One Thing

When Lena's uncle offers her a job to work as an assistant for his music studio she acceptes the offer.Her first summer job. Then she meets bad boy Zayn and flirtatious Harry what's is she going to do? They both are trying to make her theirs. Now she has to choose who will she pick to love and who will be heart broken? Read to find out.


1. The Meet

The chiming alarm went off in the cool morning persistent to wake me. I groggily got out of bed heading to the washroom. I reached the mirror and saw the reflection of a girl that had green setting eyes with dark hair passing her shoulders.When I finished taking a shower I did my makeup simple. Eyeliner, mascara, blush, and a light coral lip color.when I was done doing my makeup I put on a mid thigh length dress and did my hair in loose curls."Lena,hurry up before you're late to the studio,"said my uncle. My uncle works in a music studio and he offered me a job as an assistant. I needed the money and he needed an extra hand so I accepted. Today was my first day at my new summer job

"Lena",interrupted a curly haired boy who was smiling and now showing his dimples."Mr.Davidson has told us a lot about you already. Kind of like that you're going to be our assistant,"the curly haired boy added on. They all introduced themselves, but one boy lingered."Hey, doll I'm Zayn,"he whispered into my ear. Making me shudder. In the corner of my eye I saw Harry's green eyes turn a shade dark than their usual joyous green.

After everybody introduced themselves Louis said," Shouldn't we start recording our songs now?" Everybody agreed and they all got into the booth. While they did that I sat down on the large sofa. I saw Zayn and Harry staring at me while they were singing ' Story of My Life'. After recording a few more songs everybody agreed it was time to start heading home.

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