Kidnapped Love

Kasey Stokes is Nick Stokes's daughter and he is very protective of her but what happens when he lets her go to her friend Alissa's party and she ends up sleeping with Jason McCann


10. Chapter 9❤️

~ Few Days Later ~ 
* Jason's Pov *

I had got up around four o'clock and had a shower. I got out and changed into a pair of jeans , a white v-neck shirt with a hooded sweatshirt and my black shoes then I put on my sliver chains and nixon spencer watch. Grabbing my phone I went escalade and got in then drove to Kasey's house. Getting out I went up to re front door and rang the doorbell. A few moments later Kasey appeared at the door. 

" you're not dressed yet " I asked her

" I can't move that fast alright " Kasey said and she stepped aside and allowed me in then closed the door. 

" San Diego Zoo opens up at nine o'clock " I said 

" I know I had to get Marissa's stuff ready her mom is picking her up today and I have to get dressed " Kasey said and she left upstairs to get dressed while I sat in the living room with Marissa. 

* Kasey's Pov * 

Getting dressed in a pair of maternity fitted jeans , a white maternity v neck and black & white vans I straightened my hair and I grabbed my bag along with my phone , ray ban aviators I left my room downstairs. As I got downstairs my phone began to ring , I looked to see Diane calling.

[ Phone Convo ] 
Me - hello
Diane - Kasey we'll meet you at the zoo
Me - okay 
Diane - bye 
Me - bye
[ End Of Phone Convo ] 

I put my phone in my bag and went and put Marissa's stuff in Jason's car. Going back in the house I grabbed Marissa's car seat and Jason strapped her in while I got in. Once Jason did strap Marissa in he got in the driver seat and started the car. As Jason was driving I handed Marissa her iPad mini.

While driving Jason grabbed my hand rubbing small circles on the top of my hand. I looked at him through my aviators and smiled at him. Jason pulled his hand away from mine and placed it on my big stomach. 

" just wait in two months we'll have our little boy " Jason said 

" I'm so excited but scared " I said 

" scared of what " Jason asked

" what if something is wrong with him when he comes out " I said 

" don't say that nothing is going to be wrong with him when he comes out " Jason said 

" you don't know that " I said 

" I know you just have to hope on that he is healthy " Jason said 

" I know he's healthy " I said 

" that's the spirit l" Jason said and I laughed then sat back and relaxed until we were at the zoo.

Soon enough we arrived at the zoo and there were cars everywhere long lines just to get in and park. Once we were in Jason parked and I had got out while Jason got Marissa out of the car. We then walked and stood in line to get our passes to go inside. Getting to the front of the line Jason had gave them a piece of paper then we were handed out tickets then we went inside and sat down waiting for Diane , Alissa , Adam and Rick. When I seen them they walked over to us.

" you ready to go look at animals " Diane said 

" I guess " I said and I got up and all of us walked over to the monkeys.

There was a daddy gorilla and a baby gorilla just walking around on its back. I smiled and looked up at Jason.

" what " Jason said 

" look at the daddy gorilla and the baby father and son you and Aaron " I said 

" we're not gorillas " Jason said 

" at one point we were apes " I said 

" yea during the stone ages " Jason and just then a gorilla came up to the glass where I was standing and was staring at me.

It's eyes then went from mine to my seven month and four days pregnant belly. 

" look Marissa a gorilla " I said and she came over and looked at the gorilla that was staring at me. 

Marissa then began to play with a small gorilla making funny faces at it. After watching the gorillas we went over to the zebras. There was this one zebra that stood out he was sitting there on against the rocks looking at the others play around. I then feel Marissa tap my calf and I looked down at her.

" I'm hungry " she said 

" we just got here " I said 

" but I'm hungry " she said 

" okay " I said and we walked around till we found a food place.

Jason then picked Marissa up in his arms. Standing in line we waited to get to the front of the line. Once to the front of the line we got ready to order.

" can I have chicken nuggets and fries with juice " Marissa said

" can I have what she said plus a cheese burger with a large fry and an Oreo you want something " I said 

" no " Jason said 

" will that be all " the cashier said 

" yes " I said

" your total is nineteen dollars and forty three cents " the cashier said and I reached in my bag taking out my wallet then I pulled out a twenty dollar bill and handing it to the cashier.

" here you go " I said 

" your food will be done soon " the cashier said and handed me my change back and we sat down at a table waiting for our food.

Soon enough our food was done and Jason went to go get it. He then sat down putting our tray of food down and we began to eat.

" are you sure you don't want anything to eat " I asked 

" yes I'm sure " Jason said

" okay then " I said and laughed at Jason and began to eat my food again. 

Once Marissa and I were done eating Jason picked Marissa up putting her on his shoulders and I got up then we began walking again. The next animal we went to was the tigers. 

" rawr " Marissa said 

" yup that's what the tigers say " I said and after looking at the tigers for a few more minutes we met up with Diane , Rick , Alissa and Adam by the bears. 

After about a few more hours I feel my phone vibrate in my bag. Taking it out I seen my aunt Teresa calling.

[ Phone Convo ] 
Me - hello
Teresa - hey I'm on my way okay 
Me - alright we'll start walking to the front
Teresa - alright bye 
Me - bye
[ End Of Phone Convo ] 

I put my phone away in my bag when Marissa tapped my legs.

" I'm cold " she said and I nodded my head then sat down at a bench and reached in her bag pulling out a pair of sweats , a jacket , a pair of socks and her Nike runners then put them on her. 

Soon enough I see my aunt Teresa and uncle Albert walk in the zoo. We they were close enough I pointed to them then Marissa ran over to her. I got up while aunt Teresa and my uncle Albert walked over to me. 

" hello Kasey thank you for watching Marissa " my aunt said 

" no problem " I said and she looked form me to Jason who was standing behind me.

" and who is this " my aunt asked 

" oh aunt Teresa this is Jason...Jason my aunt Teresa " I said 

" nice to meet you " Jason said 

" same here " my aunt said 

" her stuff is in his car " I said and grabbed my bag and followed to Jason's car where he unlocked the car and my uncle grabbed her car seat taking it to his own car. 

After they had everything Jason and I got in the car and he drove off.

* Jason's Pov * 

Pulling up in Kasey's driveway I parked and we got out. We went inside her house and sat in her living room on the couch. She sat on the other side of the couch and lifted her feet up to me.b

" can you take my shoes off please " Kasey asked and I laughed at her and began to untie her shoes then took them off along with her socks.

When Kasey's socks came off she began to wiggle her toes. 

" does that feel good " I asked 

" yea " she said and I grabbed the tv remote and turned on the tv then turned it to Rob & Big.

It was the episode where Rob and big black were decorating big blacks room. Just then there was a banging coming from the front door. Kasey got up and went to the door to answer it. I could hear a man asking her questions about me then I realization hit me. Without being noticed I got up from the couch and went up to her room. 

* Kasey's Pov * 

" what is your relation with Mr. McCann " the first officer asked me 

" he's my baby's father " I said 

" are you aware that if we find him here we would have to take you in " the second officer said 

" no you're not cause I'm pretty sure my dad wouldn't allow it " I said and that's when the officers stiffened and I knew I caught them.

" we don't know who you're father is " the first officer said 

" you're lying officer Thompson I seen you before " I said 

" we got a call just now saying he's here " the second officer said 

" now Ms Stokes I'm going to ask one last tim is Jason McCann here " Officer Thompson said and just then I hear a thump come from upstairs making our heads snap up.

" can you step aside please " the second officer said and I rolled my eyes and stepped aside allowing the officers to come in.

They looked around downstairs then they headed upstairs and began looking around up there until they got to my bedroom. When I heard them tell Jason to put his hands up my heart began to pound really fast in my chest. 

Coming down the stairs the two officers had Jason by his forearms who had his hand cuffed behind his back. 

" you need to come down to the station " officer Thompson said and I rolled my eyes then turned off the tv and grabbed my phone.

I slipped on my flip flops and was led to a police car and got in the back seat. Strapping in my seatbelt the police officer the drive down to the station with the car Jason was in behind us. We soon arrived at the police station and a female officer opened my door and I got out. The female officer has her hand on my lower back as I waddled into the station then followed her into an interrogation room.

" good afternoon I'm officer Jamie Richards how are you today " the female officer said 

" fine until you arrested my boyfriend " I said 

" is he the father of your baby " officer Richards asked

" yes " I said 

" do you know why we arrested Mr.McCann " officer Richards asked 

" don't know and don't know what go get my dad I know he's here " I said 

" miss... " officer Richards was going but I cut her off

" Kasey " I said 

"miss Kasey I don't know who your dad is " she said 

" that's bullshit I know he's here because he works here " I said and the offer sighed heavily and got up leaving the interrogation room.

A few minutes later the door opened and I look up to see my dad. I looked at him and scoffed rolling my eyes at him.

" look Kasey I know you're up- " my dad started to say but I cut him off 

" upset you don't even know what I feel rite now...why would you arrest him " I said 

" Kasey he's better off in prison " my dad said 

" what what you charging him with " I said and my dad sighed heavily and looked at the tan folder that had Jason's name on it.

" he's getting charged with assault " my dad said 

" on who " I said 

" we don't know " he said 

" there has to be a reason why he assaulted someone... he doesn't just beat up with anyone for no reason " I said 

" you don't know that " my dad said 

" yes I do I'm almost eight months pregnant dad he can't go to prison " I said 

" do you know where he was today " my dad asked 

" yea with me he took Marisa and to the zoo " I said and my dad nodded his head and I got up and he opened the door and I walked out to see Jason sitting in a chair.

" Joe uncuff him " my dad said and the officer named Joe nodded his head and Jason stood up then turned around as the officer named Joe uncuffed him.

Once Jason was free I went up to him and pulled him into a hug. Jason pulled away placing a kiss on my lips in which I kissed back. Pulling away I looked at my dad. 

" can you take us back to the house " I said 

" why " my dad said 

" dad please " I said and my dad nodded his head and grabbed his car keys then Jason and I him to the car and got in. 

We pulled up in my driveway and I got up and went inside the house up to my room. I pulled out my duffle bag and large suitcase and began to put some clothes inside and some of Aaron's clothes just in case I go into labor early. Leaving my room I carried my suitcase and duffle bag behind me downstairs.

" I can't stay here knowing the things you are doing to hurt me " I said 

" Kasey I'm not trying to hurt you " my dad said 

"but you are " I said 

" I'm sorry " he said and Jason dug his keys out of his pocket and carried my stuff out to his car.

I got in along with Jason and he drove to his house. Once there I got out and went inside while Jason got my suitcase and duffle bag. I walked inside the house up to Jason's room and sat on his bed.

" are you okay " Jason asked me 

" no my dad wants to put you in prison when my due date is in two months " I said and sighed and rubbed my stomach thinking of what my dad has done to me. 

" don't stress over it " Jason said 

" I'm trying not to " I said and I sighed again trying to calm down and relaxed watching tv with Jason in his room.

Later on that evening Jason was downstairs in the kitchen making me spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread. When he got finished he brought me up a plate to his room. 

Jason then handed the plate to me and I began to eat.

" how do your feel " Jason asked

" hungry exhausted sleepy depressed angry...I feel a lot of things rite now " I said 

" how does the baby feel " he asked 

" he's sleeping while I eat " I said 

" I thought babies were awake while the mother eats " Jason said 

" trust me you'll know when he's awake " I said and I got finished eating then handed my plate to Jason and he took it down to the kitchen. 

He then came back up to the room and shit his door closed.

" do you want to take a shower " he asked and I nodded my head and Jason helped me out of the bed to stand up.

I went to my bag and grabbed a pair of clean panties and an oversized shirt to sleep in. I opened the bathroom door with Jason behind me.

"I'll take a bath instead of a shower " I said and Jason nodded his head and left me in the bathroom.

Running a nice warm bath I got in and leaned back beginning to relax my muscles. I grabbed Jason's body wash and poured some of it in a face towel then began to wash myself from head to toe even my face. After washing I dried I wrapped a towel around myself then dried off. Putting on my clothes I left the bathroom to the room to see Jason in only basketball shorts and shirtless sleep. So I got in bed next to him and went to sleep.

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