Kidnapped Love

Kasey Stokes is Nick Stokes's daughter and he is very protective of her but what happens when he lets her go to her friend Alissa's party and she ends up sleeping with Jason McCann


1. Prologue 💖

* Kasey's Pov *

I can't believe my dad let me go to my friend Alissa's party. I was dressed in a red strapless dress and my black heels. I put on my diamond earrings and my heart necklace I really didn't do much of make up I only put on lipstick and mascara. After I was done putting my jewelry on I sprayed on my perfume then it grabbed my phone then left my room. I got downstairs to my dad was sitting on the couch watching the football game.

" dad I'm off see you later " I said

" okay call me if you're stuck or need a ride home " he said

" I might just stay at Alissa's house " I said

" okay bye " my dad said

" bye dad " I said and walked outside the house to my car and drove to Alissa's house.

I parked my car and got out then went inside to see teens everywhere drinking , kissing , grinding , and some were probably upstairs fucking each others brains out. I found Alissa's kitchen pouring herself a drink.

" hey babe " I said

" hey sweet cheeks you look good " she said

" I try my best " I said grabbing myself a red cup and started to drink whatever was was in it .

Cups later I was dancing by myself when I felt arms go around me. I looked up to see none other than Jason McCann. We grinded on each other I could feel his friend start to get hard. I smirked.

" wanna go upstairs " Jason asked

" hell yes " I said and he grabbed my hand and led me upstairs to one of Alissa's guest rooms and when he closed the door my back hit it and his lips smashed against mines then I felt his tongue go down my throat.

His hands went around my waist and squeezed my ass making me moan into the kiss. I then wrapped an arm around his neck and the other going up his shirt. He pulled away and pulled his shirt off. He then started to kiss my neck making me moan. I reached down and took off my shoes he then took off my dress and kissed my chest. He walked back hit the soft mattress. He kissed his way down my chest and down my stomach, he the took off my panties and kissed my core. He unbuckled his pants and pulled them down along with his boxers and we ended up having drunk sex.

[ Next Day ]

I woke up with an headache I reached out next to me to feel nothing but a piece of paper. I grabbed it to see it was a note from Jason.

THE NOTE: Dear Kasey, I had fun last night but the thing is I don't want you, the only reason I had sex with you is because I was drunk.

Yours Truly,

Jason McCann

I crumbled up the note and started to cry. I got out the bed and pulled my clothes on and I didn't even bother to put my shoes on. I grabbed my keys and went to my car and got in. I drove all the way home crying. I got out the car and went in the house up to my room and laid in bed.

@ 1 Month Later @

Today was the third time puking. I stood up from the toilet and brushed my teeth. I left the bathroom then I realized I haven't got my period yet. I grabbed my keys and got in my car and drove to the drug store. I walked down the female section and looked for a pregnancy test. When I found one I grabbed it and took it to the cashier. After I paid for it I then got in my car and drove home. I ran up the stairs to my bathroom and took the stick out the box and peed on it. I flushed the toilet and had to wait three minutes for the results. After three minutes were up I looked at the test and saw a little pink plus sign and I gasped. I was pregnant with Jason McCann's baby. I threw away the test and since my dad wasn't home I just went to Alissa's house. I knocked on her house door and her mom answered it. I smiled at her and walked up to Alissa's room.

" hey babe " Alissa greeted me

" hi " I said

" what's wrong " she said

" I'm pregnant " I said

" omg by who " she said

" Jason McCann " I said

" are you sure " she said

" yes I haven't had my period in a month the day after your party I was supposed to get it " I said

" have you told your dad " She said

" no you're the first person I told " I said

" what are you gonna do " she said

" I don't know " I said

" you need to tell your dad " Alissa said

" I'm scared to " I said

" It'll be okay if your dad kicks you out you can live with me here " Alissa said

" would your mom let me " I said

" of course " she said

" I don't know what to do " I said running my Hans through my hair

" you'll get through this " she said

" hopefully " I said leaving her room and our of her house and got in my car.

While driving I sent a text to my dad saying we needed to talk and drove home. I pulled up in the driveway to see my dad was home. I walked in the house and he looked up at me from the tv and smiled at me.

" so what did you need to talk about " he said

" well dad I'm pregnant " I said

" by who " he said

" Jason McCann and when I woke up the morning after the party there was a note from him saying he didn't want me and I was just a toy to him " I said and by that time I had tears running down my face like a waterfall.

My dad got up from the couch and pulled me into a hug and rubbed my back in comfort to clam me down.

" so you're not mad " I said looking up at him

" no I'm just disappointed that you would let this happen to yourself " he said and this why I love my dad.

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