The Fault || 5SOS & 1D

"Say something! please" I pleaded with tears streaming down my face. "Why?" he spat. "Because I'm giving up on you, I'm giving up on us so please say something!" i cried. He shook his head and left me.

Recently called 'You Got Me Good'


4. Chapter Four - flashback (18+ for half the chapter)




****************************************IF YOU DO NOT LIKE SEXUAL THINGS OR RAPE IN THAT CASE DO NOT READ*********************************************************





I remembered it all to well. The pain. The struggle. The hurt. How my own brother could have done that. I remember the day as if it were yesterday.




"Adrian where are you?" I yelled as I ran around the back yard. I was 14 at the time and playing home bas 44 with my 19 year old brother and out four cousins. Three of our cousins had hit home which was the pool gate. I still had to find Adrian and Lucy. "You can't find me" he called back before blowing a raspberry. I giggled and ran into the garden that was covered in my mothers favourite flowers. Her tombstone sat in the middle under a cherry blossom tree. I ran through and out the other side to a park. I had only been there twice in my life making this the third. I came her with my mum. I heard Lucy call out from the distance "HOME BASE 44". I shrugged all I had to find was Adrian. I walked around a corner and saw him with five of his friends.


I stopped and watched. I couldn’t exactly tell what they were doing till one pointed a me. He turned around and smiled "Alaska, come meet some friends of mine" he said and waved me over. I walked slowly over to him and stood by his side. "Guys, this is my little sister Alaska" I cut him off before he could go on "Im not little" I said and crossed my arms. One of the boys laughed "Oh no you are not" he said before slapping my ass. I gave him a glare than looked at Adrian for help. He shrugged "be right make need to piss, take care of her will ya'" he said before running off. I stood there with my arms crossed as the boys looked at me. "So Alaska, how old are you?" One of them asked. I knew his name I had met him once. Reece.


"uh 14" I answered. He smirked at the one who slapped my ass. "So you wanna have some fun?" He asked. I shook my head "No I'll be leaving" I said and turned to walk away. One of them grabbed me and placed a hand on my boob. "I don’t think so missy" He grinned. The next thing I know Reece is putting a white cloth over my mouth. I zoned out and felt myself fall.

I'm not sure how long it was but I woke up by grunts. I wasn’t sure where I was it looked like a basement. I opened my eyes and saw a boy hovering over me. He smiled "She's awake Reece" he said.


Reece walked over and took the masking tape off my mouth. "Now babe, if you scream no one can hear you" He said. He hovered over me instead and slowly undressed me. "W-what are you doing?" I stuttered. He smiled "I'm going to let you have a fun time" he grinned. He unbuttoned my pants and pulled my underwear down and my bra off. He cupped one hand over my boob and licked the other. I couldn’t do nothing since I was chained. "How can a fourteen year old have C sized tits" he exclaimed. I scoffed in utter disgust and tried to thrash around.


He punched me in the face "You will like this or I will kill you" that’s what made me give up. He moved his head down to my lower area. "Oh Alaska you're soaked" he said. I heard the other boys snicker. I knew what was about to happen and as much I wanted to do something to stop it there was nothing I could do. He started to lick my clit and finger me. I squirmed but in the bad way. He fingered me faster until I started to moan. I couldn’t help it. I rejected it but my body didn’t. He moved back up to me and stood above me. He slowly undressed himself and flopped his length into my mouth.


He grabbed me by the hair and made me suck it. It was disgusting. I could not believe Adrian let this happen. I felt his dick twitch in my mouth and my mouth become full of warm gooey liquid. I swallowed because it felt like I would choke if I didn’t. He pulled back down and looked at me innocently. "You disgust me" I spat. He smiled before slapping me "Adrian told me you liked it rough" He smiled. And within a second he shoved himself in me. I screamed from the pain. He went hard making me scream more but the pain screams quickly turned into pleasurable screams.


Each boy had there turn. And by the end of it I liked it. Until Adrian walked in. "You know sis, Its great I'm not your biological brother because now I get to fuck you like I fucked your mum before I killed her… before we killed her" He snickered. I couldn’t take it any more. I lifted my head up and smack the back of it on he ground. I had past out immediately.


I woke up in Reeces room naked lying next to him. I had fabric in my mouth so I couldn’t scream and just like before I was tied up. He smiled "Alaska you’re awake" He smiled. He took the covers off my body and I shivered. I realised he was naked too. "You're cold" He said and laid on top of me. "You know I've always loved your body Alaska" he said before crashing his lips into mine. "You want me to fuck you don’t you?" He stated. I knew it wasn’t a question because he knew I didn’t want to be. He nodded "I know you do" He said. He moved his head down and licked my clit. I moaned and he smiled.


I had completely given up. He stuck his tongue inside me and rubbed my clit fast. I arched my back and moaned louder. I reached my climax and my liquids flowed into his mouth. I panted and he came back up and made out with me more. "So baby, No ones home and you’re now my sex slave, hoe about I undo you and we go fuck all around the house. I'm pretty sure they drugged me because I couldn’t resist. I nodded excitedly and he took the fabric out of my mouth and untied me from his bed. "First well do it here" He said. I nodded and he slowly went in me.


I moaned in pleasure and wrapped my legs around him. He went in me deeper and harder. "Oooh yes" I moaned as he went harder. "Faster baby" I asked in mid moan. He went faster until I was climaxing. I was screaming and shaking. I felt myself squirt all over him. I than felt his dick twitch inside me as he released his cum in me. I moaned.


He fucked me 15 times after that all in the same day. His bedroom twice. His sisters once. His parents three times. Kitchen twice. Pool once. Lounge room twice. Shower once. His car once. His brothers room once.


End of flashback





***************************************************************************************************YOU CAN READ AGAIN****************************************************************************************************




I woke up screaming and crying. Luke was the first by my side. "Alaska what's wrong?" He asked hurriedly. I instantly jumped into his arms and hugged him. "I don’t want him to come back, if he comes back he'll hurt me again. Please don’t let him hurt me again" I cried into his shoulder. "It's okay Alaska, I wont let anyone hurt you. I looked at the other three familiar faces had joined into hugging me. It was around 2 in the morning. "Please come watch TV with me" I asked quietly to Luke. He nodded "Sure thing angel" He whispered. I walked out to the lounge room and sat on the lounge cuddling up to the blankets.


Luke came in Five seconds later and sat beside me. He hugged me tight and turned on the TV. 'Beauty school cop outs' was on. I snuggled into Luke and he kissed my forehead. "Do you want to talk about it" he asked quietly. I instantly shook my head rapidly. He nodded "Okay angel, if you want to talk to me, I'm always here for you" He said. I nodded "Thank you" I whispered back.



For the rest of the morning I didn’t sleep. The night after that I didn’t either. Even the night after that I hadn't. There were a few pranks here and there during the day but I stayed out of it. I felt cold and numb as if I was possessed or something. I also had sudden outbursts like this morning. I woke up as normal and went to the lounge room. It was a mess and I just lost my shit. I apologised to the boys about it an hour later and than I had another one and Louis and Harry for acting like little kids and not listening to Paul. I apologised about that too.


I heard Ashton walk into the room talking quietly to Calum. I wasn't paying much attention and I honestly didn't care. I felt my phone beep interrupting my thoughts.


Nialler<3: hey, hey What you up too?

Me: nothing bored take me too Nando's. Alaska is hungry

Nialler<3: Sure ting sweet cheeks, The busses will arrive at our hotel in Perth in about 30 minutes so when we book in I'll find the nearest one and take you


Nialler<3: LOL, talk soon gorgeous


I put my phone away and continued watching Pretty Little Liars. I actually loved this show although sometimes spooked me. Which funny enough does not happen easily. I looked over towards Ashton who was still whispering to Calum. "What?" Ashton spat when he saw me looking at him. I was speechless at his outburst. "Do you have a staring problem and are you deaf?" He spat again getting louder. My eyes got watery and I shook my head turning my attention back to Pretty Little Liars. I don’t know what is Ashton's problem lately let alone anyone on this tour bus. Everyone's so moody and yes I admit I am.


I felt the bus pull to a stop and I'm sure I have never ran so fast to get out of somewhere since now. I ran to the 1D bus and the boys came out I jumped on Louis back and hugged him "LOU TAKE ME TO MY ROOM" I yelled. He laughed and I jumped off. "Feeling better?" Harry asked. If he means my outbursts I was fine "Yeah I'm good" I said. A few seconds later Paul and the 5SOS boys joined us. "Now girls, its two to a room so Harry and Louis you guys are obviously together-" He was cut off by them yelling a 'Yes'. He continued "and the rest is up to you" he said. Niall walked over to me and smiled "Will you do the honours of being my room mate?" He chuckled and I returned giggled "Why of course" I curtsied.


Once we had put everything away in our rooms which happened to be top floor either next to or opposite each other. Niall and I went to Nando's because this woman is starving.


Nialls P.O.V.



We walked into Nandos and for some reason it was dead quiet. Actually all of today its been pretty quiet and not a lot of traffic. I walked over to the girl at the register who looked pretty upset. "Excuse me" I said quietly getting her attention. Alaska was gripping onto my arm tightly and was basically cuddling me. "Sir you should not be out so late in the day" She whispered. I rose my left brow "What do you mean its only 2 in the afternoon?" I asked confused. She shook her head "A man has escaped from the jail. He has gone on a rampage and has killed anyone and everyone he sees" she exclaimed in a shudder. I frowned "well we must be go-" I was cut off by a loud bang. "He's here" the girl said. I ran to one of the tables and basically threw Alaska under it than myself.


The glass window above us shattered as another bullet was shot through it. Alaska was about to scream but I covered her mouth. "Alaska, its going to be okay were going to be fine baby" I cooed while hugging her. I kissed her forehead as I heard someone walk in. Their feet crushing all the glass on the ground. "What do you want!" I heard the girl at the register shout. I don’t know what had happened but she scream and he shot her. I knew he shot her since I watched it happen from under the table. Alaska started sobbing quietly as he walked over to us. "Now get out from under there and ill spare your sorry lives but you only get ten seconds" He said. I grabbed Alaska and ran towards the door but she stopped.


Her jaws was basically on the ground "You" she growled and pointed to the guy. He smirked and I tugged at her arm. "YOU FUCKING DICK!" Alaska screamed. Okay I get it he killed that chick but he's about to kill us. "Hello Alaska" He said and put his gun in his pocket. "Wait you know him?" I asked. She shuddered but nodded "This pathetic excuse of a human being is my brother" She said loud enough for him to hear. "that was low sis" he snickered. She turned and faced him. "Low? LOW? YOU WANT TO KNOW WHATS FUCKING LOW KILLING YOUR FUCKING MOTHER YOU KNOW WHAT ELSE IS LOW RAPING YOUR FUCKING SISTER AND LETTING YOUR FIVE FRIENDS RAPE HER THAN DRUG HER SO YOUR BESTFRIEND WHO WAS LIKE A BROTHER TO HER, RAPE HER ALMOST 20 TIMES AND GET HER KNOCKED UP FOR HER TO TELL HER FATHER WHY SHE WAS KNOCKED UP WATCH HER BROTHER GO TO PRISON HAVE A FUCKING KID AT THE AGE OF 15 AND GIVE HER UP BECAUSE IT WAS THE BEST CHANCE HER KID FUCKING HAD… THAT’S LOW" she yelled while crying.


I couldn’t believe what I heard. I grabbed her arm about to run out but I wasn’t fast enough. He shot her. Twice. Twice in the stomach. He than shot me in the same place but once. We fell to the ground in pain. "well bye sis" He said before walking out. I looked at Alaska who was basically vomiting. I saw her eyes slowly start to shut. I grabbed her hand and weakly shook my head "Don't leave" I said slowly. She just stared at me before shutting her eyes. I had a few tears run down my face before my eyes shut too. This couldn't possibly be the end.


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