Kidnapped Love

Kasey Stokes is Nick Stokes's daughter and he is very protective of her but what happens when he lets her go to her friend Alissa's party and she ends up sleeping with Jason McCann


9. Chapter 8❤️

* Kasey's Pov *

It was nine o'clock in the morning I had got out the shower and dried off then put on my triangle fringe bikini top with matching bottoms with black track shorts , a white tank top and black flip flops. I grabbed my beach bag and put a towel and sunscreen in it. I put my hair into a ponytail and put my sunglasses on my head. As for Marissa I got her dressed in her reversible two piece swimsuit with her gray dress over it and pink sandals and her sunglasses. We left my room to downstairs where I took my dads New York Yankees black cooler out of the closet then I hear the doorbell ring. Going over to the door I opened it to see Diane , Alissa , Rick and Adam who were carrying Target bags with food and ice in them. 

" I have ice to put inside for the drinks " Diane said and Adam opened up the cooler while Rick poured ice in it.

They then put drinks in it. When we made sure we had everything we went out to the car and got in. I strapped Marissa in and I put on my seatbelt then I decided to text Jason. 

[ Phone Convo ] 
Me - if you're not busy you can meet us at the beach by the cabanas 
Jason🌹🔐 - okay I'll probably meet you there 
Me - okay 
[ End Of Phone Convo ]

I handed Marissa her iPad mini cause I knew it would be at least a couple hours till we get to the beach and she watched Frozen. Soon enough we arrived at the beach and I grabbed the iPad mini from Marissa and we got out. 

Grabbing Marissa's hand we all walked on the sand to where our cabanas were which was by the water. Once we got to our cabanas which was just a bed with a big canopy over it I sat down. Reaching in my bag I took out my sunblock and applied some to Marissa. Alissa then took Marissa to the water. I sat there in the cabana relaxing playing on my phone.

* Jason's Pov * 

I was getting dressed and ready in white adidas basketball shorts , a black wife beater and black sliders. Putting on my 100 snap back and sliver chains I left my room. Coming down the stairs was Mia , Joshua , Patty , Tommy and their son Chad. We got in my car and I drove to the beach. Soon enough we arrived at the beach and got out. Taking out my phone I texted Kasey.

[ Text Convo ] 
Me - where are you guys
Kasey💘💋 - at the cabanas by the water🏊
Me - okay on our way👌
Kasey💘💋 - alright 👍
[ End Of Text Convo ] 

I put my phone in my pocket and we walked on the sand to where Kasey was. U found her sitting on the cabana bed on her phone. 

" there you are " I said 

" it's about damn time you got here " Kasey said 

" you weren't waiting that long " I said 

" it felt like years " she said and then looked from me to the people around me. 

" oh this is Mia Joshua Patty Tommy and their son Chad " I said pointing to each of them

" hi " Kasey said 

" where's the little one " I asked

" which one " Kasey said 

" your cousin " I said 

" oh she's by the water with Alissa making sandcastles " she said then Patty and Tommy went to the empty cabana next to us.

Then Mia and Joshua went to the water for a swim while I sat with Kasey. 

* Kasey's Pov * 

" how've you been holding up " Jason asked 

" good my back hurts here and there but good " Kasey said

" have you thought about where you're giving birth at " Jason asked 

" at this birthing center in Sacramento " I said 

" why all the way out there " Jason said 

" it's only an eight hour drive and because they do water births " I said 

" why a water birth " Jason asked 

" cause I've always wanted to try it and now I can " I said 

" what's so good about it " Jason asked

" I get to sit in a tub of water and I can have people do things for me and no I'm not lazy " I said 

" I wasn't going to say that " Jason said 

" yes you were who are those people you came with again " I said 

" my friends and their kid " Jason said and I turned to the cabana next to mine to the girls sitting there with a little boy.

" who's the little boy again " I asked 

" that's Chad he's two years old and he's Patty and Tommy's son " Jason said 

" he's so cute " I said 

" but our son will be even cuter " Jason said and he reached over and rubbed my stomach.

I blushed looking down then started to laugh.

" you're so sweet I can't stand it " I said 

" what's wrong with me being sweet " Jason said 

" my last boyfriend was a jerk he wouldn't be sweet like you..why do you think I went to Alissa's party " I said 

" oh " he said 

" and him and I broke up that day " I said 

" good thing j found you before anyone else did that night " Jason said 

" whatever " I said then Marissa and Alissa came over and sat down.

" that was fun " Marissa said 

" what was fun " I asked 

" building sandcastles and going into the water " she said 

" she loved it " Alissa said 

" are you hungry " I asked Marissa

" yea " Marissa said and I opened the cooler and pulled out a peanut butter and jelly sandwich along with a capri - sun.

Handing Marissa the food I reached in my bag and pulled out a bag of cheetos and gave them to Marissa. She thanked me and started to eat. I then reached in my bag again and pulled out my bottle of sprite and a box of chocolate chip teddy grams. I then looked up at Jason since I could feel his eyes on me.

" did you get the tickets " I asked 

" yea I did " Jason said 

" two adults and one child " I asked 

" tickets to where " Alissa asked 

" to the San Diego Zoo in a few days " I said 

" can I go " Marissa asked

" yes you can go " I said 

" yay I get to see the monkeys " she said 

" yes you do " I said then Diane , Rick and Adam came over and went to the ice chest.

" how much are the tickets for San Diego " Alissa asked 

" for adults they're two hundred and forty and for kids they're one hundred and ninety nine " Jason said 

" that's an okay price " Diane said 

" if the four of us pitch in " Rick said 

" they have a deal " Jason said 

" what kind of deal " Alissa asked 

" you ca get sixty percent off every adult so tickets would be one hundred and forty four dollars " he said 

" that's a good deal " Diane said 

" it is " Rick said and for a few more hours  we sat in our cabana talking when Jason to leave our cabana.

" where are you going " I asked 

" I have to go back to the house something came up " Jason said 

" okay " I said 

" alright call me " Jason said and he kissed my stomach making Aaron kick then kissed me and left.

As for Marissa , Diane , Alissa , Rick , Adam and I we stayed at the beach for a couple more hours. We gathered our stuff then walked to the car. I strapped Marissa's seatbelt along with mine then Rick drove to my house. Taking Marissa out of the car I walked in the house with her behind me and closed the door. I then went inside the living room and sat my stuff down. Taking Marissa up to my bathroom I sat her on a closed toilet and ran her a bubble bath. 

Once her bath was ready I took off her clothes and she got in. I went to Marissa's suitcase in my room and grabbed her toys then put them in the tub with her. After I let her play with her toys for a few minutes I then washed her up. Getting Marissa out of the tub I dried her off then put her two piece pals pajamas on along with a pair of black queen lace socks. Marissa sat on my bed as I gave her , her sippy cup filled with milk. When she laid down I got in the shower. I had got out and put on an oversized t-shirt then put my hair into a messy bun. I went over to my bed and got in and watched Nick Jr with Marissa.

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