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"Say something! please" I pleaded with tears streaming down my face. "Why?" he spat. "Because I'm giving up on you, I'm giving up on us so please say something!" i cried. He shook his head and left me.

Recently called 'You Got Me Good'


1. Chapter One - Prank Time

Alaska's P.OV.


I slowly walked down the footpath, kicking stones with the tip of my converse. The wind picked up a bit making my long brown hair drive I into my mouth and eyes. I spat it out and curled up tongue. Ew, just what I needed I thought as I arrived at Julissa's house. As usual I walk right into her house and walk towards her room "WOMAN" I yell as I pass her older brother Michael and three of his friends. One of them whistled at me and I casually flipped them off without glancing at them.


I kept walking up the stairs till I got to her room. "Yo tomato!" I yelled as I swung open her door. She released a extremely girly scream and fell of her bed. "god dammit Alaska! You scared the b'jebus out of me" she said standing up and fixing her hair. "I can tell" I laughed as I sat down. She pulled her long purple hair into a messy bun and sat next to me. "What we focusing on today?" I asked as I logged onto YouTube on her laptop. She shrugged and grabbed her video camera from her bedside table.


I smirked "hey, did you know your brother has friends over?" I asked her while giving her an evil look. She grabbed out our book of pranks and placed it on the bed. We did the usual open it to any page and close our eyes and choose one. My finger landed on Ball Pit. I giggled evilly before making an extremely evil laugh. "Oh potato, they're going to get it" Julissa said while closing the book.


"You go down to rue's ball bit palace and at least 20,000, take my car" she handed me her car keys before continuing "I will get the boys out of the house, be back in 30" I nodded and grabbed her camera "But first, the intro" I smirked. I turned on the camera and made it face us.


I started obviously  in our normal introduction in a deep voice "In A world where we are the pranksters" I looked at Jules and she smiled "We have decided" - "To prank" - "DRAMATIC MUSIC" I looked at Julissa and laughed before letting her continue "My brother" - "and his friends" I added. We quickly ran down the stairs and quietly snuck up behind the wall. We twisted the camera so we could see them all.


I focused on Michael "Michael… the brother" I continued in my deep voice and pointed it at another boy "Ashton… the friend who has dimples" Julissa said. I had never met Michaels mates but I supposed today I will. I next pointed the camera at a kiwi boy "Calum… the kiwi" and last but not least the… I was stunned this boy was beautiful blonde hair blue eyed sex god. Oh my god shut up. I mentally slapped myself.  "And Luke… the penguin" Julissa finished. I gave her a weird look before shaking my head.


I turned the camera back to us and we smiled evilly "We are going to fill there recording studio booth thinga-ma-bob full of ball pit balls" I said in a more angelic singing voice. "But they wont know that" Julissa said and put on an evil face. I turned off the camera and stuffed it in my back pack. "Ill take it with me while you get the boys out" I said and she nodded "good luck" I added before leaving.


Michaels P.O.V.


I heard the front door open and close and someone extremely familiar yell "WOMAN"- "here we go" I muttered under my breath. Alaska Cowell, Simon Cowells daughter of course. Ashton wolf whistled her and we high fived. She then responded by flipping him off and running up the stairs. "Ohhh BURN!" Calum yelled. "Who was that anyway?" Ashton asked. I rolled my eyes "one of the evillest people you will hopefully never meet" I explained.


"so  what should we do today?" Luke asked looking pretty clueless. Poor little Lukey always the last to know "Dude we're going to record 'gotta get out'" Ashton said as if he should know. "Why was I not informed?" He yelled dramatically. "Because Lukeypoo, no one likes you" Calum laughed earning a glare and a pillow to his face from Luke. Yes we were childish.


Alaska's P.O.V.


I parked the car and got out the camera I turned it on and faced it at me "Okay my fellow children, I am at our local ball pit selling place - yes that’s right we have a ball pit selling place no idea but we do anyways I will buy 20,000 balls for under $150 easy as teleporting" I shut it down and walked into the huge factory outlet. "UH OH THE DEVILS HERE" I heard Parker yell from behind the counter "YES SHE IS AND SHE WOULD LIKE 20,000 BALLS" I yelled back and walked up to him giving him a short hug over the counter.


"Ok why in hell would you- oh god you're pranking Michael and his mates aren't you?" He asked "oh sometimes I think you're god cause you know me so well But you couldn’t be because we get along" I chuckled. He whistled and Carson his twin came wheeling a trolley with 10 bags stacked on it "Your 20,000 balls devil… may I ask a question?" He asked I laughed and nodded "why in the absolute hell would you ne- oh my god your doing it aren't you?" he said excitedly.


I nodded and chuckled "god you two know me too well or was it a twin connection?" they laughed and shrugged "we'll never know" they said. I wheeled the trolley out to Jules' car before stacking each bag in. I jumped into the drivers seat and got out the camera and receipt. "Well look at that only cost me $50" I said and showed the camera the receipt. I closed it before grabbing out my iPhone 5s I had 3 text messages.


Tomato: The princesses have left the palace, I repeat the princesses have left the palace


Father dear: Alaska I need you home by 7 I have important information you need to know

Me - father dear: dad do not treat me like im your work colleague, I am your daughter :P


Clara: Your father wants you home by 7, I know you wont listen to him so I want you home

Me - Clara: ok clars, I will be home by 7


I headed back to Julissas house and parked the car. One car had left the building - Michaels - I ran out of the car and sat the camera on the letter box. I turned it on and smiled "YO TOMATO IM BACK" I yelled and I have never seen her run so fast to me "PRANK TIME" she yelled. We each grabbed two bags while I carried the camera on my wrist so it could still see what we were doing. I emptied the four bags before repeating the same with the other six. By the time we had finished the room was filled to our knees. I hid the camera in the sound booth so it showed the entire studio where they rehearsed and recorded.


I heard the front door open and close "JULISSA I HAVE YOUR… TAMPONS" I bit my lip so I didn’t laugh "shut up lets hide" I smirked and fell back into the balls I made sure they had us both covered. I heard the door open and one of the boys scream "OH MY GOD JULISSA RAIN CLIFFORD I'M GOING TO KILL YOU" I heard the sound of Julissa's voice come from outside the room.  Wait I thought she was next to me I couldn’t move to see other wise it would give it away. "YOU'D HAVE TO FIND ME FIRST" she yelled. I heard all the boys whispering before jumping right where I was and where I thought Jules was.


I heard a groan come from Julissa ah a recording smart girl I thought as I was being squished. "GET YOUR FAT ASSES OFF MY FACE" I yelled. "THE DEVIL HAS BEEN AWOKEN RUN LADS" I heard Michael yell. I pounced up before running out after them with Julissa not far behind with the camera. It was quiet… to quiet. I walked around the corner of the kitchen before a big creamy pie -THAT I COULD HAVE EATEN - connected with my face. "MICHAEL GORDAN CLIFFORD I SWEAR TO GO IF THAT WAS YOU I'M GOING TO KILL YOU" - "SHIT LUKE YOU'RE SO DEAD" I heard Michael yell. I scraped the pie from my eyes so I could see.



Luke stood infront of me with a cute innocent grin. He walked over to me before licking the pie off my right cheek "hmm cheesecake" - "WAIT SO YOU THREW CHEESE CAKE AT MY FACE! SWEET CHEESE CAKE JULISSA AND I HAND MADE! OUR BEAUTIUFL CHEESE CAKE I WAS PLANNING ON EATING! YOU ARE SO DEAD" I screamed. "RUN" Michael yelled and ran out the back door screaming with the others doing the same. I turned around and faced Julissa who actually had no idea what was happening but she burst out laughing when she saw my face.


"HOLY SHIT BOWTIE THAT’S OUR CHEESECAKE" she yelled. I saw her scrape a finger over the other cheek that Luke hadn't licked and smiled "god damn its delicious now tell our lovely children what you're going to do to those poor boys" I smiled evilly and laughed manically "They ruined my cheese cake… my food… they're going to get hell" yes sometimes I even scared myself how much of a maniac I was.


"So what are you going to do?" Julissa asked. "Nothing" I replied and sat down at the kitchen counter. "WHAAAAAAT" she yelled and I nodded "yeap not going to do anything" I said. She gave me a weird look then realised what I was doing. She put the camera next to the kettle so the boys wouldn’t see it once they came in. I wiped off the cheese cake that was left on my face. 'MAYBE ITS NOT MY WEEKEND BUT ITS GONNA BE MY YE-'  I cut off my phone ringing by of course answering it.


Me: Hellooo?

Dad: Alaska can you please come home now

Me: but daaad im pranking

Dad: I don’t care I need you home

Me: *scoff* okay father be home in a minute


I hung up and looked at Julissa "sorry tuxedo but father wants me home" she gave me a hug and walked me to the door. "Later potato, ill look through my book to find something to get them back bye" - "Bye tomato" I closed the door behind me and fixed my burgundy beanie and began to walk home. It started to get chilly and it was a 10 minute walk. I rolled my eyes and groaned before walking a little faster.




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