Your my Protection

A small town girl Kayla Ramone is scarred by the sight of her whole family being ripped to shreds by a pack of goblins. fortunately , she got away .. but not for long . Can someone protect her ? or is there no one left ..


2. Risky

"No ! Noo !" I saw an angry & hungry pack rushing towards me . I ran as fast as I could untill one pinned me against the ground .

Slobber and drool covering my face, the goblin was right above me .

An arrow flew right over my face, piercing the goblins skin . No . It cant be . There are no other humans . not that I know of .

"Come on ! Get up ! let's get out of here !!" A British voice came from behind me . I turned around, lucky to see a man standing there with a bag of weapons .

He was tall , about 5'9, I'm not sure but it looked as so . He had black hair, sticking up from his head, with a beard starting to form, a little further from a 5 o clock shadow . His bone structure in his face was perfect, especially his cheek bones .

He was perfect in my eyes.

"Im Zayn . Zayn Malik. Yours ? "

"Kayla Ramone ."

"Well nice to meet you Kayla . " he said as holding out his arm . I accepted his gesture and shook his hand.

"We have to get going, there's a pack not far behind . I know a place near the motherland which will be safe enough for tonight. " Zayn said , concentrating on his speech .

Zayn's POV.

"Help ! Help ! " I heard from a ways in front of me . I didnt know there were others , i mean i knew, but not close .

I heard snarls, growls, I knew it was a goblin, and I knew there was a girl desperately needing my help .

She was right there , right in front of me. It was a hard shot but i figured if anything were to go wrong, being eaten by a goblin would be her last resort. The arrow was ready on the bow, it only took one shot.

I let go of the arrow , after hesitating for a moment. The goblin fell to the ground beside her .

"Come on ! Get up ! We have to get out of here !!" I basically commanded .

I know my mom and dad are camping, but for now i know I have to keep her protected .

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