One Thing

When Lena's uncle offers her a job to work as an assistant for his music studio she acceptes the offer.Her first summer job. Then she meets bad boy Zayn and flirtatious Harry what's is she going to do? They both are trying to make her theirs. Now she has to choose who will she pick to love and who will be heart broken? Read to find out.


3. What Just Happened?

That night I couldn't go to bed I lie awake in my bed looking at the ceiling I just keep on thinking about what happened that night. I lay there in bed just with me and my thoughts I then get pulled into my revere of thoughts and drift to sleep. I woke the next morning thinking everything that happened last night was just a figment of my imagination. But I got a text message that said,'hope you're awake beautiful don't be late for work xoxo- Zayn.' The sun's rays peeping through my window finding its way through the closed blinds lights up my room. Then I hear the alarm's chiming scream fill my room ,guess I got up to early I thought to myself.

I got another text message from somebody it read"Don't forget about tonight ;) -Zayn."

I quickly got up and headed towards the washroom and started to get ready. I turned on the shower until it started to steam in the bathroom and fog the mirrors I jumped in cooling the water down. After I was done taking a shower I got dressed; I decided to wear high waisted shorts because it was so hot out, hot pink tank top,and buckled sandals. Today, I kept my makeup simple again. I just applied eyeliner that followed my eye shape,mascara,light blush, and a neutral lipstick. I did my dark hair in waves. When I was done getting ready I rushed out the door to get to the studio.

When I finally arrived to the studio I went straight to the singing booth to find the boys already there. Once I walked in Zayn looked at me then stared at the ground remembering yesterday. Harry rose one if his eyebrows not sure what happened thank Louis for breaking the silence." Hey love we were just waiting for you so we could start recording." All the boys jumped in to start recording for the third album. Once they were all done Niall suggested," I'm a bit hungry who else is up for Nandos?"

Everybody agreed me and hand in hand walking together down the cracked payment. Once Niall ordered for everybody I got up and said," I'm gonna go to the washroom I'll be back in a second." I got up and started to walk to the bathroom. I felt someone pull me around and pull me up close I looked up and it was Harry. I tried to pull him off but he just pushed me to the bathroom and locked it. He turned around and pushed me up against the wall pinning my arms above and started to kiss my neck. He pulled away reluctantly and whispered into my ear,"Why him I could love you so much more,give you more ?"

I shuddered at his touch. He went straight back to my neck I could feel his lips moving against my neck I let a slight moan he had a smug smile I could feel it. He then found my sweet spot sucking and biting on my neck. I then realize what I was doing and pushed him off of me." Get off of me I'm with Zayn ." With that I left him in the bathroom as I marched out. I sat next to Zayn not knowing what to say to him.

"What happened babe?"him asking knowing something was up. "Hey has anyone seen Harry our food is almost ready ?" Niall asked curiously.

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