The Fault || 5SOS & 1D

"Say something! please" I pleaded with tears streaming down my face. "Why?" he spat. "Because I'm giving up on you, I'm giving up on us so please say something!" i cried. He shook his head and left me.

Recently called 'You Got Me Good'


9. Chapter Nine - Lonesome Bubble

Shortly after pacing around the street Jack pulled up beside me and opened the passenger door. "Hey, its freezing, get in" I nodded and jumped in giving him a quick hug before he turned the car around and started to drive to his house. "So tell me what happened?" He said but made it sound more like a question. I shrugged and turned my head to look out the window. I missed Mocha to be honest. "Uh Julissa all of a sudden turned into a bitch and then we had a punch up and then she grabbed my hair and banged my head into a glass coffee table making it shatter" I said slowly cause I was tired. "Wow, and you guys have been friends since you were young?" He asked. I nodded and continued to gaze out the car window. It was super quiet the rest of the way to his. As we pulled up to a small looking apartment A boy who looked just taller then Jack ran out. Actually as he got closer he looked exactly like jack.


I hopped out of the car and waited for Jack to get out too. "Hey! You must be Alaska, I'm Finn! I'm Jacks twin brother" He said happily and pulled me into a hug. I hugged back softly and smiled "It's nice to meet you, Jack didn't actually tell me he had a brother let alone a twin" I said as Jack joined us. He hurried us into the house so we were out of the cold just as it started to snow again. We walked into the lounge room and sat on the lounge. Finn gave me some blankets and we all sat under them together. "Do you want some panadol or maybe a bandage since your head is pretty roughed up?" Jack asked and I nodded slowly. The room was a bit fuzzy but I was really tired and had been crying so it could just be my vision. I heard a knock at the door and I covered my ears. The sound ringed through it causing me to groan. Finn got up and opened it. There was a small silence before Finn started yelling "get out". I stood up and walked over to Jack who was standing in the entrance of the foyer.


He was blocking my view of who was at the door but I could just see light blonde hair and curly locks. I mentally slapped myself in the face. Niall and Harry were arguing with Finn and telling him to let them in but he wouldn’t. "Fuck off the both of you" I said from behind Jack. "Please Alaska, Julissa and I broke up and she is already on her way back home she's a bitch we believe you over her and the rest of the boys are at home cleaning up the mess and Liam is in the car, please come back" he pleaded. I sighed and shook my head "Please just leave, don't make this any harder as it already is" I said. "THAT’S WHAT SHE SAID" Jack and Finn yelled out. Way to ruin such an intense moment but we all laughed about it. Finn finally decided to let them in so we could all talk which lead to us talking about me coming back or leaving. I decided on leaving but I wasn't going to go back home, I was going to go to stay at an old friends house for a while before I decided to go on tour with the boys. I would leave in the morning and I wasn't aloud to say goodbye to the rest of the boys. But I did.


They saw me off at the airport early the next morning and when I say early I mean 4:30am early. I stood in line at my terminal holding my ticket in both hands. I turned back at the eight boys standing over the other side of the room hugging each other and sobbing softly. Louis sat on the ground with his head in his hands crying. Luke stood behind with a tensed face. Harry was hugging Niall; they were both crying. And the rest stood there waving and crying in a small group hug. In my opinion it was adorable but other people probably thought it was extremely weird. The line got shorter and shorter as the seconds passed. I looked out the window as I handed my ticket to the lady and she swiped it. She gave it back and I began to walk down the narrow hallway to were I got onto the plane. I turned around quickly so I could wave at the boys but they weren't there anymore. I turned around slowly and started to walk onto the plane. I found my seat and sat in it before getting out my head phones and listening to my music. I sat next to two adults who were friends then there is me in my small lonesome bubble.






and yeah i know its pretty short but for the past how ever long i have had writers block and i have written two other books but one i didnt really know what to do with it as with this one but i know you guys love it so i decided for now i may as well give you a lil something

but i am not leaving for a long time, I have The Fault and now Find You up and running and they will stay that way until I am fully finished with them unless i bring out sequals


anyway i hope you like it sorry its short im working on the new chapter already and please comment favourite and like XD xoxox

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