The Fault || 5SOS & 1D

"Say something! please" I pleaded with tears streaming down my face. "Why?" he spat. "Because I'm giving up on you, I'm giving up on us so please say something!" i cried. He shook his head and left me.

Recently called 'You Got Me Good'


7. Chapter Seven - Happy Birthday Me

I woke up the next morning wrapped in blanket on the lounge I shared with Niall. The rest of the boys were in the kitchen making breakfast. I knew that since I heard loud talking and I smelt bacon. I unwrapped myself and stood up fixing my top and rubbing my eyes. I walked into the kitchen and was quickly engulfed into a hug by all the boys. "MORNING" they yelled. I rolled my eyes "I'm sleeping shush, give me some bacon" I yawned. Louis laughed and handed me a plate. I nodded a thank you and sat down at the dining table. "So what are we doing today?" I asked as the rest of the boys scattered into the seats around the dining table. "Well we are going to go record some new songs down in London which is about an hour and a half a way so it’s a bit of a road trip and then we will probably go Christmas shopping" Harry said happily. I nodded and Louis handed me a tea.


I felt my phone vibrate before it started singing feel by sleeping with sirens. I picked it up and answered with the simple "What do you want Potato". I heard Julissa and Michael chuckle from the other end. "Happy birthday you slut!" they yelled. I laughed "oh I forgot that it was the 18th" I sighed and walked out of the room and up the stairs to the room Niall showed me last night which is ours. I heard rattling coming from the other side of the phone. "HAPPY BIRTHDAY YOU SHIT" Ashton and Calum yelled through the phone. I laughed even harder "put me on loud speaker losers" I said. I heard a click than every one yell "you're now on loudspeaker".


I giggled "so how is Harry and Louis house?" Julissa asked. I shrugged "its good, last night we watched Frozen and yeah today we are going to London so they can record some songs" I explained. "You and Niall bumped yet?" Michael chuckled. I rolled my eyes "shut it Pinkie pie, but no we have not" I said and ran my fingers through my dull brown hair. You need a hair cut. Look at those split ends I heard the voice in my head say. Don't judge every one has it. "So miss Alaska likes Niall eh?" Ashton chuckled. I shook my head "do not" - "do too" - "do not". We bickered back and forth until I gave up. "okay maybe I do a little bit" I say slowly. I heard foot steps and Ashton yell 'Luke' and than a door slam.


What is his kids deal I thought to myself. "Ugh, Alaska we will call you later and your presents will be sent to you tonight… as in we sent them around a week ago and they will come tonight" Julissa giggled. We said our goodbyes and hung up. I grabbed my suitcase that was sitting on the bed. I unzipped it and found something to wear. Which happened to be a black Nirvana top, white skinny jeans and white low cut converse. I had a quick shower before putting them on and walking down the stairs back to the kitchen. Niall was awake and stuffing his face with the pile of food put on his plate. "So when do we leave?" I ask as I sit on the island. "Uh now, but Niall isn't finished stuffing his face.


I rolled my eyes and took the plate from him. Niall gave me the puppy eyes and I shook my head "no you can eat it for dessert go get ready we are leaving" I say sternly. He rolled his eyes and stood up. He made a 'humph' sound before walking to our room. "Whoa mummy direction" Harry said while playfully pushing me. I rolled my eyes "shut up and get in the van".



**at the studio**



"so we are going to run through the song one more time okay guys" Josh the recording guy said. The boys nodded and waited for the music to start. They were recording there new album 'Midnight Memories'. They were singing an acoustic version of 'Happily'. They finished up and walked out "hey, we are going to go get some lunch want anything?" Liam asked as they walked out. I shrugged "get me some Maccas or Nandos either one" I said. They nodded and left the recording studio leaving me and Josh. "So do you sing?" Josh asked. I shook my head and shrugged "I sing but I don't think I'm good, my dad says I'm really good but yeah" I said quietly "who's your dad?" - "Uh Simon Cowell" Josh sat there in awe. "Wait the Simon Cowell, Woman get in the booth I want to hear you sing" he said as he pushed me into the recording booth.


"Do you play piano?" I nodded "I can play say something by a great big world" I told him. He nodded and ran back to the system. "ok Alaska, on the count of ten I want you to start playing that song" he counted down from ten and I started to play the Keys.



Say something, I'm giving up on you.

 I'll be the one, if you want me to.

 Anywhere I would've followed you.

 Say something, I'm giving up on you.


And I am feeling so small.

 It was over my head

 I know nothing at all.


And I will stumble and fall.

 I'm still learning to love

 Just starting to crawl.


Say something, I'm giving up on you.

 I'm sorry that I couldn't get to you.

 Anywhere I would've followed you.

 Say something, I'm giving up on you.


And I will swallow my pride.

 You're the one that I love

 And I'm saying goodbye.


Say something, I'm giving up on you.

 And I'm sorry that I couldn't get to you.

 And anywhere I would've followed you.


 Say something, I'm giving up on you.


Say something, I'm giving up on you.

 Say something... "


I finished the song and they boys who had come in half way through the song started to clap. "Have you ever thought of singing professionally?" Josh asked when I got out of the booth. I shrugged "yeah sometimes" Niall walked over to me and kissed my cheek. "If you can write a song by the end of next week, you've got yourself a record deal" Josh said. My eyes lit up "seriously!" he nodded "seriously" he said. I jumped up and down "ok, deal" I said. So far this has been the best birthday. The rest of the day we spent Christmas shopping. "Hey guys" Liam said as we walked down the street to a converse shop. My decision. We all stopped and looked at him "yeah?" we all said in sync. "I think Alaska isn't telling us something" he said looking at his phone.


I bit my lip "like what?" I asked. He raised his eyebrow "how come you didn’t tell us it was your birthday today?" he asked. The boys gasped "OMG ITS YOUR BIRTHDAY!" they yelled. I shrugged "yeah no big deal" I said. "sweet heart you're 18 it is a big deal!" Harry yelled excitedly. "Now we have to go find you a birthday cake and presents and cards" Louis said. I rolled my eyes "seriously its no big deal, can we just get to the converse shop before it closes I want new shoes" I told them and started to walk to the shop. They stood there for a few seconds before running up to me.




***later that day***



I sat in my room unpacking the bags and bags of clothes and shoes I had bought myself, Christmas presents for the 1D and 5SOS boys, Julissa and my dad. I hid the presents under the bed behind my empty suitcase. I laid all my clothes and shoes out on the bed and admired them. I had gotten a few band t-shirts, jeans, shorts, dressy tops, high-low skirts, two dresses, three vans (black, white and burgundy) and five converse (white hi-tops, full black hi-tops, low cut originals, burgundy low cuts, and white mid-thighs that flip into hi-top pink). I smiled at myself and started to put them away in the cupboard. I kept out a dark red crop top with studs around the top and the dark red high-low skirt. The boys were taking me out for dinner tonight for my birthday and obviously I chose Nandos.


I heard the doorbell ring and I quickly rushed down stairs to the door slipping on the tiles because of my purple fluffy socks. I opened the door to the postman. "Hi, are you Alaska Cowell?" he asked. I nodded and he handed me a box and a cage that could fit a small dog. "I need you to sign this" he said and handed me a piece of paper. I quickly signed it and said goodbye before walking in. I went to the lounge room carrying the carry-on and box only to find the lounge room empty. They must've gone out again I thought to myself. I sat on the lounge with the carry-on, on one side and the box on the other. I opened the box to find a little bed, a few chew toys and a note.


Dear Alaska,


I didn’t know what to get you for your birthday and I remember one day you telling me that you had always wanted a puppy… so uh I asked the boys and Julissa if they could chip in and yeah.


Happy birthday, she is yours…


Now look inside the carry-on before you continue reading this.


I opened it up revealing a small sleeping brown Chihuahua. I gasped and picked her up and setting her in my hand. She was the size of I and I had tiny hands. I continued to read the note.


She's a full Chihuahua and she is completely yours. I hope you love her. She's only a month old and very sleepy. She was born on the 16th of November so literally a month before your birthday today. She's not a handful at all she already knows when to be told to sit as well. Someday I hope you'll love m so good luck beautiful, oh she doesn’t have a name either that’s your choice, although I called her Mocha cause she is the colour of it and it's your favourite drink.


Love Luke xoxox


I smiled and picked up my phone. I quickly snapped a pic of me and my new baby and posted it to twitter. @Luke5SOS thank you so much for my gorgeous puppy! You're amazing xoxo. As soon as I had sent it I got favourites, retweets, more followers and tweets from people in the twittesphere. My phone made a tweet sound indicating Luke messaging me back. @AlaskaOfficial you are very much welcome beautiful what's her name? I messaged him back saying I called her Mocha.


I heard the door open and the sound of the quiet house was now filled with shrieks and screams. "What are you screaming about?" I asked as all the boys walked in covered in snow and shaking. "Omg is it snowing?" I asked. I had never seen snow and I had always wanted to. The boys nodded "OMG WHO IS THAT? WHO OWNS THAT?" Louis squealed and ran up to Mocha and I. He started to pat he softly with his index finger. "This is Mocha, Luke and the other boys and Julissa bought her for me. Luke had the idea so everyone chipped in" I explained. "Well now you wont like our presents" Niall pouted. I gave him a smile "Now, now… I love my puppy and I love you all, and I will love what ever you get me" I say as I walked over to Niall so he could pat her. I placed my head on his shoulder and watched the other boys look smugly at us. "What can I not hug my bestfriend?" I asked. The boys looked away and stopped. I smirked and walked over to the fire place "lets light up this baby" I said.


Within an hour the temperature had dropped a lot. Instead of going out we ordered Chinese and stayed in. We sat infront of the fire place all rugged up in slippers/Uggs, pajamies, beanies and blankets. We drank hot chocolate and watched the Christmas tree lights change while talking about our past. Louis had just talked about how he and El broke up. "So what's your story?" Lou asked me. I shifted in my seat on the floor and watched Mochas little chest rise up and down as she breathed. "Well, there isn't much to know" I lied "my mum died when I was young and that was probably about two months after I moved to Australia… I originally lived in America. LA to be exact. We moved cause my father had just opened up a new recording studio out in Sydney. That’s when I met Julissa the day we moved in she and Michael were walking to the shops. And its true she has always been a bubbly out there person because she came right up to me grabbed my hand and said… "run", which is from Doctor Who which at the time I loved actually I still do and yeah since then we just clicked she is basically my other half… and then when I was fourteen and my brother Adrian was Nineteen, Julissa and Michael went away for Christmas and I was with my cousins playing home base 44. And I uh- I was in… and I went looking for my brother and he was just past where the memorial for my mum was… just passed there was a bush and a park. He was with his five friends and uh Adrian left me with them for a few minutes and in those few minutes I was knocked out and thrown in a van. I woke up in a basement with five guys surrounding me. One happening to be Reece, Adrian's bestfriend. Reece was like a brother to me. Until he and Adrian drugged me. Adrian let all five of his friends including Reece rape me… Then when Reece was done, Adrian raped me. I struggled so I hit my head on the ground hard enough to be knocked out and it worked… but I uh- I woke up naked in Reeces bed still drugged… he continued to rape me until he basically through me out and made me walk home… I had blood covering my entire face and I could barely walk… When my father found out which was from Julissa since I had told her and she did the right thing by telling my dad that it had happened because Adrian went to jail as did Reece the other four boys were actually murdered by Adrian… Adrian also admitted to killing my mother… I had therapy up until previously about two months before I met you guys. The last thing I remember is actually walking out of the therapy place and meeting with Julissa. So yeah… that’s basically my fucked up horrible life" I said quietly. When I had finished talking the boys were in tears and so was I.


Niall was he first to hug me. I place Mocha on the lounge so he didn't squish her and I hugged back. I felt my neck become slightly wet with his tears. Soon enough the rest of the boys joined in. We sat in a ball of sadness. "I'm so, so, so, so sorry Alaska" they cried. "Don't be it wasn't your fault" I whimpered. We sat in the ball of hugging and crying for about an hour just sitting there no talking just silence other than the breathing, hiccups from crying and slight, tiny snoring coming from Mocha. "So who else knows about this?" Harry asked quietly pulling back to look at me. "You guys, Julissa 5SOS boys, and my dad" I told him. They nodded "we will protect you to the very end we won't let anything hurt you anymore" Louis said hugging me tighter. The other boys nodded agreeing while waiting for me to talk. I sighed "unfortunately Lou as much as I do appreciate that… You can't always protect me" I told them.


"We will protect you as much as we can"



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