liam, and Luke. Since I was the only girl I got to kick off.



*****About two hours later*****



"OH I WILL CARRY YOU OVER FIRE AND WATER FOR YOUR LOVE" I yelled as I tried to pick up Louis. It was pitch black on the way back to the hotel. We left the next day over to England on a break and the 5SOS boys went back home for a week for Christmas. Louis laughed as I fell over with him tumbling over me. I stood up laughing and helped him up. The rest of the boys were laughing there heads off. We got back to the hotel and went straight to our rooms. I was sitting with Niall, Liam, and Julissa. "Hey, Hey, Hey, we should go to a club!" Julissa said. "OMG YES PARTAY" Niall squealed in a very trashy white girl voice. I shook my head "no too tired" I said and yawned.


 There was a knock on the door before it was opened. Michael smiled at us and walked in with a shortish girl following him in. "Uh hey guys, this is Katelin" he said stepping away so we could all see her. Lets just say she was downright gorgeous. She had brown long hair, green eyes an glasses. "Hi" she squeaked. Julissa and I "aww'd" before running up and hugging her. "Hey I'm Julissa, Michaels sister and this is my bestfriend also my tomato Alaska" Jules said happily as she introduce us both. Katelin smiled "You can call me Kat, Michael has told me about you both and I am actually sorta fans of you guys on YouTube" she giggled. "OMG DIMPLES" Julissa and I yelled together.


Ever since Jules and I were little we had a thing of dimples. We both had them but yeah we love them. We chatted and laughed with Kat until she had to leave but she was coming on tour with us so we were lucky. When the 5sauce boys got back from there break they were getting a bigger bus to fit Kat and Julissa in as well as the boys and I. I fell asleep just after she left.



***next day***


Luke's P.O.V.


I saw the way Alaska and Niall looked at each other. Its killing me that she doesn’t remember the time I had spent with her. I'll get her back… I need her back. Ashton and Calum walked into the room and sat down next to me. They were talking about how cute Niall and Alaska looked. It was really killing me. "They weren't that cute" I spat. The boys stopped talking and looked at me. "Luke we get that its hard but maybe Alaska and Niall are I guess made for each other, I think you should just forget about it" Calum said harshly. I rolled my eyes and rolled over pulling the covers over my face. I didn’t bother fighting or arguing with them. I just wanted to go home.



Alaska's P.O.V.


I waved the 5SOS boys, Julissa and Kat off at the airport as they headed back to Sydney. I went with the one direction boys into a different terminal. We all had hoodies on and sunnies. We boarded the plane and sat in the seats we were told. I sat next to a young girl probably ten. She sat next to a guy around my age. I sat down and smiled. "oh my gosh!" she squealed quietly as se pointed at Niall and Harry who sat infront of me. "That's one direction, Jack" she said quietly tugging at the boys arm. He must have been her brother. He smiled and shook his head "em, that's not them" he said and rolled his eyes. She looked sad and twiddled her fingers.


I tapped Niall on the shoulder and he turned around. "Hey beautiful, what's up?" he asked quietly. Harry turned around to, I pointed at the little girl "I think you should say hi" I said to them. They took off their sunnies and smiled at the little girl. Her face lit up and she actually started to sob. The boy looked at me and then at the boys. "You know one direction?" Jack asked. I nodded and took off my sunnies. "well by a chance I happen to be Simon Cowells daughter" I said and smiled. "oh my god you’re like the queen of pranks" he said and raised his hand. "I look up to you so much, I'm Jack Harries" he said and held out his hand. I gladly shook it "I've seen you're vlogs they're amazing" I said. He squealed "omg!" he squealed. I laughed and gave him my phone "give me your number and give me your phone" he gladly handed me it and put his number in" I did the same. We handed the phones back and talked the rest of the way to England.


After I said goodbye to Jack and Emmy Lou, I walked with the boys to there van. I had found out that the boys weren't actually going home to see there families until the tour is completely done - stupid I know - so they were staying at Harry and Lou's new house in Radly and by 'they' I mean all of us. Louis unlocked the door and opened it. It smelt like the smell of a new house. Every one walked in and scattered to the lounge room. "So there is five rooms so Alaska you can sleep in my room and ill sleep on the lounge" Louis smiled. I shook my head but was interrupted by Niall. He ruined my famous interruption. I've done that interruption since I was like two and he thinks he can interrupt me? How dare he.


"Alaska can bunk with me, it is your house after all so you should be aloud to sleep in a nice comfy bed… we all do" Niall smiled. I just realised Niall rhymes with Smile… Niall makes me smile. Nialler Smiler. I shook my head out of the thought but smiled. Actually I think I'm just going to call smiles Nialls from now on. I Nialled. I laughed out loud and the boys took a step away from me. I explained what I thought of and by the end of the day every one was saying Niall in replace of smile. Niall ended up glaring me and not even talking to any of us.


We ordered pizza for dinner and watched Frozen in the huge lounge room. Niall sat on the other side of the room but continued to glare at me. I rolled my eyes and got up. I walked into the kitchen and opened the cupboard. "Food, food, food, food, food" I mumbled ad I looked around the cupboard. I saw a cupcake mix. I'll make that tomorrow I thought. I saw cup noodles. Chicken flavoured. I mentally high fived myself and grabbed them. I sat it on the bench and turned on the jug. It was loud but the boys couldn’t hear it from the lounge room. I tapped my fingers along the marble counter and waited.


I felt arms snake around my waist and a chin rest on the top of my head. I smirked "so are you going to talk to me now?" I asked. "nope" Niall replied. I giggled and turned around in his arms wrapping mine around his neck. "but you just did?" I rose an eyebrow and smiled. He shook his head "nah, no I did no- oh" he rolled his eyes and kissed my forehead. "You know what sucks" I said knowing he'd answer what so I went on "the fact I've actually known you for like two-three months but I only remember the past two weeks… that sucks" I said. He nodded and rested his forehead against mine. "and if you remembered me from those two-three past months I'd so date you" he chuckled.



I rolled my eyes "despite the memory loss, I'd still date you" I said. He raised an eyebrow and the jug finished boiling. "really?" he said. I bit my lip and nodded "yeah its like there is another side to you I know but I cant remember" he nodded. "luckily I remember" he chuckled. We heard a voice clear its throat and we let o of each other. "you better not be planning on fucking in my kitchen" Harry said sternly. We laughed "no just talking" Niall said smiling "and im making noodles" I chirped. Harry nodded "make me a tea would you love, and than after you bring me it, you can have sex in the kitchen as long as you disinfect the benches and floor" Harry chuckled and I rolled my eyes "goodbye Harry" Niall and I said in sync.


I looked back at my noodles and finished making them while make Harry's tea. "so, you know ill always remember that" Niall said. I rose an eyebrow "remember what?" I asked. "that you'd date me" he said before kissing me on the cheek and leaving the room. I blushed and felt my cheek. My cheek felt warm and just unexplainable. I walked out of the kitchen and into the lounge room. Niall was back over the other side of the room. I sat down inbetween Harry and Liam. I gave Harry his tea and he kissed my head "Why thank you life saver" he chuckled. I rolled my eyes "only cause you live here" I saw Nialls face scrunch up and looking sternly at the TV.


I chuckled and walked over to him plonking myself on his lap. He instantly wrapped his arms around my waist. I sat my head in the crook of his shoulder while watching Frozen until I fell asleep in the warmth of Niall.




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so cute I think, but poor luke so close but yet so far

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