The Fault || 5SOS & 1D

"Say something! please" I pleaded with tears streaming down my face. "Why?" he spat. "Because I'm giving up on you, I'm giving up on us so please say something!" i cried. He shook his head and left me.

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5. Chapter Five - Comeback

Luke's P.O.V.


I heard sirens a lot of them actually. I was sitting next to the window in Harry and Louis room. I saw the ambulances stop at near a park just down the street. "Hey Harry, where did Alaska and Niall go?" I asked. He paused for a second and looked at me "Uh Nando's its down the street near a park big yellowy building. "FUCK" I yelled resulting to the boys looking at me weirdly. I pointed to where the three ambulances are. You could just see a blonde haired boy and a purple hair girl come out on stretchers. The boys joined to look. "no… no.. No. no, no, no, nonono" Harry said basically crying. "Gather up the boys and Paul" Louis yelled at me. I nodded with tears in my eyes. I ran out to the hall and got the other boys.




The car ride there was quiet other than the soft sobbing. News had confirm that it was Niall and Alaska. They had been shot. As soon as we got to the hospital Harry, Louis, and I ran as fast as we could to the front desk. "NIALL HORAN AND ALASKA COWELL?" Louis screamed. "They are both in surgery and will be out later tonight. Please take a seat" The lady said. I walked over to the seating area and sat down. I ran my finger through my hair and cried. Out of the 5SOS boys Michael and I were the closest to her and out of the 1D boys Niall, Harry, and of course Louis and everyone was close to Niall.


I heard door slam open and we all looked at a very angry Simon Cowell. "WHAT DID YOU DO?" he yelled at us. Liam stood up immediately and explained what was going on. He sat down between Liam and Ashton. I looked at Ashton who had a pretty bad tear stained face. He was looking off out the window. I looked at each of the boys who also had tear stained faces. Than there was Harry and I we were still sobbing. "Horan?" a lady asked. Everyone stood up and looked at her. "Mr Horan is in a coma but he'll be fine. He is expected to wake up with in the next few weeks you can go visit him if you wish" she said. "And what about Alaska Cowell?" Simon asked. She checked her clipboard and shook her head. "Nothing just yet" she said before walking away.


I ran after Harry who took off towards Nialls room. We all crowded into the smallish room. Niall laid there. Pale. Basically dead yet alive. Every so often his hand twitched but that was it. Michael suggested we let the 1D boys and Simon alone in there. I walked out and sat back on my seat. Please comeback I thought about Alaska. Hell I liked this girl. I liked this girl too much.






Ashtons P.O.V



Its been a week since the accident. Niall and Alaska haven't woken up yet either. There has been literally no communication between both us and the 1D boys. We have all basically been sitting around the hospital, hotel, or tour bus. I think the worst of the boys would definitely be Luke, Harry and I. Luke was always in Alaska's room with either Simon or Me, and harry would always be with Liam in Nialls room. At the moment we were all in Alaska's room. I looked at each boy. Each boy basically breaking by the sight of her. Cords hanging off her, Her face and body paler than a ghost. She was on the verge of dying or waking.


I looked at Simon who had Alaskas hand in his and he had his head laying on the bed. He was asleep. He literally cried himself to sleep. Luke was the same but he was on the other side of her. I looked at Michael who was outside on the phone to his sister basically screaming because he could barely talk through his tears. All I knew is that his sister is on about to get on a flight here and will be here in around 7 hours. The other boys had either cried themselves to sleep or completely silent and with their heads in their hands.


I sighed and walked out and into Nialls room which was two rooms away. I walked in and went and sat down next to him. I sort of just stared at him hoping he would wake up but not even a flinch. I heard a beep and my eyes flickered to his heart monitor. It was perfectly fine. I looked back at Niall and his eyes were slowly open. "A-sh-t-on" he whispered. My eyes filled with tears. Happy ones. "Oh my god Niall your awake" I said. He nodded slowly. "Be right back Ill go get a nurse" He nodded again. I got up and went to walk out but something started to rapidly beat. I looked at the monitor and realised it was a line.


I ran out yelling help and about five nurses and two doctors ran in. "Sir what had happened?" One nurse asked as they got out the defibrillator. I could hardly speak "He was awake and I got up to go get a nurse and I turned around and the line-the line" I sobbed. I walked out to Alaskas room and walked in. Everyone looked at me. "Niall was awake" I said. The boys faces lit up "but his heart stopped beating" I said slowly. Everyone looked at the ground "Is he dead?" Harry asked quietly. "Well Harry if his heart stopped beating than yes he's dead" Zayn snapped. I shook my head "He's not dead yet, they are trying to save him" I said. They nodded and didn’t talk.






Luke's P.O.V.



Its been a month since the accident. Julissa is now here. Everyone was still crowded around Alaska. Including Niall. He was fine he had just lost a lot of blood. He was let out last week. The boys have done barely one show. We didn’t open for them though they got some other people too. I still haven't talked to anyone. I could see Harry's eyes always on Julissa which was good I guess but she was oblivious to it.






Alaska's P.O.V.



I felt like I was in a deep sleep. It was good I guess. Besides the nightmares. I only just started to here sounds. Three familiar but a couple that weren't. actually a lot that weren't. I tried to open my eyes but I couldn't. It took a lot of effort but they never budged. "You don't understand this is my daughter!" I heard someone yell. It was my dad. "I'm sorry Mr Cowell, but if she isn't awake by tonight we are going to take her off life support" someone replied. I figured it was a nurse. I heard a sigh and a door close. I felt someone grab by hand gently and kiss it than my forehead. I thought it was my dad but it wasn't. "Please Alaska, you have to wake up" I heard him whisper. It was a voice I didn’t recognise. "Please gorgeous they'll take you from us if you don't" He said again. That triggered something.





"Mum!" I squealed and ran to her arms. She had just gotten out of hospital with my little sister. "Now Alaska, be careful she isn't a toy" My mum said quietly trying not to wake her. "What's her name mummy?" I asked whispering. "Melody" She said. "It's beautiful" I said in awe.




Mummy was crying so was Daddy. They were standing over a small hospital bed while I sat outside. "Please don't go… don’t let them take you from us" My mum cried. That was the night I lost my baby sister to cancer. I was six. She was three.


End of flashback


My eyes immediately opened and I gasped as if I hadn't breathed in years. I looked to my hand and followed the other hand to an arm, then a shoulder, then a head, then a face that I did not recognise. "Alaska you're awake oh thank god" he exclaimed. I blinked a few times. "Uhm wh-" He cut me off by running out of the room and getting the nurses. He waited at the door while the Nurse examined me. "So Alaska, how are you feeling?" She asked me. I shrugged "like I've been sleeping for years" I lightly laughed. "So over the next couple weeks you will probably be experiencing some pain from your head, stomach and chest" she said.



I rose an eyebrow "how come?" I asked. "well you were shot and you have brain damage, how old are you sweet heart?" She asked. "uh 15" I said like it was no big deal. She gulped "honey you're 17, you've lost 2 years of memory. So if some boys walk in don't freak out… I will be back to check up on you later" she said before leaving. A large group of boys - including my father - and Julissa crowded into the small room. First to my side is obviously Julissa. "Oh my minion! You're alive gorgeous" she exclaimed engulfing me in a bear hug. I gasped and my eyes watered.


She let go quickly and gasped to "oh my god im so sorry I forgot about your stitches" she said. My father slowly walked over to me and gave me a small hug. "Alaska… you had me scared shitless" He chuckled. It made everyone else laugh too. "Can I ask a question?" I asked. Everyone nodded allowing for me to go on "uh who are you?" I said slowly. Everyone looked at each other in disbelief. "I obviously remember Michael, Julissa and my dad but I have no idea who any of you guys are" I explained pointing to eight boys. They all looked at each other as if they were about to start crying. I felt bad I really did.


I looked at my dad who's previous smile had faulted and was now a frown. "boys unfortunately Alaska has some brain damage and cannot remember anything in the past two years. So hopefully after a while she will get her memory back but there may be a slight chance she wont" the nurse said as she walked into my room. She held up an x-ray of my head. "As you may be able to see, her brain is a bit bruised and swollen at the back but the swelling will go down within a few days… also within the next hour or so Dr Carter will come in for a quick check up and clean your stitches then you will be free to go" She said sort of bubbly before walking out.


I looked at dad than at Julissa waiting for them to explain. "Ok sweetie, I have been sent away for a 6 month trip and your on tour with the boys, Julissa will now come to join you but unfortunately because I had been here I will be gone an extra three months so your now have 8 and a half months left with the boys" My father said. I nodded slowly "How long have a previously been with them for?" I asked. He shrugged "A month and a half" I nodded and laid down. "I want some sleep" I said quietly. The boys rushed out of the room. Minus a brown haired one "Every ones been worried sick about you beautiful" he said before leaving.




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